Chapter 0 wedge

Dream space.

The sky was densely covered with dark clouds, accompanied by a terrifying thunder, and violent lightning tore through the gloomy sky that was pressing the top.

The heavy rain hits everything ruthlessly, freezing to the bones.

The sea is raging, big waves thrown into the sky, blue waves are raging.

A speedboat is bumping in the raging waves, and it is as fragile as an ant wandering on the sea, and is in danger of being hit by the waves into hell at any time.

The two embarrassed figures on the speedboat desperately stabilized their bodies, not allowing themselves to be thrown out by the huge inertia generated when the speedboat bumps.

Another huge wave hit, the speedboat was thrown high into the sky, and then fell quickly. A petite figure was finally thrown out. The ring on her right ring finger drew a desperate arc in the air.

“No! Love!” The one who was thrown out was a woman, and the other one was a man.

The man’s heart hurts like being torn apart. He wants to jump into the sea to save his beloved, but the black water is like the eyes of death, making him fearful.

He flinched.

At this time, a woman wearing a white veil and a white veil did not know where she came from. She stood floating on the side of the speedboat, unaffected by the heavy rain and wind, and her veil floated slightly, like a nine-day fairy who had landed on the earth by mistake.

“Mr. Yang, don’t forget why you came here! Three years ago, you saw your wife buried in the sea, and you regretted it every day in pain. Are you going to repeat the same mistakes?” The white skirt woman said lightly. , But made the painful man suddenly thunderous.

The next moment, he suppressed the timidity in his heart, jumped into the sea violently, and followed his beloved one.

He struggled to swim to the woman who was struggling in the sea and dragged her to the speedboat, but the storm was rough, he tried his best, and he could only watch the speedboat get further and further away from them.

Woman pushed his hand, his eyes still do not know the sea of tears, cried and said: “!!! I have no strength, and leave me, you live just fine, as long as you live like brisk walking brisk walking beg you”

language strike , The woman no longer struggles, letting her body sink to the bottom of the sea.

Some people’s love calls, if you are well, it will be sunny.

Just at this moment, the thunder and heavy rain suddenly stopped, the black clouds dispersed, the sun burst, and the sea was calm.

The man looked at the empty sea, there was no longer his beloved woman, only the broken speedboat wandering in the distance

A pure white room with two recliners in the center, nothing else. One thing.

There was a man, a man and a woman, sleeping on the recliner.

A man is a man on a speedboat, while a woman is a woman in a white dress and a veil.

After a while, they woke up.

The man’s sunken eyes shed tears, “Since my love and I were killed at sea three years ago, I watched her sink to the bottom of the sea but did not dare to save her. I have been living in regret and pain. Little! I’m cowardly! I’m afraid of death! I’m so damned! Uuuuu…” The man covered his face and cried loudly.

For a long time, he raised his bloodshot eyes and looked at the woman in the white skirt next to him, “Thank you, let me know, I didn’t blame me for love, thank you, for making me brave once. It’s just…”

“My Love is so unbearable compared to love of affection.” The

woman in the white skirt got up and passed the ring in her hand to the man. The small face under the veil smiled and said: “Mr. Yang, this is your deceased wife’s ring. , Please put it away, thank you for coming…

Qianmeng Pavilion.” When the man left, the woman in the white gauze skirt took off her veil, revealing a graceful white porcelain face.

Her name is Tong Qianmeng, a dream maker with supernatural powers, and the master of Qianmeng Pavilion.

There are too many regrets, regrets and imperfections in the world. The dream maker can weave a dream for you, satisfy your regrets, redeem your regrets, and make your life spiritually perfect.