Chapter 2054: I will always love you

Chapter 2054: I will always love you

Jiang Yunji was very calm when he said this, as if he was talking about other people’s things, but Tang Qin who knew him still heard a little bit from his pause for half a second Unnoticeable tension.

He was nervous, and she would answer the word “mind” when he was nervous.

But how could she mind? How could she be willing to mind? Her Yunji had paid blood and tears for this country, and in the end she would be disgusted, how disappointed it would be.

She crooked towards him and almost fell, Jiang Yunji quickly supported her with quick eyes and hands.

Tang Qin took the opportunity to hug his neck and sprayed his breath on his face as he spoke: “You know, in the last life, you said the same thing, at that time you obviously liked what I like to death, but still I don’t dare to let me know, I’m afraid I will despise you, but I love you so much, how can I despise you? My Yunji is the cleanest person in the world. No one will be as clean as you. I love you and love you. All of the past, present, and future, I will always love you.”

Jiang Yunji was stunned.

She always does this, telling him without reservation that she loves him, her eyes are so clear, let him see himself clearly in her eyes, and they are so clear and clean.

“Yun Ji, we missed a lot in the last life. In this life, shall we be together earlier?” Tang Qin said softly.

Jiang Yunji didn’t speak, he was still looking at himself in her eyes.

“If you don’t speak, I will take it as your acquiescence.” Tang Qin said to himself.

Jiang Yunji still did not speak.

Tang Qin came to an actual action and sealed his mouth.

Jiang Yunji was startled, and his brain was stunned for a moment as if there was an electric current.

The girl’s aura was overbearing, she wanted to conquer the city in his territory.

Jiang Yunji thought of many pictures at this moment.

The first time she saw her in the Civil Affairs Bureau, she shot sharply in front of him, she coaxed Jiang Lie to call her mother, the first time she cooked for him, she said she liked his appearance …

They hadn’t known each other for long, but her appearance had already been deeply imprinted in his mind.

He suddenly realized that he liked her too, and she lived in his heart without knowing when.

Jiang Yunji is not a hypocritical person, let alone an indecisive person. If he likes it, he will not hide it. He has lost a lot, maybe Tang Qin is God’s compensation for him.

Everything is the best arrangement. He accepts such an arrangement, and is fortunate to have such an arrangement.

Jiang Yunji took the initiative, he was more domineering than Tang Qin, his kissing skills were jerky and full of aggressiveness.

Tang Qin’s eyebrows raised secretly.

She remembered her last life. When they kissed for the first time, Jiang Yunji bit her tongue because she was unskilled, which made her hard to eat for several days.

In order to avoid the tragedy of the previous life, Tang Qin immediately concentrated, and when he noticed that Jiang Yunji was biting her, he immediately shrank the tip of his tongue.

At this moment, An Zhisu is accompanying Ye Lancheng to water the flowers in the flower room.

“Oh, I seem to have forgotten one thing.” An Zhisu said with a pat on his forehead.

“What’s the matter?”

An Zhisu said: “Forgot to tell them that there is surveillance in the movie room.”

Ye Lancheng thought she was worrying: “That girl is hurt, what can Yun Ji do?”

“Haha, that’s right.” An Zhi Su lost a grape into his mouth.

Ye Lancheng finished pouring the flowers, put down the kettle, and sat down beside her.

An Zhisu took a towel and wiped his hands, and fed him a cantaloupe by the way.

Ye Lancheng chewed a piece slowly and shook his head to her again, and asked, “We haven’t been to the movies for a while, should we go?”

“I don’t want to go.” An Zhisu said, “Maybe it is. I’m old, I prefer to lie down.”

Ye Lancheng looked at her seriously.

An Zhisu asked: “What are you looking at?”

I’m not old.” Ye Lan said, “No change at all.” An Zhisu smiled and leaned on his shoulder: “The older you are, the more you will make me happy.

” I didn’t coax you.” Ye Lancheng took her shoulders, pointed to the place where An Zhisu used to put the sewing machine, and said, “I can remember the way you made our wedding dress there.”

An Zhisu thought. After thinking about it, I can’t remember it anymore. Forget about the time, it’s almost 30 years.

“Time flies so fast, we have been married for thirty years.” An Zhisu couldn’t help but sigh.

Ye Lancheng said, “Well, people say that 30 years of marriage is called pearl marriage, 50 years is called golden marriage, and 60 years is called diamond marriage. We have to keep working hard.”

An Zhisu sneered: “We can live until that time. “Yes

.” Ye Lancheng nodded affirmatively: “It must be.”

An Zhisu smiled and said, “You said that you could.”

She has already made money in her life, and even now she has no regrets.

In the movie room.

Jiang Yunji lay on the sofa with Tang Qin, Tang Qin leaned on his chest, Jiang Yunji’s chin was against the top of her hair, and the two watched the rest of the plot together.

The ending made Tang Qin feel a little uncomfortable, because in the end a special soldier died, and when he died he held a pendant tightly. The pendant was a wedding photo of him and his wife.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Yunji felt her emotions.

Tang Qin raised his face to look at him and said, “Yun Ji, let’s get married. After this incident, shall we get married?”

“Okay.” Jiang Yunji promised, “After this matter, we will get married. “

Tang Qin laughed again, rubbing his chin with the top of his hair.

After being in the movie room for a while, Jiang Yunji sent Tang Qin back to the room.

When it was almost noon, Ye Muan and Ji Yun came back. They learned that Jiang Yunji and Tang Qin were also there, and Tang Qin was still injured, so the couple came to take a look.

“How did it happen?” Ye Muan asked Jiang Yunji.

Jiang Yunji said: “Go out and talk.”

Ye Muan nodded, and the two went out.

Ji Yun got up on the chair and asked Tang Qin, “What happened?”

Tang Qin said about the kidnapping of himself and Jiang Lie.

Ji Yunqi was

shocked when he heard it: “My God, who is so bold, even the daughter-in-law and grandson of the Jiang family have been kidnapped.” No wonder she was shocked, but if she had a bit of brain, she would not kidnap the daughter-in-law of a military leader. With grandson.

“Still investigating.” Tang Qin didn’t say much, and pointed to her belly: “How are you and the little guy in your belly?”

Speaking of this, Ji Yun began to touch his belly involuntarily, with a gentle tone in his tone: “I just went to the obstetric check-up yesterday, everything is normal.”

“That’s good, I see your belly is bigger than last time. Some, it can be seen that the little guy is also very good.” Tang Qin said.

“Yes, the doctor also asked me to control it. Don’t eat it too much, or it won’t give birth. I have been walking a lot recently.” Ji Yun laughed.

Tang Qin said, “It feels like a big fat boy.”

Ji Yun laughed, and then lowered his voice: “Every time I dream, I dream of a son, but I dare not say it for fear that his grandfather will be disappointed.”

Tang Qin I thought that Ye Lancheng was destined to be disappointed.

“It’s okay. In a few years, you will have a second and third child, and you will never be able to give birth to a son.” Tang Qin comforted.

“I haven’t thought about the second child and the third child. Mu An said that he would have one. He doesn’t like children very much. One is enough.” Ji Yun started.

It was Ye Mu’an’s temperament.

If you like children, you would have given birth a long time ago.