Chapter 2052: Have a sweet dream

Chapter 2052: Had a sweet dream

Tang Qin said without hesitation: “That child must be alive and controlled by Ruan Zheng. In order to protect his son, Zhang Wen would not betray Ruan Zheng when he died.”

Jiang Yunji Nodding: “We have thought of going together. With this breakthrough, it is not difficult to find this child.”

As long as a person lives, it is impossible to completely hide his traces. He always wants to live, and life will leave traces.

Finding someone is precisely one of Jiang Yunji’s best jobs.

Jiang Yunji used the strength of the troops to ask the team members under his hands to find the whereabouts of Zhang Wen’s son.

I think there will be good news tomorrow at the latest.

Tang Qin was very happy. Things have gone smoothly so far, but I don’t know if Ruan Zheng has moved since he learned that he was unclear about his life or death.

She asked Jiang Yunji: “Aren’t Mrs. Ruan Zheng moving tonight?”

“There is no news from the person who is following.” Jiang Yunji looked at the time and said, “It’s getting late, you rest first, and I will tell you the news. “

Tang Qin said: “You accompany me, I recognize the bed, and I have to be next to you to fall asleep.”

Jiang Yunji believed her nonsense.

But for the sake of her injury, he didn’t expose her, and said: “You go to bed first, I’ll take a bath.”

Tang Qin nodded obediently.

Jiang Yunji put the phone on the bedside table and went to take a bath.

When he was taking a bath, a strange number called him. Tang Qin was afraid of revealing that she didn’t dare to answer, so she told him when Jiang Yunji was washed out.

Jiang Yunji picked up the phone and glanced at it, then went back.

There was a second answer, with a respectful voice: “Major Jiang, Ruan Zheng came to me tonight, and said that he hoped I could accompany him and let him see his daughter.”

“Didn’t say anything else?” Jiang Yunji asked.

The doctor shook his head: “Just say that he and his wife were worried about their daughter. They were just this one daughter. They almost died in a car accident three years ago. If they didn’t see her in person this time, they couldn’t even sleep well. Give it to me. I bought some cash, not a lot. Let me take care of the nurses.”

“Then what do you say?” Jiang Yunji asked.

The doctor said: “I said it was a trivial matter. Ruan Dong is Major Jiang’s father-in-law. He wanted to see his daughter, and he refused to charge him. He insisted that he invited me and the nurse to drink tea, so I would follow your advice. The instructions are accepted.”

Jiang Yunji nodded: “You did a very good job. When did he want to meet someone?”

“He wants to see you tonight, but I refused. It means that I will wait for my arrangements and there will be no one at night. He readily agreed when he left, and he was very happy when he left,” the doctor said.

“Very well, you tell him tomorrow, at two o’clock in the morning, let them see their daughter.” Jiang Yunji ordered.

“Okay Major Jiang.” The doctor noted.

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yunji asked Tang Qin: “Is you relieved?”

Tang Qin nodded and said with a smile: “I can sleep well.”

“Then sleep.” Jiang Yunji said: “We will definitely catch Ruan Zheng this time. , I won’t let him hurt you again.”

“Okay.” Tang Qin hugged his arm: “You stay with me.”

Jiang Yunji also lay down, Tang Qin rubbed his side, his forehead against his shoulder , Fell asleep soon.

He listened to her steady breathing, closed his eyes, and gradually fell asleep.

That night, Tang Qin slept extremely peacefully. She also had a beautiful dream. In the dream, she and Jiang Yunji had a wedding. After the marriage, she gave him a lovely daughter. Jiang Yunji spoiled the two of them.

Tang Qin woke up with a smile the next morning.

Jiang Yunji got up early, had gone to the gym for an hour and returned, and was taking a shower in the bathroom.

Listening to the splash of water in the bathroom, the corners of Tang Qin’s lips rose again.

Jiang Yunji came out of the shower and saw Tang Qin smiling. He asked, “What are you laughing at?”

“Have a sweet dream.” Tang Qin’s voice was cheerful.

“What dream?” Jiang Yunji asked casually.

Tang Qin’s voice was even more cheerful: “Dreaming that we were married, I gave you a daughter. You love her so much, I’m jealous.”

Jiang Yunji was stunned, and he didn’t speak for a long time.

“Don’t you like daughters?” Tang Qin saw that he didn’t speak, and said to himself: “Then next time I try to dream of a son, I like both boys and girls.”

They died before they had time to discuss this issue in the previous life . So Tang Qin didn’t know whether Jiang Yunji liked boys or girls.

Hearing her misunderstanding, Jiang Yunji returned to

his senses and explained: “I don’t like my daughter.” “Then we have a daughter, okay? Xiao Lie will definitely like her sister too.” Tang Qinshun’s pole is climbing very slippery.

Jiang Yunji: …

Tang Qin always has such an ability that makes him wonder how to answer the conversation.

He simply changed the subject according to the old method and said: “The people who followed in the morning sent back news that they followed Ruan’s mother last night. It has been confirmed that Ruan Qinghan is in S City and was temporarily hidden by Ruan Zheng and his wife.”

This news was expected. Tang Qin nodded and said: “No matter what, Zhang Wen still has to testify against Ruan Zheng. Zhao Shenggui is a murderer and has psychological and mental illness. His testimony is somewhat legal. You can’t stop. You just catch him using the fake daughter to marry him and you won’t be able to cure him.”

Jiang Yunji understood that now he was waiting for news from that child.

“Let’s see if there is any good news today. Breakfast is ready, I’ll bring it to you.” Jiang Yunji said.

Tang Qin said, “I haven’t washed it yet.”

“Don’t get out of bed. I’ll fetch some water to wash you up. Your wound will heal up quickly.” Jiang Yunji said, went to the bathroom again, and quickly took the basin. , Took a toothbrush and towel back.

He didn’t let Tang Qin do it himself, twisted the towel to wipe her face, and washed her hands, just brushing her teeth.

Tang Qin enjoyed his care and was in a good mood.

After washing her up, Jiang Yunji went downstairs.

Tang Qin waited in the room, but the person who came to deliver her food was An Zhisu.

An Zhisu said: “I let Yun Ji eat below.”

“Thank you.” Tang Qin thanked him.

“What are you polite.” An Zhisu put the small table on the bed, put breakfast on it, and carefully helped Tang Qin up, putting a pillow behind her.

Tang Qin’s nose was a bit sore for a moment when he took good care of him.

Since her mother passed away, no female elder has taken care of her like this.

“Eat quickly. I don’t know what you like to eat. Just let the chef cook something. You taste it. The chef in my house is not bad.” An Zhisu didn’t mean to go. He sat on a chair to accompany him. she.

Tang Qin was moved: “Auntie An, you are so kind, I really envy them.” These

words made An Zhisu laugh, and she said: “I tell you, the three of them have never had a meal since they were young and I made them. I’ve lived to this age and have never cooked a meal. I remember that Erbao wrote an essay when he was a child. The title was “My Mother”. Do you know what he wrote?”

Tang Qinting Curious: “What did you write?”