Chapter 869 Already in Together

Chapter 869

Bo Qingang got up and walked to the bedroom. He saw a photo of him and Xiao Su’er on the bedside. At that time, Xiao Su’er was still in his arms. They didn’t take many photos together. There are not as many photos taken seriously on the Internet than others have secretly taken.

It is very rare to find such a photo. He deliberately washed it out and put it on the bedside. During the past five years, he had to read it several times a day before he could sleep peacefully.

In the photo, Lin Suer has a shawl with hair and a bright smile, just like a little girl. At that time, she would not refuse him thousands of miles away, let alone resist him indifferently.

“Su’er, don’t worry, I will get you back!” Bo Qingang said this sentence as he looked at the photo, as if to himself or Xiao Su’er who could not hear him at all.

the next day.

After Xiao Suer drove Xiao Wang to kindergarten, she drove to the clinic by herself, but she parked the car in the parking lot. When she opened the door, she saw a familiar figure standing beside the car. It was the same as yesterday, but it is obvious that he is today. His face became much darker, and he was wearing a black suit. The whole person seemed to be immersed in black. It seemed that he was in a bad mood.

Thinking like this, Xiao Suer shook her head fiercely. Is he in a good mood? What does it have to do with yourself? Both of them will be strangers from now on, so there is no need to care about his emotions.

“Bo Shao, I remember that I reminded you yesterday that don’t come to me anymore. What do you mean by going to the parking lot today to block me? Are you really trying to force me to run to a place you can’t find? Go?”

Xiao Su’er spoke as coldly as yesterday, turned her head and did not want to look at him, but she did not expect Bo Qingang to take a step forward. When she was about to say something, Bo Qingang stretched out her hand and took her directly. People reached the car and circled her in his arms. The two of them were instantly closer together, and they could even feel each other’s breathing.

“You…what are you doing?” Xiao Su’er didn’t expect him to be like this suddenly, a little angry, but there was also a strange feeling. The smell on Bo Qingang’s body was exactly the same as five years ago. Such actions seemed to make her instantly return to the past. Every time two people go out on a date, they can smell this smell as long as they get close to his nose.

This is a faint scent, not like those perfumes that go straight to the tip of your nose, but like the smell from the kitchen when you wake up in the morning, refreshing, and you can’t help but want to get up from the bed. Rush to the kitchen.

Now that Bo Qingang was so close, the smell was so obvious around his nose that it was hard to get rid of it.

“Tell me, what is the relationship between you and hacker K? Who is he?” Bo Qingang approached Xiao Su’er, his deep eye sockets shot fierce gazes, and his breath was sprayed on Xiao Su’er’s face. It’s all the sour taste of vinegar, which makes people know that he is jealous.

Xiao Su’er suddenly felt a little funny, and she felt a feeling in her heart that she had never experienced in the past five years. She seemed to like Bo Qingang’s jealousy, especially now that she is eating such inexplicable flying vinegar, right! No one would have thought that Hacker K was a kid who was just over four years old. Bo Qingang must have never dreamed that the object of his jealousy was his son.

After all, even she hadn’t expected that Xiao Wang would have such a talent for computers.

But she didn’t plan to tell Bo Qingang about this, just let him think so!

“There is no need to tell you what is my relationship with him! Mr. Bo, please clarify your position, figure out who you are, and why do you care about me.”

Xiao Su’er turned his head and avoided Bo Qing’s fiery gaze. With such gaze, her whole person was almost melted.

“I’m asking you to tell me, what is the relationship between you and him? He confessed to you so much on the Internet, can’t you see it!” Bo Qingang’s volume increased a few degrees, and he really cared about it. , If he knew who the hacker was, he would definitely rush to that person the first time.

“I can’t see what it has to do with you? Let me tell you, there are other women around you, can’t there be other men beside me? This is too ridiculous.”

“In the past five years, things have changed rapidly, and many things are no longer what you think. You have the top technology, the greatest power, and the highest status in China Mainland, but it does not mean that you can control everything. Is it?”

Xiao Su’er suddenly said this in a dark heart. He just wanted Bo Qingang to misunderstand him so that he thought there was something to do with Hacker K and her.

Sure enough, Bo Qingang’s face changed drastically when she heard her words. His brows were frowned, and the hands that were supporting Xiao Su’er were all clenched into fists.

“Are you two together? Who is he? Let him come to see me.”

“Why should I let him come to see you? He and I are indeed together. We have been together four years ago. It’s very good. I don’t want you to disturb my life. I told you to take your Yangguan Road. I cross my single-plank bridge. I am doing well now. I don’t want to get involved with you any more.”

Xiao Suer said deliberately very ambiguously. She and Xiao Wang were indeed together four years ago. Xiao Wang was born four years ago. When he was born, his whole body was so pink that he was hugged softly in his arms like a piece of cotton candy, she thought of him. When I was born, I couldn’t help but raised the corners of his mouth, and the whole person fell into happiness.

Seeing the smile on the corner of her mouth and the joy between her eyebrows, Bo Qingang was even more angry, and punched Xiao Su’er’s car, which immediately dented a big chunk.

“Bo Shao, you are deliberately destroying other people’s property, and I can claim compensation from you!” Xiao Su’er shouted while looking at the sunken part of the car.

“The two of you were together four years ago. You just left me four years ago. Can’t you wait to throw yourself into the arms of others? Lin Su’er, don’t be too much!”

Bo Qingang ignored her yelling at all, but reached out. She held her hand and wanted to squeeze his hand with the same strength, but when he saw Xiao Suer’s pain, he put a little lighter on it.

“Bo Shao! Please be clear. Lin Suer was dead when he left here five years ago. Now there is only Xiao Suer in the world, and as you said, I left you four years ago. The arms have nothing to do with you.”

“Besides, when the two of us were not separated, you were already in the arms of other women. Are you only allowing the state officials to set fires and not the people to light the lights? My Xiao Su’er is not another girl, it’s not a problem. I want to haunt you!”