Chapter 871 Recover

Chapter 871

Hu Daxiong saw that the two people did not make a big quarrel, and even their attitudes were much better. The most important thing is that he actually saw Su Ling and took her hand, snot and tears. Begin to talk about their relationship between husband and wife, and to sum it up, there is one core: I hope that Su Ling will not divorce him and move back home. He will treat her well in the future.

“Su Ling, a hundred days’ grace for husband and wife, you can’t just leave me like this. If you are not in the house for these two days, I feel that it is empty. You can go home with me. I will give you the money in the future. Let you buy clothes for your mother to see a doctor, let you be the hostess of the house, do whatever you want, and just go home with me.”

“You…” Su Ling looked at him like this and found it incredible. She has been married to Hu Daxiong for ten years, but she has never seen him like this. I haven’t said that, now I actually said that I will give all the money to myself. It’s incredible. Is it because I took the wrong medicine? Still haven’t taken medicine?

Su Ling turned to look at Xiao Su’er, not knowing how to react, Xiao Su’er pulled Su Ling away and stood a little further, looking at Hu Daxiong, who was full of tears, and asked, “What are you doing again? What kind of drama are you singing? Let’s be honest, what do you want to do?”

She didn’t believe that Hu Daxiong really found it by conscience . She wanted to redeem this marriage. He didn’t have such a conscience for ten years and suddenly changed? how is this possible! It’s definitely tricky.

“What’s the matter with you, I came to see my wife, Su Ling, are you going home with me? As long as you go home with me, it will do.” Hu Daxiong ignored Xiao Su’er at all, just kept begging. He was looking at Su Ling, but Xiao Suer found the X-ray film he was holding in his hand, and the four characters of Central Hospital were brightly printed on the bag.

“Su Ling, you asked him to show you what’s in his hand, what’s that?” Xiao Su’er lowered her voice and reminded her in Su Ling’s ear.

“What are you holding in your hand? Show it to me. I think you are too weird today. You definitely have a problem. Hu Daxiong, your credit is bankrupt with me. You’d better not play any tricks.”

Su Ling immediately followed Xiao Su’er’s words, pointing to what was in Hu Daxiong’s hand, and Hu Daxiong took it out immediately without hesitation at all.

“Su Ling, this is why I came to you, do you know? I have cancer, I have lung cancer. The doctor said that I am in the middle and advanced stages, and I must find someone to take care of me. It took a thousand years to sleep together. It’s a great fate for the two of us to be husbands and wives. You can’t leave me alone.”

Hearing what he said, Su Ling turned her head and looked at Xiao Su’er in shock. Xiao Su’er said Hu last time. She still remembered that Daxiong had cancer. She thought Xiao Su’er had said it casually, but she didn’t expect that she could actually see it at a glance.

Xiao Su’er reached out and took the film in Hu Daxiong’s hand, and took a look at the light. As she guessed, it is difficult to treat the middle and late stages of lung cancer. Although Hu Daxiong seems to have some wealth, the cancer treatment is costly. Qian can imagine that he can’t be cured with a little family background, no wonder he wants to ask Su Ling.

This man really thinks of himself no matter what. On the surface, he is crying bitterly to save his wife, but in fact, he wants his wife to come back to him and be a free nanny to take care of him. .

“Su Ling, you’ve seen it too. I’m really at the end of the road now. People will have a conscience before dying. I remembered how good the time was when the two of us were in love. I know now. I did too much before. I want to keep you and give me a chance, okay?”

“Be with me again, I promise I will use the rest of my life to love you well, I’m already waiting for cancer , I definitely can’t beat you again. Don’t worry, I’ll be good to you. I don’t go to the hospital for treatment. All the saved expenses will be given to you and your mother. As long as you stay with me in the last stage of my life, it’s fine.”

Hu Nobita hit the iron while it was hot and continued to say, his face was sincere when he spoke, and his tears still couldn’t stop streaming down. It really looked like a middle-aged man who was awakened after he had cancer. People couldn’t help but feel sad. Even the front desk next to him frowned.

People are always soft-hearted. No matter how many bad things the person has done before, as long as he sincerely regrets it in front of you, you will always feel that perhaps he really discovered it by his conscience, and he will get better in the future.

Su Ling is no exception. She was originally an extremely easy-hearted person who was trapped by Hu Daxiong for so long. Now Hu Daxiong crying and saying such a thing, she looked at him with a bit of discomfort. He even wanted to stretch out his hand to pull Hu Daxiong.

But Xiao Su’er pulled her past her, and asked with a calm face, “What do you want to do? You feel relieved because he said a few words, and you want to forgive him?”

“He has cancer now, and he should not live long. Well, it’s not too difficult for me to take care of him for a few months.”

Su Ling watched Xiao Su’er really get into entanglement, and even wanted to persuade her, “Doctor Xiao, saving a life is better than building a seventh-level float. You are also a doctor. You can see how long he can live in this situation, Let me take care of him, what do you think?”

“I think? I think you must be crazy. Do you know why you have lived like this for so many years? It’s all because of your softheartedness. You see what he said. sentence somewhat sincere, he said no treatment, just want you to accompany him in the last life, you might think you? If not want to live how he will ask you to go back and take care of him? ” “

he just wanted Just hire a free babysitter. When he runs out of his wealth, he will not be cured. Maybe you will have to make money to treat him and support him. You want you and your mother to live like slaves for the rest of your life. Is it?”

Xiao Suer didn’t show any mercy when she spoke. She knew that Su Ling couldn’t listen to her a little bit tactfully at this time. She had to tell him directly that things were so cruel, thinking that this person would really be diagnosed. After lung cancer, do you suddenly regret what you did before? It’s impossible at all!

Su Ling was still hesitating when she heard Xiao Su’er’s words, she heard Hu Daxiong yelling, “What the hell are you talking about nonsense? You stinky lady who comes here to take care of things all day, we need you for our family affairs. Do you care? I warn you to go a little further, or I will kill you today, I think you were not beaten enough by netizens yesterday!”