Chapter 2056: I really love you so much

Chapter 2056: I really love you so

An Zhisu sent Tang Qin back to the room, remembering what Tang Qin said when the two met for the first time, so he asked: “Think about it now What kind of wedding dress do you want?”

Tang Qin smiled and nodded: “I

‘ve thought it out.” She used to say that she would wait for Jiang Yunji to like her before looking for An Zhisu to make a wedding dress. Now is the time.

“Auntie An, sit down.” Tang Qin wanted to chat with her.

An Zhisu sat down, showing a respectful look.

Tang Qin told her about herself, Jiang Yunji, and their love story.

She did not intend to conceal An Zhisu’s true identity, nor did she intend to conceal that she was a reborn person. She wanted to tell An Zhisu everything, and wanted to ask An Zhisu to help her design a wedding dress to make up for the regrets of her previous life.

This story is a bit long, An Zhisu’s inner surprise is like turning over the river, taking a stand, rebirth, oh my god, she is so old, and she can still encounter miracles.

She is worthy of this life.

Tang Qin spoke for a long time, and was thirsty when he said that, An Zhisu poured her a glass of water.

She took a few sips and asked, “Auntie An, do you believe what I said?”

“Believe it.” An Zhisu said, “My son-in-law is an alien, and my grandson is an alien. You are born again as an earthling. What’s unbelievable?”

An Zhisu is calm and calm. She feels that from now on, if someone tells her that she is a ghost, she can calmly circle around the person three times and watch.

Tang Qin choked for a while and said, “You are a knowledgeable person.”

An Zhisu laughed, stretched out his hand and patted her head, and said earnestly: “Xiao Qin, the last life has passed, no matter how many regrets, don’t be attached anymore. It will not be wasted if you have a good life with Yun Ji. God gives you this chance of rebirth.”

Tang Qin’s nose suddenly became sour, and tears fell out of his eyes.

It has been a long, long time since no one called her Xiaoqin, even when she and Jiang Yunji had a strong affection in the previous life, Jiang Yunji had never called her like that.

“Thank you Auntie An, I know, I just want to stay with Yun Ji until I am old.” Tang Qin sniffed and said.

An Zhisu wiped her tears with a piece of paper, and said, “Good boy, don’t cry. When Yun Ji comes back, I think I bullied you.”

Tang Qin laughed and stopped crying.

An Zhisu comforted her a few more words, and did not leave until Jiang Yunji came back.

Jiang Yunji looked at her red eyes and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Tang Qin said, “You are ashamed.”

“You are ashamed?” Jiang Yunji did not understand.

Tang Qin stared at him: “It’s not you yet. I said that orchids are very precious. You have to move, and you were almost beaten by Uncle Ye.”

Jiang Yunji touched his nose embarrassingly: “Who knows how you look like this? Okay, so many pots of orchids didn’t look at it, so I just looked at that pot.”

“Surely you don’t usually look in the mirror much, right?” Tang Qinfeng asked irrelevantly.

Jiang Yunji nodded subconsciously: “What’s the matter?”

Tang Qin said: “How good my eyes are, you won’t know if you look in the mirror.”

Jiang Yunji: …

he realized afterwards that Tang Qin was talking about love.

“Who learned this set.” Jiang Yunji grinned.

“Teach me without a teacher.” Tang Qin pulled him: “Lie down with me.”

Jiang Yunji nodded, went to bed, and took her into his arms.

Tang Qin closed his eyes in his arms and smelled his body. He couldn’t help but said, “Yun Ji, I really love you so much.”

Jiang Yunji was not good at talking about love, but just held her tighter.