Chapter 867 Misunderstanding relationship

Chapter 867: Misunderstanding Relationship

Hacker K won’t just take care of the nostalgia on the Internet. Even if someone asks him to help clarify rumors on the Internet, he still needs to spend a lot of money. He may not be able to manage it, so he shot so quickly this time. To help Xiao Su’er still use such a resolute method, it shows that they absolutely have a great relationship.

Thinking about this, Bo Qingang’s eyes narrowed slightly. This hacker is not easy. He must figure it out. Although Xiao Suer is still in conflict with him, she is his Bo Qingang’s person for a second. Will change, he will not allow anyone to fight Xiao Su’er’s idea.

Xiao Suer picked up Xiao Wang from the kindergarten and drove home, and found that Xiao Wang had been staring at the handheld computer as before, but this time with a smile on his face.

“Mom, the person who slandered you has been punished now, and you can be cleaned up in the future. The trouble they went to find you this morning did not hurt you. If they hurt you, I will go back and tell uncle and let him kill you. Those people.”

Xiao Wang put down his palm computer and looked up at Xiao Su’er in the driver’s seat. His small fists were squeezed into a ball. Although his current fists did not have any abilities, his fingers could burst out endlessly when he touched the keyboard. energy.

Xiao Su’er listened to Xiao Wang’s words a bit funny, but she felt very happy. At a young age, she always knew that caring about herself and protecting herself like this was really a good boy.

“They didn’t hurt me. They just threw a few eggs at me. It’s not very painful.

Just leave them alone.” “I have asked my team to do a program, and the entire network is forced to pop up video recordings to prove that mom is yours. Innocent, have you seen it?”

“What?” Xiao Su’er was surprised when she heard what her son said. He hadn’t done all this yesterday, and it was only a few hours today. He said that he could make the whole thing possible. The web forced a video recording program, so what was he doing when he was in kindergarten?

Just now, I had already driven to the Angjia Manor. After Xiao Suer parked the car, she turned to look at her son in the co-pilot, “You didn’t listen to class well in the kindergarten today. Did you play the computer quietly again?”

“Uh…this. “Xiao Wang rolled his eyes, grabbed Xiao Su’er’s hand and started acting like a baby.

“Mom, it’s not that I didn’t have a good class. Someone said that on the Internet. As your son, I am obliged to help you clarify the rumors. I believe the teacher will know and agree to it, and I didn’t take up time in class. , I only communicated with the team during the lunch break of my classmates, and most of them helped me.”

” Yes , you little guy speaks very well, you can find a bunch of reasons every time. Come.” Xiao Su’er grabbed her son by the nose, actually very happy in her heart.

Xiao Yuhan was sitting in the living room, watching online videos and comments from netizens.

“Wow, there is a super reversal, yes, I think this doctor surnamed Xiao is very good, no matter how ridiculous this person is, she is very polite to ask where there is a problem with the doctor, not the kind of bad doctor. . ” “

I think this thing two people have it wrong, although this man is extremely shameless, cure the disease took the drug also did not want to give money, but the doctor can not see a person say that people have a cancer ah, Don’t you know that psychological cues are also terrifying? If he goes back and thinks that he has cancer, he will be scared to death.”

“Anyway, it turns out that it was the man named Hu who beat him down. He was so disgusting and he wanted to talk about other people. I think the person who went to the doctor’s clinic and shouted at him should be compensated by others. “

Agreeing with the views upstairs, I went to take eggs and smashed others. It’s too much. If you want to smash them, you should also smash this domestic violence man.”

Xiao Yuhan looked at the comments on the Internet. Although he was divided into two factions, he also accused Xiao Su’er. She said that she shouldn’t say that someone else has cancer, but now at least everyone thinks that she shouldn’t get so many accusations on the matter with Hu Daxiong, and she should apologize.

“Now it’s a reversal of speech, not bad!” Xiao Yuhan turned off the computer and let out a sigh of relief. He was still teaching at the university this morning, but he turned on his phone during the break and looked at the hot search. The scene of Xiao Su’er being smashed into an egg.

At that moment, his brain was almost congested, and he wanted to rush to the clinic directly to get rid of the group of people who bullied his sister.

However, he received a text message from Xiao Wang just before he left the school, saying that the matter was on his body, so that he should not be impulsive.

Xiao Wang knew his uncle very well, and immediately sent him a text message after seeing the hot search. He knew how serious it is for a university professor to deliberately injure someone, and he might well be held criminally responsible, although He didn’t care about anything for Xiao Su’er, but he couldn’t let him take risks.

Xiao Yuhan looked up, Xiao Su’er just took Xiao Wang’s hand and walked into the living room with smiles on the faces of both mother and son.

“Sister, this time we are going to give Mengbao a big gift. He helped you clarify these online rumors.” Xiao Yuhan gave Xiao Wang a thumbs up and blinked.

Xiao Wang also blinked at him and nodded proudly, “Uncle is right.”

“Okay, of course Mengbao has to be given a big reward. Come on, what do you want to do? You are not like other kids. The child can just go to the amusement park once.”

Xiao Su’er sat on the sofa holding Xiao Wang and started to wonder, if he wanted to give a gift, what would her son want most? He lacks nothing!

“I don’t need to go to the amusement park. I am not interested in those amusement projects. Mom, please enroll me in a class. I want to learn what I don’t know.” Xiao Wang actually asked to enroll in interest classes. If your child hears an interest class report, they will definitely cry and make trouble.

“Okay, what you want to learn now, music or calligraphy is fine.” Xiao Su’er did not refuse, and it would be nice to let her children learn more.

“Let’s learn music! Calligraphy can be taught by my uncle. His handwriting is very beautiful, and my mother’s handwriting is not bad. There is no need to spend a little money on class registration. It is a waste of time and money, but music you two I don’t understand.” Xiao Wang made his choice almost immediately, and the reason for his choice was well-founded.

“I know, how come you, a villain, think of everything?” Xiao Suer helplessly watched her child reach out and touch his hair again. He is so smart, if he grows up a little bit, how can I communicate with him?

This time Xiao Wangshi shielded her head and avoided her hand. “Mom, I watched it online. If you rub your scalp for a long time, it will make the hair fall faster. You don’t want me to be a bald head. Bar?”