Chapter 2055: Put it back for me

Chapter 2055: Put me back.

Ji Yunqi was afraid of affecting Tang Qin’s rest. He didn’t talk to her and left. Tang Qin didn’t sleep for half a morning. This would be sleepy too. Will fall asleep.

When I woke up again, it was after lunch. Jiang Yunji didn’t call her when he saw that she was asleep during the meal. The kitchen specially prepared a’patient meal’ for her, and it was still hot when it was served.

Tang Qin looked at the hearty meal and joked: “How come I don’t feel like a sick person. I eat better than Yunqi, a pregnant woman.”

“Eat well and recover quickly.” Jiang Yunji motioned for her to eat, and said again: “I asked Yun Jin to send me the medicine for scars. She said that it would not leave scars at all. She used to be covered with scars, but now she can’t see them at all.”

“Do you dislike me?” Tang Qin asked.

Jiang Yunji helplessly: “What right do I have to dislike you, I have more scars. I’m afraid you don’t think it

looks good in a wedding dress.” Tang Qin smiled and nodded: “I will use it later to be a beautiful bride. “

Jiang Yunji squeezed her face gently: “It was also pretty, what kind of wedding dress you want, turn around and talk to Aunt An.”

Tang Qin nodded again.

Jiang Yunji ate dinner with her. After the meal, Tang Qin remembered to move around. He couldn’t take it all the time while lying on the bed. Jiang Yunji took her to see Ye Lan Chengyang’s flowers.

Tang Qin has never seen anyone raise so many flowers and plants at home, and they raise everything so well.

“I really don’t see that Uncle Ye is a person who loves to grow flowers and plants.” Tang Qin is really strange.

Ye Lancheng’s feeling is that he doesn’t need to do anything by himself, even if he likes flowers and plants, there are servants to help him raise them.

“Uncle Ye has a lot of things. Before Aunt An was pregnant, Lan Tingju had no servants, and it was Uncle Ye who cooked for Aunt An,” said Jiang Yunji.

Tang Qin was surprised and envious: “Auntie An is so lucky.”

Jiang Yunji was quite ashamed, and said, “I will learn to cook too.”

He is not good at cooking, mainly because he has no time to learn, and no need to learn, most of the time. All time is in the army canteen.

“I don’t want you to learn.” Tang Qin held his arm and said: “I will be enough. I will do it for you for a lifetime.”

“Then you will suffer.” Jiang Yunji said.

Tang Qin hugged him tightly: “Then you have to love me more, so that I won’t suffer.”

“Okay.” Jiang Yunji lowered his head and gently kissed her between her eyebrows, promising: “Always love me more than you A little bit.”

Tang Qinxin, he loved her, so much that he gave her his life.

Tang Qin rubbed his chin happily.

Jiang Yunji asked: “Are there any favorites?”


“Do you like these flowers and plants?” Jiang Yunji said.

Tang Qin asked, “Can I take it away if I like it?”

“Yes.” Jiang Yunji replied in the affirmative.

“Then I like that.” Tang Qin pointed to the pot.

Jiang Yunji boasted: “I have a good eye, I’ll get it for you.”

“I can really hold him , Ye Shu will be angry?” Tang Qin thought he was joking, but he didn’t expect him to be serious.

“No.” Jiang Yunji was quite sure, and he took the pot of flowers that Tang Qin was fond of in the past.

Tang Qin took a closer look and asked, “Is this an orchid?”

“I don’t know.” Jiang Yunji hadn’t studied it.

“I heard that orchids are quite expensive, or put them back.” Tang Qin confirmed that it was orchids.

“How expensive is it.” Jiang Yunji had no idea about this.

Tang Qin said, “I heard that some rare species of orchids cost more than 100,000.”

“Oh.” Jiang Yunji thought how expensive it was, and said, “It’s only 100,000, not enough for Uncle Ye to buy a month. What about the fertilizer money.”

Tang Qin: …

well, the world of the rich is really different from their ordinary people. Raising a flower can raise so much money.

When the two were talking here, Ye Lancheng and An Zhisu were also talking in the bedroom.

