Narita Wholesale Market in Chiba, Japan

Narita Wholesale Market is located at 45 Iinaka, Narita-shi, Chiba-ken 286-0046, Japan.

The Narita market is the wholesale market of Chiba prefecture’s and most popular area in Narita town. At the Narita Market that we collect foods and wholesale items essential to our lives from all over the country.  Not only food ingredients but also other foods such as fresh vegetables and marine products but also various goods such as miscellaneous goods and packaging materials necessary for the operation of eating and drinking establishments and merchandising stores are gathered and has an important role as a logistics base connecting producers and consumers. It is full of proud cheers and lively village by middlemen.

On June 4, 1974 (the 4th year before the opening of the Narita International Airport), the fruit and vegetable business started at the current location based on the Narita City Public Province Wholesale Market Ordinance Ordinance.

In Year, 1975 (Showa 50) June 1, the fishery market also started operations, at the same time the Narita Comprehensive Distribution Center opened the Narita City integrated distribution center centering around related food buildings, and since then the fish market · We are responsible for providing food items in the Kitajima area of ​​Chiba prefecture from 5 categories of fruit market, related food building, service building, flower market.

At Fisheries Department Market Building besides the nearby fish landing at Chiba Prefecture off the coast, fresh seafood in the season arrives from harbors throughout the country and fishes are being flying from around the world taking advantage of the convenience of Narita International Airport.

In the early morning of the market opening day, [Tuna bidding] is held at 5:30 am, which is the nationwide common start time at low-temperature wholesalers. A buyer’s wholesaler shows the price by finger to the unique shout of wholesaler who is the seller, and the person who gave the highest price can buy the tuna put on the bid for the bidder.

In addition to foods of fisheries and fruits and vegetables, the role of related food buildings has a complementary function to make all items needed by users come together. As items to be handled, there are meat including three pieces of perishable fish, business processed foods, tea nori, fishery processed goods etc, as well as food sales related products such as packaging materials, flowers etc.

How to get there:

By car

  • At Highway take East Kanto Auto Road Tomisato IC 10 minutes from Route 51 (When using car navigation system Please search on 0476-24-1221)

By public transport

  • Electric train: Get off at Keisei Main Line “Kosu no Dori” station around 10 minutes on foot.
  • By Bus: (From Keisei Narita station) at Chiba Transport Bus on Honjo Main Line and Get off at Tomisato Nanaei “Iinaka Todai” then walk for 3 minutes on foot.
  • By Bus option 2: (From Shimsin no Doku station / Narita city hall) take the bus on Narita City Community Bus at Kitasuka route and Get off at “wholesale market” (bus stop in the hall).

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