Chapter 864 Meet again

Chapter 864

Seeing again Liu Yan looked at Xiao Su’er’s proud face, and even said arrogantly, “I think you two have to pack up and go. The clinic is a bit exaggerated by you today, and the door is almost squeezed. It sucks. I don’t know if there is a doctor who is not good at the sample here. I don’t know if anyone will come to see a doctor in the future. If we don’t expel you, our clinic will not be able to operate.”

“Take care of yourself, I’m afraid of this. The clinic can still be opened, but your finances can’t be done.” Xiao Suer went to the office while pulling Su Ling, and didn’t want to talk to Liu Yan at all.

This matter was so violent that the director could no longer just sit back and report it to Angjia Headquarters. Here is the opinion of the leader.

But I didn’t expect that the head office would directly throw a sentence: If your director does not do it, you can’t open her.

Hearing this sentence, the director also realized how deep Xiao Suer’s background was, and was completely afraid to provoke him, and could only find a way to explain this matter.

On the other hand, Xiao Wang, who was in the kindergarten, took out his handheld computer and flipped it in his hand during the break, but he did not expect that his mother’s name appeared on the hot search: the bad doctor Xiao Suer caused public outrage, and the masses were in groups. The team went to the clinic to seek justice.

This title made Xiao Wang worry in an instant. The hordes means that there are many people! What does it mean to ask for justice? Are you going to trouble your mother?

A video was also attached to the hot search. He clicked on the video without thinking about it. It was the video of the crowd throwing things at Xiao Su’er. Xiao Su’er lowered his head and frowned. The whole person looked wronged and pitiful. Extremely.

Although Xiao Wang is only four years old this year, his emotional perception is no worse than that of an adult. Seeing that his mother was bullied like this, he was not angry. After turning off the hot search video, he opened it immediately. The dialog contacted his team: guys have an important task!

“What important task? Boss, you ordered me to rush forward immediately.”

“What big thing is worthy of the boss, you use three exclamation points to accentuate your tone. Have

you finished the battle?” “As long as the boss needs it, I will be there anytime and anywhere.”

All the team members ran out and Xiao Wang typed quickly with his fingers.

“This matter is very simple for us, it’s just a few programs, but it’s very important to me.”

Hu Daxiong tried the power of the Internet so that his mother was wronged so much, and he also used the Internet. To counterattack with the power of the world’s biggest hacker, K’s mother dared to let him know how powerful it was.

Because of what happened in the morning, no patients came to visit in the whole clinic a day, and the clinic was immersed in an awkward atmosphere. If something like this happened, it would definitely be expelled if it fell on the heads of other doctors. , Maybe the doctor’s license will be revoked.

But Xiao Su’er is an exception. She has no medical license at all, let alone revocation, and the director seems to have nothing to blame at all.

This time, even if he kept his ears off the window, Dr. Song, who only studied medical skills, was quite murmured. Seeing Xiao Su’er on the first floor, he made a face and said, “Young man, if you want to study in Chinese medicine. Go further on the road, not just for fun, but also to pay attention to your own character and medical skills.”

“Doctor Song, things are not what you think. You were on the second floor that day and you didn’t see the whole process. It was not like what was said on the Internet. I am seriously studying my medical skills. I have enough confidence that Chinese medicine practitioners will come to the clinic. As for the conduct, I really do sit downright.”

Xiao Su’er still respected Dr. Song very much. After seeing him on the first day in the clinic, she checked the information about Dr. Song on the Internet. She knew that he had received many awards from the medical profession over the years and he had been treated much better. Even for some patients with serious illness but financial difficulties, he will treat others’ illnesses regardless of remuneration, which is worthy of the words of high morals.

“Okay, you don’t need to explain! I’ll see this matter of conduct myself in the future, but you are a little brazen. What does it mean that you have confidence in a Chinese physician? Is this something you have confidence in?”

“You even have a doctor’s license? No, have you ever thought that you are simply unqualified and you are employed without a license! Although Huaxia Mainland does not require that Chinese medicine practitioners should be licensed to work like Western medicine, you are unqualified in my mind.”

Dr. Song seems to be true. She became angry and didn’t listen to Xiao Su’er at all. She turned around and went to the second floor. Xiao Su’er was helpless but helpless, and she could only let Dr. Song see her true level in the future and know that she was a qualified doctor.

Xiao Su’er walked out of the clinic with a bag after get off work and was about to drive to the underground parking lot not far away, but suddenly stopped when she was halfway there.

The breeze of summer evening blew her long hair, and the afterglow of the setting sun sprinkled on her body, drawing a shadow on the ground, which corresponds to not far away, that was still upright and stalwart after five years of absence. Man.

Five years later, he just became more and more calm, there was no trace of aging. He still likes to wear simple clothes as before. Now he is wearing a gray shirt with high-quality leather shoes on his feet. Standing in the front and looking at Xiao Su’er.

Now that he is so close, he is no longer watching from the screen. The person he thinks about day and night is less than five meters away from him. He can see Xiao Su’er’s expression clearly at the moment, and she presses her lips tightly. , Frowned slightly, his face was defensive and resisting.

Although these two emotions are not very good for him, at least Xiao Su’er in front of him still exists, and is no longer the illusory appearance in his dreams!

Bo Qingang looked plain, but only he knew that his heart was already whistling, and the hands hanging beside him even trembled slightly. He wanted to step forward and hug Xiao Su’er tightly, but worried that he was like countless times in a dream. Similarly, as soon as he hugged Xiao Su’er, he disappeared in place.

But Xiao Su’er looked at Bo Qingang and only had one thought: Turn around and run away!

But why would she want to run, guilty? It should be Bo Qingang who deserves a guilty conscience! After all, he was the one who did the wrong thing, and he was the one who was wrong in their relationship. She didn’t do anything sorry for him, and she didn’t need to run away!