Chapter 865 Alienation and resistance

Chapter 865 Alienation and Resistance

Xiao Su’er just stood there and looked at the person in front of him without any movement or words. At the beginning, the expression of resisting defense was slowly changing, and in the end, there was no waves on his face. It’s like looking at a stranger.

Bo Qingang slowly walked forward in front of Xiao Su’er, reaching out to pull her hand, but Xiao Su’er immediately took a step back, “Bo Shao, is there anything wrong?”

Her voice was all alienated when she spoke. It was the first time to call Bo Qingang like this. Although it was called his full name before, the two people were still very close. After all, there were not many people who dared to call Bo Qingang by his full name in this Chinese mainland.

“Su’er, I finally found you. Where have you been in the past five years?” Bo Qingang eagerly wanted to know everything about her. Where did she go in the past five years? She has changed her name now with whom she is with. It means that Xiao Shuo has been with her for the past five years, doesn’t it? But why can’t I find anything after investigating.

“Bo Shao, I remember you used to be a person who can’t tell lies. Now how come you tell lies? You have been looking for me for five years? Take it as true, but I will tell you solemnly in front of you. , I don’t need you to find me.”

“Trouble you not to disturb my life anymore, you walk your sunshine road, I cross my single-plank bridge, we have parted ways since five years ago, so please give me peace. life.”

Xiao Su’er’s tone is full of disdain. Have you been looking for her for five years? It was true that my grandfather said that on two occasions, he had caught two sneaky people who were snooping on Ang’s family news. Maybe those people were sent by him, but that didn’t matter. Who knew what he was thinking in his heart.

Obviously, with Xiao Mengqiu’s company, I still have to come to myself, want to show myself how loving he and Xiao Mengqiu are now?

If he is looking for himself now that he wants to look back, and feel that he suddenly wakes up and wants to forgive him, it would be too late. When he and Xiao Mengqiu were together five years ago, he would have known that they were both completely finished. It would never be possible. Back to the previous.

Xiao Suer is very independent, not only financially, even emotionally, she is also very independent, she does not want a boyfriend who will betray her, once infidelity, not a hundred times!

“Su’er, I want to explain to you what happened five years ago. Five years ago, Xiao Mengqiu and I were because she gave you…”

“Enough, I don’t want to listen to things five years ago. It has been so long. It didn’t matter what happened before, so please don’t bother me anymore, otherwise I will leave here again and you will never find it again. I don’t want to be like this, I don’t want to be forced by others. Hiding around.”

“If you still want to push me over and over again, you should know that the Ang family is not inferior to the Bo family’s rights. Are you thinking about tearing your face?”

Bo Qingang knew that Xiao Su’er was still fighting for five years. Previously, he and Xiao Mengqiu’s scandals were stubborn, and he has never had the opportunity to explain. Now Xiao Su’er is even more angry when he hears what he said, and doesn’t give him any room for explanation at all.

But regarding the things that year, both of them didn’t know something. Xiao Su’er didn’t know that he was with Xiao Mengqiu to help her remove the blood guts. He didn’t know that Xiao Mengqiu had so many doctors in his back to force Xiao Su’er to force Xiao Su’er. The abortion thought that what Xiao Mengqiu said at the time was to intimidate him, and that he had never thought it was true.

Now that Xiao Su’er is so repulsive to him, he has no choice but to let go of the idea of ​​explaining the problem of the year for the time being. As far as he is concerned, he hopes that the atmosphere between the two people can be eased. After five years have passed, there is no more. After any ties, the only thing is that Xiao Su’er was pregnant with his child, and I don’t know how that child is now.

“Su’er, where is our child, how is he now?” Bo Qingang asked directly wherever he thought of it. If the child is still there, he can definitely pick up the child to save Xiao Suer’s heart. The child is the bond between the two of them. , The blood kinship that can never be given up.

“Bo Shao, do you think I would be willing to give birth to your child? If you think about it, there should be many women who will give birth to you. There is no shortage of me! I killed him five years ago. No, I’m alone now. Have you finished? If there is nothing else to ask, please let me go and I’m going home.”

Xiao Su’er’s hands and feet behind her back are already squeezed together, and her nails are stuck in She still didn’t feel the pain when she was in the flesh, but she felt a little frustrated. Five years ago, the feeling of despair came like a tide. The doctors and nurses forced her to the operating room. At the time of the operation, Bo Qingang and Xiao Mengqiu were still together.

Now he still has the face to ask the child, isn’t that the child he asked to beat? He never knew what kind of fake and good person he was here now, because Bo Qingang turned out to be such a selfish and hypocritical person.

Her love has been paid to the wrong person, and now she has to stop the loss in time, she doesn’t want to pay attention to it.

Bo Qingang didn’t know why she had so much resistance, but she also knew Xiao Su’er’s character. If she kept coming to see her, she would only bore her. In the end, he might really hide in one in this life and he won’t be able to find it. The place.

But she still has to say something clearly. Bo Qingang said without delay, “Su’er, I’m really looking for you. In the past five years, every time I was interviewed by reporters, I said that I have a girlfriend. You! My feelings have never changed, and the person I like has always been you!”

He was worried that what the reporter said during the interview would cause Xiao Suer’s misunderstanding. Every point must be explained clearly. The two people have missed it for five years. In the days to come, he hopes that there will be no misunderstanding between the two people, and they are all honest. Meet each other.

Xiao Suer’s eyelashes trembled when she heard what he said, but in an instant they returned to plainness.

“Really? That has nothing to do with me. Bo rarely has freedom of speech. No matter what you want to say or what you want to do, no one will stop you. But I would like to remind you here that if you say those things to make What I heard, I don’t need to talk about it anymore.” When

she talked, it was like a computer had set up an established program, without any emotional ups and downs. It seemed that Bo Qingang really had nothing to do with her. NS.

“Su’er…” Bo Qingang was stung by her words, but didn’t know what to do. Every time he faced her, he was the most helpless time.