Nagoya City, Japan

Nagoya is located in Aichi Prefecture at Chubu region. The city is in the center of Japan map with an old town in long history and also an industrial city. Base on main industry that been production in this area such as automobiles like TOYOTA and fun cars like Pachinko. This city have a different atmosphere because they have both ancient and beautiful landscape according to the traditional Japanese style of the various tourist spots pass by. There are Nagoya Castle, temples, shrines and the modern city filled with light for make it like complete flavor. Also being in the central area and easily for travel surrounding the cities.

Sagae District

Sagae is the most important commercial district of Nagoya. It is also home to the television tower of Nagoya. It is also some of the most famous shopping malls lined the street including brand names. Each building has a beautiful shape. Sakae District is also home to many famous hotels. This area is not only a major commercial center of the city. It is also a hub for transportation links throughout the region.

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