Chapter 6: Miss Ann

The babysitter who opened the door just now was afraid of being scolded, so he hurriedly complained: “Madam, this woman insisted on breaking in despite my obstruction, and said she was looking for a husband.”

“What kind of girl…” Ye Lishu saw An Zhi in the middle of her words. Su, the second half of the sentence came to an abrupt end, and his pupils suddenly shrank, as if he had seen a ghost, and the tray in his hand fell out of his hands in shock.


The sound of the teacup falling to the ground pierced An Zhisu’s eardrums instantly, and An Zhisu looked at Ye Lishu coldly, just like when she first saw her when she first married into An’s 15 years ago. .

“You…” Ye Lishu found her voice for a while: “When did you come out? How did you come out? Who allowed you to come out?”

“Heh…” An Zhisu sneered and overflowed from his lips. There was a trace of leisure in the eyes: “When you get better, you can come out. Isn’t this what you said when you sent me in?”

Ye Lishu’s eyes stared, yes, they said this, but it is safe and sound. How can his disease be cured? Shouldn’t she stay there all her life wearing a hat of mental illness? Why did she come out, but no one notified Anjia.

“What’s the matter? What is it like to be noisy?” Ye Lishu was stunned, her husband’s voice came from her ear, and her heart was inexplicably guilty.

An Zhisu hehehe, an indescribable irony: “An Dong is really busier than five years ago. I want to see you as if you are up to the sky.” An

Boyuan stopped and took two quick steps immediately. When he reached An Zhisu’s small face, his pupils shrank as Ye Lishu had just now, and almost subconsciously asked: “Why did you come out?” The

same question came out of Ye Lishu’s mouth. An Zhisu felt ironic. There was a sense of revenge in my heart. But when her biological father asked her the same, she only felt dull in her heart, accompanied by dull pain.

After An Boyuan asked, he probably realized that he had said the wrong thing. He hurriedly remedied: “Dad meant that your illness was cured. Why didn’t the doctor inform me? I will pick you up.” The

words fell. The nanny all over the room gasped.


They looked at An Zhisu one after another, and their eyes were obviously different this time.

This girl, who seems to be only twenty-five and sixteen years old, turned out to be the daughter of their husband. They have been to Anjia as a nanny for five years, and they have never heard that Anjia has a daughter.

“Do I have a father? The doctor probably forgot about it.” An Zhisu sneered in his heart, letting them know that he was going to come out, and did he still come out? One or two wish she died in the hospital.

An Boyuan looked at her daughter’s face that was stranger than five years ago, took a deep breath, calmed down and said, “It’s all right, just go home and let your auntie re-arrange the room for you.”

Ye Lishu’s eyes twitched, and she said without a smile: “Yes, your dad has been looking forward to you coming home. Later, I will ask the nanny to clean up the room for you. You haven’t had it for many years. Going home. The house has been renovated the previous two years, and your room has not been furnished yet. “

Whether it was not furnished or left room for her at all, An Zhisu knew very well in his heart. Redecorating the house for no reason, isn’t it just trying to find a serious excuse to throw her things out. The nanny and maid in the family were also replaced at that time, otherwise, I wouldn’t know that Anjia still has a daughter.

“Ye Lishu, you really don’t have to guard me like a thief, and you don’t have to act in front of An Dong hypocritically. I didn’t plan to come back this time when I came out. I have something to talk to An Dong. I don’t know if An Dong is busy. Zhong is willing to take the time to meet a small person like me.” An Zhisu’s tone is not without irony, not only directly debunks Ye Lishu’s hypocrisy, but also incidentally stabbed An Boyuan.

Ye Lishu was exposed on the spot by An Zhisu, her face paled in an instant: “You!”

“I don’t have so much time to talk to you. You should leave your coaxing skills to An Dong. He eats yours more.” An Zhisu smiled slightly, saying that it was very happy.