Chapter 862 Come to discuss the argument

Chapter 862 Come to Ask for Explanations

Xiao Wang answered Xiao Su’er’s words plainly, not chaos in the face of danger, even if he was not talking in ordinary just now, he could say without guilty conscience.

“You have to go to class tomorrow. It’s three o’clock now. When did you get up? Go back to bed. Aren’t you afraid to doze off during class tomorrow?”

Xiao Suer walked to the computer and glanced at the computer. Actually, he was chatting with his overseas friends through chat software.

“I just got up and said a few words to them, mom, you came in, then I will tell them to go to bed immediately.” After

Xiao Wang finished speaking, he quickly tapped a few words on the computer and turned it off. The computer, climbed back to the bed, with a well-behaved look.

Xiao Su’er walked to the bed to help him tuck the quilt, and turned around and walked out of the bedroom. The moment she went out, Xiao Wang opened his eyes and muttered quietly, “Fortunately, my mother didn’t see it. It’s so good, and I’ve already been a couple with my dad when I was in high school. After so many years of relationship, my mother must be uncomfortable.” In the

past few days, he has investigated everything about Xiao Su’er in China Mainland. Chu, he even knows how many points she has taken in each of her grades from elementary school to high school.

Especially the love story between Xiao Su’er and Bo Qingang. He just scribbled the investigation before and determined that Bo Qingang was his father. After further investigation, he found that the bond between the two people was still very deep, and decided to explain clearly that year. Things, he can’t let his mother regret her life.

the next day.

After Xiao Su’er sent Xiao Wang to kindergarten as usual, she drove to the clinic by herself, but she didn’t expect to see Wuyang Wuyang in front of the clinic surrounded by people after getting off the car. She was still a little surprised. Why are so many patients today? Do you come to the clinic? impossible!

She walked to the clinic step by step with doubts in her heart, but she didn’t expect to be pulled close to the alley by a person before she reached the door of the clinic.

“Su’er, don’t you go to the clinic first. The people outside are all coming to trouble you. We said you didn’t go to work, so they said they were waiting for you there. I ran out to stop you here. You Don’t go to the clinic, otherwise they might have to drag you to parade. It’s terrible. I know that cyber violence is so terrible for the first time.” The

front desk pulled her and said in a low voice. Look, for fear that someone will see them.

“So many people are coming to trouble me, don’t they go to work? I have nothing to do when I am idle?” Xiao Su’er felt a little astonished. It turned out that so many people came to her, which is almost catching up with the posture of a star. It’s just that the stars are supported by fans, and I am waiting for a group of people who want to beat her.

“Who knows if they have anything to do? We can’t control whether they go to work or not. Why don’t you go back first? Don’t go to the clinic again. I’m worried that they will do something to you. You must know that the law does not blame the public Ah, even if so many people really do to you, it won’t be a responsibility at that time.” The

front desk was really anxious, and she was the only person in this clinic who treated Xiao Su’er well.

When Xiao Suer was about to say something, she heard the voice from the entrance of the clinic, “What are you doing? If you don’t have to go to work, we have to go to work. This clinic is not the only one in this clinic. You should not affect other people’s work because of her. ?”

Physician Song’s face was serious, and deep impatience could be seen between his eyebrows and eyes. He had never been in contact with Xiao Su’er. Except for the two people who met when she came in on the first day, he didn’t know anything about this young man. Female physician.

He is also like other people on the Chinese mainland, thinking that it is impossible to have any real material at a young age. He also learned a little bit in Chinese medicine for decades, but he did not expect that Xiao Suer was a small child. The age can provoke the anger of so many people, it seems that the girl is really not suitable for learning Chinese medicine.

But the people surrounding the clinic didn’t take Dr. Song’s reminder to heart at all, and even spoke harshly to her.

“Your clinic allows a person who has graduated from high school and does not even have a doctor’s license to come to Chinese medicine. Do you think you have no responsibility at all?”

“When you look at your clinic, you know that it must be an informal one. Let a high school student be a student. doctors today not only want to kick out the beat of doctors, but also to make a statement to your clinic, I’ve also seen the disease to the clinic you do not know your prescribed medicine have no problem. ” “

that ah Does your clinic have a conscience? The fees are not cheap. Everyone thinks that your fees are expensive. There must be a very good doctor to come. And you, Dr. Song! You have also seen me before. I’m sick, and now, I doubt your true level.”

Xiao Su’er was listening and confirmed that the people who came to the clinic to make trouble were some patients who had seen the disease before. After this incident, I always felt that I had some problems with seeing a doctor before, so I want some compensation.

When Dr. Song heard what they said, an angry look appeared on his face, a flush from his neck to the top of his head, “What are you talking about? I graduated from medical school and have been treating illnesses and saving people for so many years. I have never done anything wrong with my conscience. Things, you can’t deny me because of others, you can investigate my education and the people I have cured!”

He felt that it was an insult to question him by professionalism, it was simply trampling on his self-esteem, and he couldn’t bear it. .

“Even if you are very powerful, we can not guarantee you a clear conscience ah Clinic others, to let a high school student when Chinese medicine is certainly he has a strong background of it, he is the director of the clinic’s daughter or your Xiaomi ah?”

Troublemakers People still chatter endlessly, even trying to bring the problem to Xiao Su’er’s ethics problem.

“I’m just the doctor here, not the personnel here. I don’t know what the specific situation is. I just ask you not to come here to disturb other people’s work.” Dr. Song couldn’t tell them clearly, some helplessly rubbing his temples and carrying a group of people. Noisy headache.

Xiao Suer was thinking about whether to rush forward and make a clear statement. She saw Su Ling running out of the clinic and declaring to everyone, “Hello everyone, I am the wife of the person who was beaten in the video. He is simply In nonsense, the truth is not as he said. Dr. Xiao is very good. He treated my mother’s legs and even lent me money to rent a house.”

“That video was a random fabrication by Hu Daxiong, you have to watch it clearly. Don’t wrong the good guy. He came to the clinic that day to ask for money. My mother almost recovered from her old illness after being treated here.”