Naritasan Temple in Chiba, Japan

Narita or 成田 isa city in Chiba Prefecture of Japan. As the city that roughly about 60 kilometers from east side of Tokyo. This city is the site of Tokyo’s international airport and we known as Narita Airport.

Narita-san Temple is located in Narita which is one of the temple in Chiba. The temple is the most famous temple in Kanto region. Naritasan is a popular Buddhist temple with a history of over 1000 years. During the New Year every year that a lot of people will bless at the temple for overwhelmingly.

The temple have 5 storey pagoda. One of them are a pair of large patches and pools. The main building of the temple is Indian architecture and still is in the uniqueness of Japan. This is also the headquarters of Shinto Shrine and is one of the three main temples of Kanto. The goddess Foo da Oo and the god of fire are also in this temple.

How to get there:

  • 8 mins walk from JR or Keisei Narita station

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