Chapter 868 Network confession

Chapter 868 Internet Confession

“What bald head, what do you watch online a day!” Xiao Su’er couldn’t help laughing when he saw his serious appearance, squinted and said, “You won’t let me touch your hair, take it. Come on, it’s your itch!”

“Hahaha…Mom, don’t do this, how can you do this? I have done such a great thing, you should praise me, this is punishment, haha…”

Xiao Forgetting to laugh off guard, Xiao Su’er still did not let him go, scratching his creak, even Xiao Yuhan joined in, Xiao Wang stared and said: “Mom, uncle, you can’t bully the little one. , I’m still young! Hahaha…”

“Mom has already said that if you sit on an equal footing in my house, you can teach us like an adult, so now it’s not a big bully.” Xiao Suer still kept her hands, Xiao Wang smiled on the sofa. Without seeing the teeth, Xiao Yuhan laughed happily while following his hands, and the family laughed happily.

the other side.

When Bo Qingang returned to the villa, he immediately turned on the computer, followed the compulsory video that popped up from the web page, and found the person behind the scenes who did the program, and used his powerful computer methods to forcibly invade their computer program.

For so many years, he has been sitting in the position of Bo’s president. He has never needed him to do these things personally. He has also put aside his computer skills and has never demonstrated, but this time it involves Xiao Su’er, he can no longer sit back and watch. Ignore it, he must find out the true identity of the hacker K.

Taking 10,000 steps back, even if Xiao Su’er has been accompanied by a man all these years, he must confront this man head-on to let Xiao Su’er know who is the right person for her.

And Xiao Wang’s hacker team never expected to encounter such a powerful opponent. He resisted for a long time and was attacked by him inside the team. However, Xiao Wang never sent out his own information in the team, and never did it. Any information has been disclosed.

Even the people on his team only know that he is called K, not that he is a four-year-old child, let alone his real name is Xiao Wang.

Bo Qingang searched for a long time but found nothing, and finally could only give up, looking at the computer in thought.

As for Xiao Wang, he boarded the chat software after dinner and saw a 99+ message pop up.

“I’m going! Boss, we’ve run into a rival, and someone can conquer us.”

“Who is this? This is a battle book, right? We are not online just now, and he took advantage of it. I Follow the traces and see who it is!”

“Mom doesn’t know whether he saw our confidential information, boss, you came out! What are you doing?”

“Calculated according to the time difference, It’s also the evening in China Mainland. Boss, you shouldn’t sleep. Come out and we’ll have a difficult time.”

“I found it! It’s from the Bo family of China Mainland, the company we invaded last time, their company. There are such powerful computer talents? How could we conquer us last time. Could it be that someone was invited over to deal with us specifically?”

Xiao Wang quickly browsed all the messages sent by the team members, and finally let them calculate the program. Are there any areas that have been attacked and can they be repaired?

But the team members are all at a loss. Although someone invaded and attacked their computer, they did not cause any loopholes in any place, as if they were provoking.

Xiao Wang watched the rapid brainstorming in his head on the computer screen and combined several pieces of information: Bo’s people, the computer masters who didn’t exist last time, did not cause any loopholes, just checked all of their information!

So in other words, this person is here to investigate, and the purpose is to investigate all the people in their team?

As soon as he turned his eyes, he started to operate it, and followed the traces of the invasion all the way to the hands of the people who operated it. Among the team, he has the most powerful technology, so he was called the boss by them. Only when this team arrived. , Everyone asked him to tell his age.

But he knows that if he tells his age, he will wait to be kicked away by them, so he just said that everyone is playing computers anyway, and whoever has the highest computer technology can be the boss. Age is not the most important thing.

In the end, everyone in the team was defeated, and he naturally won the title of boss, so now he can also investigate things that the people in their team can’t investigate.

He directly found the ip address of the person who did all this, and then used the location to determine that this person is using Bo’s computer, but now he is in a villa in this city. After careful investigation, he found that this is Bo Qingang’s home. the address of.

“Dad’s villa, he came to conquer our team to check the information? Oh! I know.” After

all this was clear, Xiao Wang yelled out and realized Bo Qingang’s purpose. , I must have misunderstood the relationship between my mother and myself.

Hacker K is a very legendary and powerful person in the Internet world. He took the initiative to help Xiao Suer clarify these scandals and many people would be curious.

“Dad! If this is the case, then I will help you and mom. After all, you two really need me to help, otherwise I don’t know how long you will get together.”

Xiao Wang looked at the computer and said lightly. In this sentence, I walked out various news directly on the computer. The core content of the news was mainly that he confessed to Xiao Su’er on the Internet in the name of hacker k, and also threatened a wave of insulting Xiao Su’er on the Internet before. Netizens.

“I’m K. In terms of computers, even if I don’t say that I am the number one in the world, I think you should have a little bit in your heart. If you dare to discredit my loved one on the Internet, or wantonly insult her, I promise you will regret it. Yes!”

As soon as the news was sent out, the entire network knew that Xiao Su’er had an unusual relationship with Hacker K. Naturally Bo Qingang knew it too. He had never thought that he would have such news immediately after he managed to conquer the Hacker K team. If it is sent out, then it means that the hacker has already expected what he meant, and has deliberately challenged him?

Thinking about it this way, Bo Qingang was furious. He had already thought of a series of images in his mind: During the five years since Xiao Suer’s departure, there has been a person by her side. The two of them went shopping together, lived together, and lived together. Playing on the computer, doing everything he and Xiao Suer have done together.

The more I thought about it, the more angry he got, thinking that in the end he turned the computer off and pushed it aside, swept all the things on the table to the ground, but still felt that he couldn’t calm his mood.