Chapter 2051: Are you Mrs. Jiang now?

Chapter 2051: You are now Mrs. Jiang

after Tang Qin went out, Jiang Yunji let people in and gave Zhao Shenggui a confession. He was worried that Tang Qin’s body could not stand it, so he didn’t wait here, and took Tang Qin away first.

Back in the car, Jiang Yunji asked: “Did you escape like this in your last life?”

“Yeah.” Tang Qin said, “I didn’t know that he was a soldier at that time, but I saw that he was very contradictory and tortured me. He was very happy when he was, but he would feel guilty afterwards. I guess he was not a completely dehumanized psychopath. He took advantage of his conscience, knocked him out and ran out.”

Jiang Yunji has seen the care of the victims, every one of them The tortured body was incomplete, and even the forensic doctor couldn’t count how many knives had been cut, because many wounds healed repeatedly and then scratched.

He was wondering if Tang Qin in his previous life was tortured by Zhao Shenggui.

Switching Tang Qin’s face to the victimized women, Jiang Yunji’s anger in his chest was like a volcanic eruption, trying to kill Zhao Shenggui, and even Ruan Zheng.

As Tang Qin said before, he defended the country and protected the people with a body of seven feet. In the end, he didn’t even protect his wife and children, which made him not angry.

“Yun Ji?” Tang Qin shouted when he didn’t speak.

Jiang Yunji returned to his senses and patted her head softly: “You have suffered.” “Do you

feel sorry for me.” Tang Qin would climb up the pole the most, taking the opportunity to claim: “This time you didn’t protect me, so You have to make up for me.”

Jiang Yunji: “Yeah.”

“Then how do you make up?” Tang Qin insisted on telling him a specific compensation clause.

“What do you want?” Jiang Yunji asked rhetorically.

Tang Qin pointed his heart with his finger: “Can you give it to me here?”

“No.” Jiang Yunji refused altogether.

Tang Qin was thinking that he was upset, so he heard him add: “If you don’t want to die, do you want to lose your husband?”

Tang Qin had already put aside his mouth, and suddenly smiled when he heard this, and changed his view: “Then can I live in?”

“Aren’t you Mrs. Jiang now.” Jiang Yunji didn’t answer directly.

“The other name on your marriage certificate is Ruan Qinghan, not Tang Qin.” Tang Qin said boredly.

She was really brooding about this. The two generations together and Jiang Yunji received two marriage certificates, and each time she used the identity of Ruan Qinghan.

Jiang Yunji was wronged, and he didn’t know how to answer this, so he could only comfortably touch her head first.

Tang Qin snorted softly.

“Go home first.” Jiang Yunji ended the conversation and went to drive.

He did not send Tang Qin back to Jiang Xinzhou, no one took care of her there, and there was no guarantee of safety, nor did he send Tang Qin to Grandpa Jiang’s grandma. There were many people over there, and he would never return to Jiang’s family. Jiang’s family lived in the military area. There are more people in the courtyard, and it is not suitable for Tang Qin to show up now.

Therefore, he temporarily put Tang Qin in the Ye’s house, and Lanting Residence was safe and cared for, and no one would have thought that it was the safest.

The car drove directly into the underground garage of Lantingju, and then Jiang Yunji pushed Tang Qin upstairs by elevator.

It was not too late, Ye Lancheng and An Zhisu were waiting for them.

An Zhisu came over, saw Tang Qin’s face pale, and quickly asked Jiang Yunji to take her back to the room to rest.

Tang Qin said embarrassedly, “I’m sorry to disturb you and Uncle Ye.”

“It’s a big deal to say that. Yun Ji was the one we watched grow up. You can be regarded as our half son. You are our daughter-in-law. You can live as long as you want.” An Zhisu smiled, afraid of her restraint. Said.

Tang Qin thanked him gratefully.

Then An Zhisu led them to the guest room. The guest room was cleaned up in advance and everything was ready.

“If you lack anything, call the servant to deliver it. If you are hungry, call the kitchen to cook food. If you feel uncomfortable, call the family doctor. Don’t be polite.” An Zhisu warned.

Tang Qin nodded again and again: “Thank you Auntie An, I promise you are welcome, you don’t think I can eat it.”

“Haha, eat whatever you want, Aunt An will not want to eat anything.” An Zhisu haha laughed.

After saying a few words, An Zhisu let Tang Qin rest and didn’t chat with her any more.

Ye Lancheng had already returned to the room, and she also returned to the room.

In the guest room, after Jiang Yunji put Tang Qin on the bed and lay down, the phone rang. It was from the police station that Zhao Shenggui had said everything.

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yunji said: “Zhao Shenggui confessed, you guessed it, Ruan Zheng helped him find the murderer of his father. He didn’t expect to repay him, so he secretly did something for Ruan Zheng. Zhang Wen is also Ruan Zheng’s person, this time he kidnapped you. He Xiaolie was ordered by Ruan Zheng. The truck driver was a younger brother of Zhang Wen. His parents had died early, and he had no wife, son or daughter. He had lung cancer. After a few months, Zhang Wen asked him to die.

Ruan Zheng The order given to him was to kill you and Xiao Lie, and he was only responsible for killing people. Ruan Zheng didn’t say anything about the identities of you and Xiao Lie, and he didn’t ask.”

This is no different from what they speculated.

Tang Qin asked, “Why did he say that Zhang Wen was so obedient?”

“He said he didn’t know. Although he was following Zhang Wen on the surface, he had no communication with Zhang Wen and his gang of brothers.” Jiang Yunji said.

“Well, I can only hope that there will be good news from Jiang Chao,” Tang Qin said.

Speaking of Cao Cao, Cao Cao’s call came.

Jiang Yunji connected the phone and pressed the speakerphone so that Tang Qin could also hear it.

“Yun Ji, what you asked me to check, I found it for you.” Jiang Chao’s voice came.

Jiang Yunji said: “Well, you said.”

“I sent someone to Zhang Wen’s hometown and inquired about some old things. This Zhang Wen is really a beast. He raped his younger siblings. At that time, the Zhang family felt this It was too embarrassing. I didn’t let my daughter-in-law call the police, but drove Zhang Wen out and didn’t recognize this son.

Zhang Wen didn’t dare to go home, and since then he hasn’t been back home. But three years ago, Zhang Wen’s younger brother passed away due to illness, and Zhang Wen was allowed to go home and held a funeral for his younger brother.

After another half a year, his younger brother and sister brought the child to him, saying that the child belongs to him, he had kidney failure, and he needed a kidney transplant. I asked Zhang Wen to do a kidney comparison, but the results were not

matched . The eldest Zhang Wen is not young and has no sons and a half daughters. He cherishes the son who appeared halfway, and took out all the money for his son to see a doctor, but he was sick. He has to die if he doesn’t change his kidney. Where can he find a suitable kidney source? I heard that after half a year, the child died.” Jiang Chao said about what he had inquired from Zhang Wen’s hometown.

After listening, Jiang Yunji and Tang Qin looked at each other, and both saw doubt in each other’s eyes.

Jiang Yunji asked: “Are you sure that the child is dead?”

“Not sure.” Jiang Chao said: “Others have also heard about it.”

Jiang Yunji nodded: “Okay, I see, I have worked hard, thank you.”

“You are welcome, yes. Why do you need you to find me again.” Jiang Chao said.

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yunji asked Tang Qin: “What do you think?”