Chapter 872 Complete reversal

Chapter 872 Complete Reversal

Hearing Hu Daxiong’s turbulent remarks, Su Ling immediately made up his mind to nod to Xiao Su’er, “Yes! Can’t forgive him, Hu Daxiong, go, I think you are here to lie to me. , Look at you like this, where there is a little conscience that you actually want to beat Dr. Xiao, you are completely

helpless , get out!” Putting down these words, Su Ling took Xiao Su’er’s hand back to the office, and Hu Daxiong still wanted to go. Before, the front desk with a broom stopped him, “I warn you not to go up. On the second floor is our office area. If you dare to break in, I will call the police directly. Don’t forget that you have cancer. If you continue to do this too much, be careful to damage your yin virtue and die quickly.”

When Hu Daxiong heard the words from the front desk, he didn’t get angry, but he didn’t dare to mess up again. He has lung cancer now, but he can’t toss anymore. If he gets caught in jail for a few more days, he can only wait. Just die in jail.

Thinking of this, he could only turn around angrily and leave, but his back did not look as arrogant as usual, but added a feeling of depression. After all, after living an arrogant life for half his life, he now has cancer. Anyone should be afraid, and really think about whether he has been retributed, and no one will care if he is lying half-dead in bed.

Xiao Su’er, who returned to the office, was still worried that Su Ling’s brain was not clear, and she might run back with relentless heart, so she reminded her again and again, “Su Ling, I tell you, if you want to go back, no one can stop it, but you think about you. Mom and the sufferings you have suffered in the past.”

“I know, I won’t go back.” Su Ling nodded like smashing garlic. Thinking of those days before, she couldn’t help shivering. How could she go back and suffer again?

At the same time, Xiao Wang, who was boring in class in the kindergarten, received news from his brothers in the team far away: Boss, we had hacked into the surveillance of the clinic for a few kilometers before, and today we found that Hu Daxiong went to the doctor again. I was in trouble, but it didn’t seem to be successful. I used the software to restore their voices and found that he really had cancer.

Do you want to put this video on the Internet? By that time, netizens will know how good this doctor is, and she can really tell that someone has cancer at a glance!

The people in the team didn’t know that this young Doctor Xiao was their boss’s mother, and thought it was the woman their boss wanted to pursue. Like Bo Qingang, they thought that the boss who communicated with them on the computer was a middle-aged woman. Young man.

Xiao Wang clicked on the video. Hearing the voice that had been attached to them, Hu Daxiong burst into tears and said these words, he immediately decided to put it on the Internet, and it was the same forced pop-up program as yesterday. Attached is a text that attracts everyone to click on the video: Major follow-up! Just how professional Dr. Xiao is, and what is Hua Tuo a warrior? Just click on the video and you will know!

With such an attractive title, of course, some people want to see what kind of talent is called Hua Tuo alive. Unexpectedly, they saw Hu Daxiong burst into tears, saying that after he had cancer, the Internet exploded again, even better than before. The discussion was even more intense.

“What’s the situation for me? Does this person really have cancer? That means that the doctor was not deliberately bluffing people before, and she could tell by looking at it?”

“Someone said that the doctor was bullying and threatening People, you know now, they use real materials to see it.”

“Isn’t it said that Chinese medicine pays attention to seeing, smelling and asking, she only needs to look at it? Is it really Hua Tuo alive?”

“I want to ask silently. In one sentence, where is this clinic? I want this doctor to help me take a look at my old problems.”

“Same question and same question, I also want to know!”

Xiao Yuhan took out his mobile phone and saw it when he was over from class. With these crazy comments, most people said they were going to see Xiao Su’er to see a doctor. It can be said that after this incident, she was an instant success, and Hua Tuo’s name in the world is considered a real success.

This Hu Daxiong can be said to have lost his wife and broke down. Now everyone shouts and beats like a mouse crossing the street. Yes, this time the matter has been solved perfectly.

Xiao Yuhan got up and walked out of the office in a good mood, only to open the door of the office and saw Rong Ling’er standing at the door again.

Rong Ling’er often came to him during this period, and her complexion looked better and better. He also asked Rong Ling’er if Bai Qingyue would trouble her again. Rong Ling’er answered with a smile. After Xiao Yuhan gave her a shot last time, Bai Qingyue never troubled her again.

Since Xiao Yuhan didn’t bother her anymore, Xiao Yuhan no longer cared about Rong Ling’er as much as before, but he still maintained a good impression of her.

Rong Ling’er would also go to him every two or three days, and bring her own things, just like today she was carrying a box and smilingly said to Xiao Yuhan, “Professor Xiao, these are the little cookies I made yesterday. , I specially brought you something to eat today. It’s not so sweet anymore. I reduced the sugar. It should be in line with your appetite.”

“You don’t need to give me things so often . You really don’t need it.” Xiao Yu Han refused every time.

“Professor Xiao, I thought the two of us are already good friends, but why are you reluctant to accept something I give you every time? This is not a precious thing, I just like baking, every time I make it delicious I want to give you a taste, but you don’t want to pay attention to me every time. Why?”

Rong Ling’er pursed her mouth like an aggrieved little rabbit, her red eyes seemed to be crying again. Xiao Yuhan didn’t see the girl crying the most, and took the box in her hand.

“Okay, then I’ll accept it. I didn’t consider you a friend. I just don’t think you need to be so polite, so tired! I have no class this afternoon. I have to go home first, so I can’t speak with you. You Is there any class in the afternoon? Do you want to go to class?”

“How can I get tired just by making cakes? I didn’t have class in the afternoon. I came to Professor Xiao to say that maybe my body is really not well, even if I took those medicines. It’s too useful. I heard that Professor Xiao can also use Chinese medicine. Do you know acupuncture? They said that acupuncture is particularly effective. Can you help me with acupuncture?”

Rong Linger bit her lip and said shyly. She is actually I had already checked Xiao Yuhan’s schedule, and found out that he had no class this afternoon. She found that Xiao Yuhan really didn’t know how to chat with girls, even if she had been so obvious, he still didn’t. Seeing what she meant, she never took the initiative to look for her.

“Those medicines are useless, but I think your complexion has improved a lot, and if you have grown a little meat recently, it feels like you have gained a little weight, it should be useful.” Xiao Yuhan looked at her directly. Question her words.