Chapter 870 Come home again

Chapter 870

Xiao Su’er replied word by word, looking at Bo Qing’ang’s ever-changing face, she couldn’t help laughing in her heart, and threw away his hand.

Bo Qingang’s face turned from black to white, and then from white to green. The whole person was immersed in the great anger. This anger almost burned his whole person to ashes. He thought of what Xiao Su’er had said, four The two of them were separated only one year ago, and he was still immersed in the process of dreaming about Xiao Su’er every night.

I imagined that she would return to him every day, and he flew almost every corner of the world that year just to find her.

But now Xiao Su’er actually tells him that she was already with other men that year, and she and other men went shopping holding hands, doing things that couples should do, and she had forgotten him a long time ago. net.

The more he thought about it, the more angry he got, and he wanted to reach out to pull Xiao Su’er to ask for clarity, but Xiao Su’er had already reached out his hand against his chest, pushing him farther away.

“Bo Shao, I have finished answering what you want to ask. I don’t have so much free time to waste here with you. You hit my car in a pit. Could you please take it to fix it, and after it’s repaired, Just let your people send it to me. You don’t need to come. You’d better stay away from me as far as possible.”

“Su’er, are you sure you want to be so unfeeling?” Bo Qingang is now swept away by jealousy and anger. Mind, even in the face of the woman he loves most, there is no good tone.

“Is the unfeeling me? Shao Bo, I trouble you to calm down and think about it yourself. I know you don’t lack women, so don’t waste time on me.”

Xiao Su’er turned and ran out carrying the bag. In the parking lot, she didn’t know what would happen to the two people. Anyway, it is impossible for the two to get back together, so don’t meet again, or it will only add to the grief.

Listening to the sound of her high-heeled shoes, Bo Qingang turned to look at her running back. He felt like a mess in his heart. He was destined to fall into this woman’s hands, even if she had already admitted that she had been in the past four years. Even with other men, he still couldn’t let it go. All he wanted to do was to snatch her over, but he didn’t even think about giving up.

the other side.

Hu Daxiong couldn’t wait to turn on the computer when he got up early in the morning. He wanted to see how Xiao Su’er was hacked. Yesterday, he watched the live broadcast of smashing rotten eggs at her. He smiled and leaned forward and was very satisfied. .

Today, I wish there were a lot of people going to trouble Xiao Su’er, and it would be better to even take Su Ling’s stinky woman to fight, who would let her dare to leave her at any rate.

Unexpectedly, when he turned on the computer, he saw the comments that had been reversed. Almost two-thirds of the people were scolding him, and the remaining one-third only accused Xiao Su’er of saying that others had cancer. Other words.

In short, looking at the whole comment, we can be sure that everyone will no longer trouble Xiao Su’er, and many people even clamored for him to apologize.

“Are these people’s brains muddy? Yesterday I was so excited that it was the fault of the stinky lady, but today I came to accuse me.”

Her face flushed with anger in an instant, and she pulled out the video. After a wave of editing was posted on the Internet, I went to Hei Xiao Su’er, but after moving the mouse, I felt pain in my stomach. I covered my stomach and curled up to the ground. I took out my mobile phone and called the hospital. Fainted to death in the past.

At this time, Su Ling’s main work in the past two days was to check the previous accounts. The director turned over all the accounts for the past three years for her to check, and specially arranged a separate office for her. Separated from Liu Yan, I want to find out how many false accounts Liu Yan did.

I didn’t know if I checked it, and I was shocked when I checked it. She had already found out many problems in the last year alone.

“Tsk tusk tusk, doesn’t Liu Yan Finance want to go far on this road? As a financial officer, how can you do this kind of thing? So many false accounts are enough to be sentenced.”

Su Ling flipped through the account book and tolerated it. I couldn’t help but sigh. I was about to continue the investigation. The cell phone that I put aside rang, and when I picked it up, it turned out to be a call from Daxiong Hu.

The two people still kept their contact information because they wanted to discuss the divorce, but Hu Daxiong was unwilling to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the divorce certificate, and he didn’t call her, or even answer her phone, so he took the initiative to call today. It’s really strange.

But now it’s working time, and I don’t know what Hu Daxiong wants to do. Su Ling thought about it and didn’t answer his call. After she hung up, she just pressed mute, turned her phone over to continue working, and did not hear anything outside the window. , One mind is just checking the books.

Hu Daxiong was just 500 meters away from the clinic, watching Su Ling hung up the phone with anxiety, holding the X-ray just taken from the hospital in his hand, looked up, and decided to rush into the clinic to look for her.

The front desk was upset by those who came to find faults yesterday. Today, I saw Hu Daxiong come to the door again. I was even more angry. I grabbed the broom and walked to the front of the clinic. “Hu Daxiong, what do you want to do?” Yesterday it was because of you that our clinic was so troubled. Why do you want to come here today? Believe it or not, we call the police to arrest you. People like you have no legal awareness at all.”

“What are you doing? Did I do anything? I’m here to find my wife and ask Su Ling to come out.” Hu Daxiong didn’t make any mischief this time, just talked to Su Ling.

“What are you doing with her? It’s time for work now. If you have something to find her, please come back after work.”

Although the front desk does not want to be nosy, he also feels that this man is a bit too scumbag and is worried that he will beat him up again. Ling, still dare not call someone for him.

“She is my wife. She and I haven’t divorced yet. I will see her now, or I will sit here and not leave. Even if you ask law enforcement officers to arrest me, you can’t catch me. It’s a family

affair now.” He actually sat on the threshold of the clinic, and said that it made sense. The front desk couldn’t refute it, and could only say angrily, “You, you rascal.”

“How about I’m a rascal? Anyway, you treat me.” Call my wife down.” Hu Daxiong’s face has always been thick.

The front desk was so angry but helpless, he could only turn around and ran up to the second floor to call Su Ling.

Su Ling heard that Hu Daxiong came to the clinic again to make a fool of herself, and she was a little scared subconsciously. Although she had plucked up the courage to divorce, but under Hu Daxiong’s pressure for so many years, she saw him as scared as seeing a terrifying demon. .

After thinking about it, she still called Xiao Su’er to the first floor together. The two people thought that Hu Daxiong must have seen the online comments flipped before making a big noise again, but he did not expect his next The behavior was beyond the expectations of the two!