Chapter 3: We Get Married

An Zhisu had no intention of concealing him, so he said frankly: “The An Zhisu sitting in front of you is no longer the eldest lady of the Ans Group. Now An Zhisu has nothing, no money, no contacts, no backing. You. Ye Lancheng has everything, so I need to borrow your fiancée status to get back what I want.” The

naked truth came out of An Zhisu’s small mouth word by word, leaving Ye Lancheng without any expression. There was a complex look on his face, and his brows frowned almost invisible.

If he remembers correctly, An Zhisu is an eldest daughter of the An’s Group, and she is a favorite of thousands of people. This has only been fifteen years, how come you are so downhearted? What happened to her?

“You don’t have to worry that I will be reluctant to dissolve the marriage contract with you in the future. The agreement is very clear. You will propose to dissolve the marriage contract a year later. Just give me one year and I will not keep occupying your fiancee. Position.” An Zhisu added when he saw that he was not talking.

Ye Lancheng still didn’t speak, he looked at An Zhisu with a pair of indifferent eyes. The girl’s appearance was completely different from what she remembered. He didn’t know what kind of temperament she was when she was a child, but he thought it must not be the way she is now.

There was an imperceptible helplessness hidden in her eyes, and the eyes she looked at him carried the hope of life-saving straw that she didn’t even know. It gave Ye Lancheng a illusion that if she refused her, she would really have nowhere to go.

Ye Lancheng kept silent, An Zhisu’s small hand clenched into a fist involuntarily, and she was ready to speak when she came, but now facing Ye Lancheng like this, she forgot the lines she had prepared before.

As time passed by, the needle dropped in the huge president’s room. In this silent confrontation with Ye Lan, An Zhisu was the first to lose the battle. She took a deep breath and slowly stood up.

“I’m sorry, I made you embarrassed.”

Although An Zhisu wanted Ye Lancheng to agree, she was not a strong person, and it was right to think about it. Probably no man would like this kind of thing.

“No embarrassment.”

Ye Lancheng’s voice finally rang in An Zhisu’s ear again after a long silence, which made An Zhisu’s just about to move pause.

“You…” An Zhisu wasn’t sure what he meant by these four words, whether he agreed or not.

Ye Lancheng raised his hand, and his slender fingers clicked on the chair: “Sit.”

An Zhisu sat down again, his ears cocked, waiting for Ye Lancheng’s final answer.

Ye Lancheng’s hand picked up An Zhisu’s engagement agreement again, and then under her watch, put the ten-plus-page agreement into the shredder and shred the agreement little by little.

An Zhisu’s heart sank completely to the bottom of the lake and failed. This was his answer.

Fen clenched his fist, An Zhisu tried his best to control his emotions. She comforted herself, it was nothing, didn’t she expect the answer when she came. This road is unworkable, so it’s a big deal to find another way. I haven’t been killed in the mental hospital, and now I am out, can I still not survive?

So comforting herself, An Zhisu calmed down, and she quickly accepted the blow of defeat. Stand up again, turn around and walk towards the door.

“We’re married.”

An Zhisu put his hand on the doorknob, and just about to open the heavy office door, Ye Lan succeeded behind him and threw four words like a bomb.

We get married!

An Zhisu gasped secretly, Ye Lancheng refused her proposal of false engagement, but offered to marry her! Did she hear it wrong, or did Ye Lan have a cramp?

Considering that the two possibilities are very small, especially after the latter, An Zhisu once again turned his body to Ye Lancheng, and asked uncertainly: “Fake marriage?”