Chapter 866 Hacker K’s counterattack

Chapter 866 Hacker K’s Counterattack

Even if he is the most precious Xiao Shao in China Mainland, what if he can sign a contract without blinking his eyes when facing a large project of tens of billions or hundreds of billions, but face to face The former woman, he was always a little flustered, especially now that she was so alienated and repelled, it made him wonder what to do.

On the surface, he looks like a cold-faced and ruthless thin boy, but his heart is already like a mess.

He looked at Xiao Su’er quietly. In the past five years, her hair has grown a lot. Her hair has reached waist length. She still doesn’t like heavy makeup as before. Now she is just wearing a sky blue long dress, which feels like a workplace. .

She seems to be that twenty-year-old girl, just like when Bo Qingang first met her, there was no trace on her face in five years.

“Okay, Shao Bo! I don’t want to play this kind of confrontation game with you. I have something to do. Please don’t come here to disturb me in the future. I know that with your power, I can find my daily traces. At that time, I I hope you’d better not do this, because you know that this will only make me bore you even more!”

Xiao Suer put down this cruel remark, stepped on high heels and walked to the parking lot, acting decisively, without being too muddled.

“Da da da…” The sound of high-heeled shoes seemed to step on Bo Qing’ang’s heart every time, making him feel a little pain in his heart, and his heart seemed to be broken in half in an instant. The two of them really need to be so ruthless. NS?

Maybe he really did something wrong five years ago. He shouldn’t get close to Xiao Mengqiu without telling Xiao Su’er. Even if it is to help her detoxify her blood poison, he should tell Xiao Su’er all this, and then solve it with her.

After Xiao Su’er walked to the parking lot, she almost rushed into the car where Bo Qingang didn’t see it. She closed the car door and sat in the driver’s seat. She suddenly felt a sense of sadness. It turned out that her heart would still hurt. Facing Bo Qingang’s bad words, she would still feel a little sad, thinking that she had given up long ago and was free and confident enough, but she was far from being as generous as she had imagined.

She stretched out her hand to cover her chest and felt the beating of her heart in her chest cavity. Now every beating was due to Bo Qingang, and she couldn’t help being flustered when she saw him again. Why!

Xiao Su’er didn’t like the feeling that she couldn’t control her inner heart now. She was tired of this feeling and wanted to press down all the discomforts in her heart.

While Bo Qingang stood there for a full five minutes before turning to the car that the driver had driven to his side. Zhang Song sat in the co-pilot and turned to look at Bo Qingang in the back seat. After following him for so many years, he could Knowing that his boss is still expressionless even now, but it must be uncomfortable in his heart.

Zhang Song helped Su’er dispel the rumors on the Internet, and Bo Qingang spoke and gave orders. Now that it is confirmed that the person on the video is Xiao Su’er, of course he can’t just watch her being framed by others.

“Bo Shao, you just drove here on the way, I watched the Internet for a long time, and found that someone had helped Miss Lin Suer to dispel the rumors, and the methods were very decisive and quick. Take a look.”

Zhang Song turned his head and handed the computer in his hand. I gave it to Bo Qingang, but he just stayed on the homepage without any screen. Bo Qingang was about to ask him what he wanted to see, but Zhang Song said, “You can just click on a webpage and you can see the help. The video and statement of Miss Lin Suer’s refuting the rumors.”

Bo Qingang listened to his words, reached out and clicked on a webpage at random, and actually jumped out of a video and a paragraph.

“Here I solemnly declare that Physician Xiao Suer is a Chinese physician with medical ethics. In the face of unprovoked accusations and criticisms from some people, you must take up your own weapons and let everyone see the real situation. If you also participated in this time, Cyber ​​violence incident, if you think she is a bad doctor, then please finish watching the next video.”

Click on the video, which is the full version of the whole process, you can clearly see Hu Daxiong after he came to the clinic. You can even hear the sound. Hu Daxiong’s shameless remarks are clear. This is the simplest and most straightforward evidence that allows netizens to intuitively see the truth of the whole thing.

At the end of the video, there is even a short video of Hu Daxiong playing Su Ling and his mother-in-law in his own community. His words are extremely mean, and his hands are not merciless, and he does not treat the two of them as human beings.

Bo Qingang turned off the computer after watching the entire video. “It’s indeed a good way to force the pop-up to be seen even if others don’t want to watch it. The Ang family’s people are very efficient.”

He took it for granted that this was the Ang family. After all, it’s impossible to let the lady of his own family be framed so much, but Zhang Song said: “Bo Shao, not from the Ang family. I asked the computer expert of our company to check it out. This time I do this. The person

responsible for everything is the top hacker in the world.” “They have very high abilities . They invaded all the surveillance systems within a few kilometers of the clinic, including the surveillance of the community called Daxiong Hu in the video, so they were able to release so much. I don’t know what methods they used to restore the sound of the surveillance video.”

“Hacker K?” Bo Qingang said the name, although this K has never shown his true face on the Internet, countless people have I am curious about who he is, but this does not affect his reputation in the Internet world. Everyone knows that he is the world’s top hacker. There is no computer barrier that he can’t overcome, and there is no news that he can’t access.

Many IT companies have written warfare against their team, and even thrown out an olive branch for him, wanting to use a lot of money to make him a consultant for his company, but he refused one by one. As for those warfare, they did not Lost once.

His fame became more and more famous, and within a year he climbed to an unbeatable peak position, as long as he could not do it in the online world.

The industry involved in Bo is very wide, and the IT industry is also slightly involved. I have already heard of such a capable person, but I didn’t expect Xiao Su’er to know him. Is it possible that she is so unrelenting to herself because of the hacker, the two of them What is the relationship?

Bo Qingang never dreamed that the person he had been curious about was his son who was only more than four years old. He always thought that this hacker should be a middle-aged man. Little children, even young people can hardly do it.

In addition, in terms of computers, boys are much better than girls in agile thinking and logical ability, so it is speculated that they can only be a middle-aged man.