Chapter 2053: I’m not clean at all

Chapter 2053: I am not clean

at all and still remember Ye Muyi’s composition.

Title “My Mom”.

“My mother’s name is An Zhisu. Quiet An. It’s a plain element. She is very beautiful. I think she is the most beautiful mother in the world.”

The description in the first paragraph is quite normal. Mother’s name and appearance.

But from the second paragraph, I let myself go.

“Although her name is An Zhisu, others dare not call her directly, either by An Dong or Mrs. Ye. There are two reasons. First, she is the chairman of An’s Group, and second, I

My father’s surname is Ye.” “An Dong is very rich. My dad has more money than An Dong. So An Dong who became Mrs. Ye is the richest person in our family. This is destined to be in addition to having children. A lot of things don’t need An Dong to do it himself. I’ve never eaten my mother’s cooking. She hasn’t even cut fruit for me. If I want to eat, she calls a servant to do

it for me. Although my mother is not like others Like my mother, she cooks for me, washes clothes, and takes care of my physical growth, but I still love her very much, she gave me life, thank my mother, I will grow up to be filial to her, she Whatever I want to eat, I will ask the servant to make it for her, just like she asked the servant to take care of me.”

Tang Qin: “Hahaha…”

She swears that she has really endured it very hard, but Still couldn’t hold back.

The composition is too funny.

Ye Muyi is really a talent. He has been so bad at writing since he was a child. Now how does he become a screenwriter.

“After this composition, I became famous in their grade. Everyone knows that his mother is An Zhisu, who is super rich. I chased him angrily and beat him up for half a street.” An Zhisu still feels ashamed to think about it now. .

Tang Qin couldn’t help laughing anymore.

“Be careful of the wound, don’t laugh and stretch the line.” An Zhisu reminded her sharply when he saw her smile.

Tang Qin really didn’t dare to laugh anymore, her smiling stomach hurts.

An Zhisu started to complain: “This bear kid did idiots when he was young. Although I have never cooked for them, I often make clothes for them. Can’t I learn from his brother? I took this composition. With full marks, all the teachers who were engaged suspected that their mothers were two. They thought I divorced Ah Cheng and brought one together.”

Tang Qin almost laughed again and said, “You definitely didn’t expect him to be a screenwriter one day.”

“Isn’t it? I thought he was going to be a star for a lifetime.” An Zhisu said, seeing her not eating, then said: “Don’t just listen to me, eat quickly.”

Tang Qin smiled and nodded to eat.

An Zhisu ate breakfast with her. After she finished eating, she took care of her and rinsed her mouth. He told her to live here to heal her wounds, and don’t think too much about other things before leaving with her leftovers.

Jiang Yunji returned soon after seeing her lying on the bed with her eyes open, and asked: “Is it boring?”

“A little bit,” Tang Qin said.

But she was boring and couldn’t move because of her injuries.

“Want to watch a movie?” Jiang Yunji asked.

“Are you going to take me out to watch a movie?” Tang Qin asked back.

Jiang Yunji said: “There is a home theater on the negative first floor.”

“Then I’m going.” It’s too boring to lie down anyway.

Jiang Yunji nodded, opened the quilt, carefully hugged her into the wheelchair, pushed her out of the room, and took the elevator down to the first floor.

An Zhisu has never used the home theater here a few times. She prefers to go out to watch movies with Ye Lancheng, but the equipment is updated every year, and the current one is currently the most high-end.

Jiang Yunji hugged her to lie down on the chaise sofa, sat cross-legged on the carpet, and asked, “What do you want to see?”

“Find some military movies like special forces, peacekeepers, etc.” Tang Qin prefers this type of genre. of.

Jiang Yunji thought she was accommodating him, and said, “You see what you like, I don’t watch these kinds of movies.”

“I like this kind of movies .” Tang Qin looked at him: “Really.”

“Okay.” Jiang Yunji searched for a while and found a highly rated movie.

The movie is called “All Members Go Home”, which tells the story of the evacuation of overseas Chinese. At the beginning of the movie, a civil war broke out in a certain country. Chinese enterprises, factories, and construction sites in the country were attacked by mobs. Including students studying abroad, there were about Forty thousand people were trapped.

In order to take the trapped compatriots back to the country, the country used military forces and dispatched navy, land and air forces to the country to evacuate overseas Chinese. During the period, there were a lot of intense scenes of fire fighting, the plot did not drag, the scenes burned again, and the shots were not bad.

Tang Qin said, “I find that this type of movie is much better than other movies.”

“Just like that.” Jiang Yunji didn’t feel much.

Tang Qin thought of something and asked: “Have you ever participated in this kind of evacuation of overseas Chinese?”

Jiang Yunji turned to the big screen Nunuzui: “Isn’t this film adapted from the evacuation of overseas Chinese ten years ago? I It was there at the time.”

“How old were you ten years ago.” Tang Qin was surprised.

Jiang Yunji remembered very clearly: “Seventeen.” It was

too small.

The seventeen-year-old is still at the age of high school.

But Jiang Yunji was already carrying a gun on the battlefield.

“Did you hurt that time?” Tang Qin asked.

“The first time I was shot in my life was there.” Jiang Yunji recalled that time and laughed self-deprecatingly: “At that time, he was too young, and he was impulsive in doing things. He almost lost his life. He was punished when he came back and was taken by my dad. The belt twitched.”

Tang Qin was distressed, and asked: “It hurts, right?”

“It doesn’t hurt.” Jiang Yunji said: “Compared to his life, a shot is nothing.”

Tang Qin had a life with him. The closest contact, clearly counted how many scars he had on his body, she asked: “Have you regretted it?”

Jiang Yunji knew what she asked, shook his head, and said firmly: “

Never .” No regrets in this life. Do not regret wearing military uniforms.

The answer is exactly the same as in the previous life.

Tang Qin smiled, with the same firm tone: “I haven’t regretted it?”

“What?” Jiang Yunji didn’t understand this time.

Tang Qin looked into his eyes and said, “I like you, love you, and I have never regretted it.”

Jiang Yunji stared at herself in her eyes. It was a very handsome face, but only he knew that he This body is not clean.

She likes the purity he likes, but he doesn’t have a clean self to return her.

“Tang Qin.” He said solemnly.

Tang Qin: “Huh?”

“Do you know me?” Jiang Yunji asked.

“Which aspect do you mean?” Tang Qin asked rhetorically.

Jiang Yunji said: “In all respects, do you know what tasks I usually perform? Not only is it dangerous, not only is there the possibility of sacrifice at any time, but also the basic task needs…” He paused, and his voice fell low. Kind of: “Having relationships with different women.”

Reality is reality. It is not a novel. The male protagonist in a novel can keep his body and mind clean when he goes undercover, but in fact, if you dare to treat others as fools, others can do it. The gun broke you, who can commit a crime to the point of sending soldiers like him to solve it, who is a fool?