Ye Lan said, “What are they doing in my garden?”

“Talking about love, what else can you do? ” An Zhisu said.

Ye Lancheng asked suspiciously: “Why do I suspect that they are playing my flower idea.”

“You think everyone is the same as you, so obsessed with flowers and plants.” An Zhisu gave him a white look.

“The flowers and plants I raise are so beautiful, it’s hard to guarantee that the kid Yunji won’t use them to coax his wife.” Ye Lancheng was very worried.

“Coax, coax.” An Zhisu crossed his waist with a hand: “Go to sleep.”

Ye Lancheng could not sleep, he took her arm away, and said, “I’ll take a look.”

From their bedroom You can see the flower room in the backyard from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Ye Lancheng got out of bed, walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows, and opened a corner of the curtain.

An Zhisu turned around and was about to ask what he saw when he saw that Ye Lancheng had turned around and walked away quickly, as if the flower room was on fire.

She was taken aback, and hurriedly got out of bed and went over: “What’s wrong, Acheng?”

Ye Lancheng was jogging all the way, chasing him to the first floor like a wind on Ye Lancheng’s heels, and saw Jiang Yunji holding Tang Qin with one hand. Holding a pot of flowers in one hand.

An Zhisu couldn’t help holding his forehead when he saw which pot of flowers Jiang Yunji was holding.

Ye Lancheng was really embarrassed, this kid really used his flowers to coax his wife, and what Ye Lancheng liked was what he took.

Ye Lancheng held back his temper and asked, “Where are you going to take my flowers?”

“Uncle Ye, I gave me this potted flower.” Jiang Yunji asked with a smile on his face.

An Zhisu thought that you really dared to speak up. Didn’t you see that Uncle Ye was going crazy.

“No.” Ye Lancheng saved Jiang Yunji’s face in front of Tang Qin, otherwise he would have called him with slippers.

You are so beautiful, you dare to ask for anything.

Ye Lancheng refused so simply, Jiang Yunji didn’t expect it. He touched his nose and said, “Don’t you have any other flowers? I have seen them. There are several pots.”

“What do you know.” Ye Lancheng pointed. His hand: “Take it for me. If it falls to me, I won’t kill you.”

Jiang Yunji quickly held the flowerpot with his hands.

An Zhisu smiled and helped Tang Qin. By the way, he kindly explained to Jiang Yunji: “Don’t think about this pot. This orchid is bigger than you. When you bought it, Uncle Ye had been carefully raised for more than ten years. He has been in his hands for more than ten years. You just call his dad and he won’t give it to you.”

Tang Qin was shocked when he heard that, “Is the orchid’s lifespan so long?”

“You Uncle Ye raises them more carefully than me. The importance of these flowers in his heart is second only to Xinxin.” An Zhisu said quite jealously.

Tang Qin smiled: “You will laugh, and the most important thing in Uncle Ye’s heart is definitely you.”

Ye Lancheng looked at her: “Don’t say anything nice, you won’t give it to you. If you like orchids, I will give you other things. , This one won’t work. You young people don’t know how to grow flowers and violent things.”

“You are right.” Tang Qin admitted with a suffocated smile: “I can’t even raise cacti.”

“Then we are the same, I can’t raise them either. Living cactus.” An Zhisu said happily.

Jiang Yunji was quite speechless. He was beaten in the face. Just now he said that all flowers can be removed.

“Then give it to you, when you look back, you can find some common ones for me to support.” Jiang Yunji passed the flower in his hand.

Ye Lancheng didn’t answer, and said, “Take it well, put it back for me.”

” Go and go .” Jiang Yunji nodded and followed him back to the flower room.

An Zhisu said to Tang Qin: “Don’t mind, he won’t even let me touch his flowers and plants, he will have this hobby for the rest of my life

.” Of course Tang Qin would not be angry.

“He won’t, Yun Ji is like his own son.” An Zhisu smiled.

Of course, if Jiang Yunji really moved his flowers, he could also chase after Jiang Yunji with a broomstick.