Review E-Hotel Higashi Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan

E-Hotel Higashi Shinjuku located at 2-3-15 歌舞伎町 Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan and telephone is (+81) 3-5287-3588.

E-Hotel Higashi Shinjuku have 253 rooms with non-smoking and tea – coffee bar in hotel room. The hotel also have drinks machine and ice maker.

They have nearby attractions that you can visit when you stay at E-Hotel Higashi Shinjuku such as Golden Gai (5-minute walk) , Robot Restaurant (6-minute walk), VR Zone Shinjuku (walk 7 minutes), Isetan Shinjuku Department Store (8-minute walk), Shinjuku Isetan (8-minute walk), Shinjuku Gyoen Park (14-minute walk), J World Tokyo Amusement Park (34-minute walk) and Omotesando Shopping Arcade (690.1 km).

When you Booking E-Hotel Higashi Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan and including Breakfast. Menu from above that you will get for breakfast. They will give you a voucher and can be use at Tully’s Coffee. But if you don’t include during your booking. You can buy the voucher at the front deck.

How to get there:

  • If you come from Narita International Airport and get off at Ueno then take the subway train from Ueno to (E02) Higashi-shinjuku on Odeo Line (Pink Color) and Exit at A1. Or you can walk from Shinjuku and walk about 10 minutes.
  • Or You can use Brown Line and take off at Higashi-Shinjuku Station. From this line walk about 6-7 minutes.

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