Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Kanagawa Prefecture is located in the south of Tokyo. The capital city is Yokohama. This area is the greater Tokyo part. There is a very popular tourist town such as Kamakura and Hakone. Both of them are popular side trip destinations from Tokyo. Yokohama is the main site for business and economy on this prefecture area.

Where To Go:

1. Hakone

Hakone is a popular hot-spring destination among both foreign travelers and people who living throughout Japan. This area can make a short trip away from Tokyo. It is also popular destination to Mt.Fuji and greater view in Japan.

2. Kamakura

Kamakura is another popular destination. This area are home to many temples and shrines with the site of many seasonal activities. The Great Buddha statue also locate in this area and the bronze Buddha statue is the second largest in Japan with an important marker of the area. This place also can make short trip from Tokyo.

3. Yokohama

Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan and has a population about three million people. Yokohama is characterized by business and economy compared to other place. In the past during the Edo period (1603-1867), Yokohama opened as an important port for foreign trade. Therefore making the small fishing town in the middle of the city. Until now, there is the largest Chinatown in Japan and top in the world located in this city. Also have famous Ramen Museum and beautiful night view on the bay side of the sea.


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