Chapter 863 Live vent

Chapter 863 Live Streaming and Venting

Xiao Suer saw that Su Ling had already come forward, and should be able to calm this incident. After all, she is Hu Daxiong’s wife, and what she said should be convincing.

But what Xiao Suer didn’t expect was that the crowd onlookers heard Su Ling’s words and not only didn’t believe them, they also arrogantly directed her at her.

“I think you were bought by the woman surnamed Xiao, right?”

“It’s really money that can make ghosts push you. You don’t even want your own husband.”

“You are on her side, your husband knows it .” more uncomfortable? ” “

Do you want to shameless ah, actually a little money for such nonsense, you have just said, and she took the money to you rent an apartment, how? Which she introduce you to the main gold? “

masses We talked more and more, and in the end we started personal attacks. All kinds of unpleasant words swarmed towards Su Ling. She tried to explain, “It’s not like this, it’s Hu Daxiong who has domestic violence, and he clearly has a job to earn. Money, but I must compare the baht and baht. I always want to take advantage of others from various places. This time Dr. Xiao helped my mother heal his legs and he also…”

“Don’t talk nonsense. We can’t believe what a woman like you said. You must have collected money from that woman named Xiao and let her come out! Resolutely resist this bad doctor.”

Su Ling defended. Before she could finish her words, the crowd interrupted her angrily, and even shouted at the clinic with their fists up like a parade. Several impulsive people rushed into the clinic.

“What are you doing? What are you doing? Do you still want to beat, smash, and rob? Is there any rule? Is it lawless?” Physician Song yelled at them angrily when he saw them like this.

Xiao Su’er couldn’t stand it anymore. She couldn’t run to hide, and let other people in the clinic bear the unwarranted anger of the masses for her. She had to make this matter clear, and could not be slandered by others for no reason. .

“Su’er, what are you doing? Don’t go! I told you that these people have been guided by public opinion, and they don’t believe you at all.” The front desk still wanted to hold her, but Xiao Su’er just silenced her He shook his head, and walked into the clinic without her hand.

Seeing the people searching around in the clinic, they said, “Everyone, I am the Xiao Su’er you are looking for, I am not…”

“Bang!” Before

she finished her words, a rotten egg flew over. It shattered on her head, the egg white and egg yolk flowed, and Xiao Su’er instantly became very embarrassed.

Su Ling looked angry, and felt that she was injuring Xiao Su’er. She was only helping her mother to treat her illness and finishing her work, but it was too unfair to be treated like this.

“Don’t be like this, you all said things are not like that, why are you so excessive?” Su Ling stood in front of Xiao Su’er and yelled at everyone, but to no avail, these people even brought everything here. .

Many people who have encountered bad doctors vented their previous anger on the two of them, throwing all kinds of things at them.

“Awesome. I can finally punish such bad doctors. They corrupted the medical ethics. The doctor’s reputation was ruined by people like you. Hurry up and start the live broadcast so that everyone can take a look at her now. “The

crowd onlookers threw something at the two of them while turning on the live broadcast on their mobile phone. Because of the guidance of public opinion, they saw Xiao Su’er being bullied like this. There was a lot of applause on the Internet, and all the barrage in the live broadcast room. It’s all in one water’ well played! Well played! Kill her! ‘

Xiao Su’er was protected by Su Ling. Su Ling almost blocked two-thirds of the dirty things. Dr. Song couldn’t stand it anymore, so she picked up her mobile phone and dialed the police.

When the police came, everything stopped, but Su Ling had been beaten into a daze, dizzy and almost fainted on the ground.

“Are you okay? Be careful!” Xiao Su’er hugged Su Ling and led her to the bathroom to help her clean the dirt on her body.

“I’m sorry, Doctor Xiao, I’m all to blame! You were hurt.” Su Ling apologized to Xiao Su’er while wiping the dirt on her body with paper.

Xiao Su’er was angry and distressed by her solitary appearance, “Why do you want to apologize to me? I told you all the time. Don’t always say sorry to others. What happened today has nothing to do with you. It is Hu Daxiong’s fault. I will If you

ask him to get it back, you have to be careful to protect yourself. Now this public opinion is implicated on you.” “Hu Daxiong must be unwilling to do this kind of thing that day, if Dr. Xiao doesn’t If you help me, he will never slander you. You kindly helped me, and it was my fault that I ended up in this way.”

Su Ling stretched out her hand to help Xiao Su’er wipe the egg yolk on her forehead, but she couldn’t wipe it clean, as if two people were being stigmatized now, it was not clear how these things could be explained.

Xiao Su’er turned on the toilet tap and stretched her head directly under the tap to wash away all the stains on her face. Originally thought this time things would disappear after a while like those gossips five years ago. Although they were discussed online Enthusiastic, but no one dared to make actual actions.

But this time Hu Daxiong brought the matter to the doctor-patient relationship. There are indeed many good doctors in this continent, but there are also some bad doctors who have been conscientious and have caused many patients to be wronged. These patients usually have no place to vent. All the anger was vented on her body, which Xiao Suer hadn’t expected.

“Doctor Xiao, what are you going to do next? If they come every day, how will you still work? I won’t cause you to lose your job, am I?” Su Ling was extremely anxious next to him, for fear that it would hurt Xiao Su’er again.

“No, don’t worry. Even if he can make a noise, it will not affect any of my work. As for this matter, I will find a way to deal with it. Do you not go to see Daxiong Hu, know? I am worried that he will use this one. Things threaten you to return to his side, let’s go, we two will change our clothes first. We still have to work, but they can’t be affected by them.” When the

two of them got out of the bathroom, they saw Liu Yan waiting at the door of the bathroom. , Seeing the two people come out laughing and leaning forward and back together, “Yo! Are you two going to sing? The whole body is colorful, it is really lively this morning!”

“Liu Finance, did you finish your work in the morning? Or don’t you come here? The theater is better.” Xiao Su’er guarded Su Ling behind him and looked at Liu Yan in front of him.

“Why? Do you still want to direct me? Do you really regard yourself as the director of this clinic?”