Fuji Mountain, Japan

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan approximately around 3,776 meters located in Shizuoka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture which is in the west side of Tokyo. The area consists of all five Lake as Fuji, Fuchi-Hakone-Izu, National Park and Shiraito Falls. When Fuji mountain have nice weather on that day you can see Fuji from Tokyo. Take a train to see Mt.Fuji very easily and can have many things to do around.

Mount Fuji has been influencing from Japanese art and culture since ancient times. The name of this mountain appearing in Tanga, Japanese poetry, ukiyoe or Japanese prints and today many of the company, product, sumo, and many others use Fuji as name for promote. This is called “Mount Fuji” because is the heart of Japan. During the months of July – August of every year when Fuji mountain is officially open for tourists to climb and do hiking activity. There are many entrances to mountain whether from Kawaguchiko Kuchi Fujinomiya Guchi, Subashikurikuchiko, Tenbakuchi, etc. If anyone who likes to hiking then you can try this one. If starting to walk up from Gokame to the summit, it takes about 6 hours on average and the down time takes 4 hours. But anyone who is interested in climbing Mount Fuji must prepare for tools and things to pack for get ready before walk up to the mountain.

How to get there:

By Train:

  • Direct route no need to change more … take train from Shinjuku Station. Travel by Fuji Excursion Express Train (the purple train color). Exit at Kawaguchiko station. takes about 2 hours.
  • If you have JR Tokyo Wide Pass is free to use and reserve seats on the Fuji Excursion train.

Train timetables

There are 4 trips per day on weekdays 2 time in the morning at 8.30 hrs., 9.30 hrs. and 2 time in the afternoon at 15.05 hrs., 17.35 hrs..

There are 6 trips per day on Holidays (Saturday, Sunday) 3 time in the morning at 7.35 hrs, 8.30 hrs, 9.30 hrs and 3 time in the afternoon at 15.05 hrs., 16.00 hrs., 17.35 hrs.)

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