Chapter 4: Marriage is not a child’s play

“Marriage is not a child’s play, I never fake my marriage.” Ye Lancheng said indifferently, his tone was as simple as saying, “The weather is good today.”

An Zhisu felt that if it were not for the wrong occasion, she might have laughed out loud. The phrase “marriage is not a child’s play” from Ye Lancheng’s mouth made An Zhisu feel particularly child’s play.

How many times have they met? An Zhisu smashed his fingers and counted. There were only two fingers left on the five fingers. The first time I saw it at the age of seven, plus this time, I saw it three times in 18 years. I don’t know anything about each other except each other’s names. You marry such a stranger, and you say that marriage is not a child’s play. Are you sure you are not joking?

“Ye Lancheng, have you taken any medicine today?” An Zhisu said quickly.

Ye Lancheng: …

Ye Lancheng held down his forehead that he wanted to twitch, and said patiently: “You need a backer, marry me, it’s safer than a fake engagement with me. We get married and you become my wife. In S city, You can walk sideways.”

“Why should I walk sideways, I’m not the bastard.” An Zhisu said quickly.

Ye Lancheng: …

Ye Lancheng didn’t hold it this time, and his temple obviously jumped.

Of course, An Zhisu regretted it after saying this. She bit her lower lip, really wanting to give herself a big mouth and make your mouth quick!

Seeing that Ye Lancheng’s face was dark, An Zhisu wanted to smoke himself even more. When he was thinking of remedying something, there was a knock on the door suddenly.

Boom boom boom!

Three quiet knocks were like knocking on An Zhisu’s heart, and she was shocked.

Ye Lancheng said with a black face: “Come in.”

The assistant unscrewed the door and felt the stiff atmosphere in the office before he came in. He looked at Ye Lancheng without a trace and found that his face was a bit dark. He was a little cautious at the moment and reminded carefully: “Mr. Ye, the car. It’s ready, you should set off for the airport.”

Ye Lancheng hummed in a deep voice, got up from the chair, and wrote a series of numbers on the sticky note, tearing it off and walking towards An Zhisu.

As he approached, An Zhisu could see his entire height. The height of nearly 185 puts a heavier pressure on people. The tailored suit perfectly complements his figure, like a walking clothes rack.

“Take it, I’m on a business trip for a week, and I’ll consider calling me.” Ye Lancheng paused beside her, and as his wrist turned, the light of the diamond cufflinks on the cuffs reflected in An Zhisu’s eyes, making her slightly Squinted his eyes.

An Zhisu’s ghost envoy took the note paper wisely, and squeezed it firmly in his hand.


Jiaren Song returned home from the law firm dragging her body exhaustedly, she saw An Zhisu comfortably nestled in the sofa, holding her newly bought goblet between her beautiful right hand, which she had treasured for a long time. Of red wine. The wine bottle on the table was half empty, and Song Jiaren’s heart aches fiercely.

“An Zhisu, you’d better give me a reason to drink my red wine. If it’s not something particularly worth celebrating, I will definitely throw you off the balcony.” Song Jiaren ran over and pinched her waist and shouted.

An Zhisu raised his head, and two faint blushes appeared on the plain white face after drinking it, which was more pleasing to the eye. She saw Song Jiaren’s anger disappeared in half. Hey, she couldn’t get angry with a good-looking face.

Song Jiaren sat down in frustration, grabbed the remaining half bottle of wine, poured herself a half glass and asked: “What? Ye Lancheng promised to be a fake engagement with you?”

An Zhisu’s head shook like a rattle.

Song Jiaren replied very unfairly: “I thought you were happy to celebrate. It turned out to be to dissolve your sorrows. An Zhisu, what about your prospects? Isn’t it because you were refused marriage? I didn’t think Ye Lancheng would agree. . ” “

ah, he said that marriage is not a trifling matter, can not be used when the conditions of the negotiations, so after careful consideration he said, to marry me. “an Ajinomoto little head next point, said seriously.


just when Song Jiaren arrived, all the wine in her mouth spurted out.

“Cough cough…” Song Jiaren coughed, and then asked for a while: “Zhisu, are you not drunk?”