Chapter 5: Consider ten minutes

“Do you know how much I drink?” An Zhisu asked rhetorically.

Song Jiaren raised her hand: “Well, it’s only half a bottle of wine. You can’t be drunk. Is that Ye Lancheng sick? Before today, he doesn’t remember who you An Zhisu is. Still, marriage is not a trifling matter. Marriage of a strange woman is not enough for fun?”

“Um…” An Zhisu thought for a while: “Judging from my observations of mental patients for so many years, Ye Lancheng does not seem to be a person with a sick brain. And he seems to be really cautious. After thinking about it, he proposed to marry me. Let me think about it. At that time, he was silent for about ten minutes. “

Ten minutes?

Jiaren Song rolled her eyes and said, “Well, for a consortium president with millions of dollars per minute, it is indeed prudent to spend ten minutes thinking about marriage.”

An Zhisu thinks so too, otherwise she will not. Will use caution to describe the ten minutes of silence.

“What about you, did you agree?” Song Jiaren calmed down and took another sip of wine.

“I don’t know if I should agree or not. In reality, marrying him is the best choice for my interests.” An Zhisu said.

A good friend for more than 20 years, Song Jiaren also knows the remaining half of the words without her. As a witness to the suffering and torture she has endured in the past five years, Song Jiaren knows that marrying Ye Lancheng is the best choice for An Zhisu.

“No matter what choice you make, I will support you.” Song Jiaren took a good friend’s shoulders and said seriously: “Zhisu, this time, I can definitely help you reverse the case. I will spill the things that have been on you. Wash all dirty water.”

Anzhisu’s eyelashes trembled slightly, but they returned to normal in just a second. At this second, she seemed to firm up the thoughts in her heart, drank the glass of wine in one breath, and spit out her alcoholic voice: “Beauty, help me prepare two more agreements.”


The next day, An Zhisu, who had slept three poles in the morning, got up and simply cleaned herself up. Then, with the agreement that Song Jiaren was driven out overnight, he took a taxi to the famous Bund Donghu villa area in S City.

Although An Zhisu has not been here for five years, she has lived here for ten years. So when she walked to a villa familiarly, she still couldn’t help but lament that her memory is so good.

When the doorbell was rang, a babysitter came to open the door soon. The babysitter was very face-to-face and had never seen An Zhisu. She looked up and down An Zhisu, as if she wanted to judge An Zhisu’s identity by the clothes she wears.

But An Zhisu disappointed her. What she wore today was only a set of clothes she made five years ago, which was a thousand miles away from the dressing style of celebrities.

“Excuse me, who are you looking for?” Probably it was judged that An Zhisu is not a celebrity, and the attitude of the nanny is not very polite, with a taste of superiority.

“An Boyuan.” An Zhisu reported his name: “I’m looking for An Boyuan.”

“Are you looking for our husband?” The nanny was surprised: “Do you have an appointment with our husband? Our husband is not just anyone. See you all.” When the babysitter heard that she came up, she was looking for the male host at home, and couldn’t help being a little wary.

An Zhisu sneered, had no patience to talk nonsense with her, pushed her away and walked towards the villa.

The babysitter reacted in a daze and shouted loudly: “Hey, why are you so rude, how can you forcibly break into someone else’s house? You go out quickly, and if you don’t go out, I will call the bodyguard to throw you out.” The

babysitter shouted . The other babysitters in the house, as well as the bodyguards in charge of security, were shocked. Almost as soon as her voice fell, there were already a few black-clothed bodyguards in the villa blocking An Zhisu.

“Miss, please go out.” A bodyguard was still polite, but his tone came out with a warning.

An Zhisu blankly glanced at the babysitter and bodyguard who were alarmed, none of them were her familiar faces. It seems that in the past five years, one after another, the old people in Anjia have been replaced. Now in this home, no one knows that An Zhisu is the rightful eldest lady here.

“What’s the noise, don’t you know that your husband is having a video conference?” In the deadlock, a female voice of reproach came from the direction of the stairs.