Chapter 873 Lead misunderstanding again

Chapter 873 Another Misunderstanding

“Am I fat?” Rong Linger’s eyes widened in disbelief and reached out to touch her face when she heard him. How could she be fat? She doesn’t look good when she is fat, and listening to Xiao Yuhan’s words, it seems that he doesn’t like fat girls.

“You are a little bit fatter, and look better than when you were thin before. If you can gain weight by eating now, and your complexion is getting better and better, it means that the medicine I prescribe for you is effective, and you don’t need acupuncture. “Xiao Yuhan answered her words casually, Rong Ling’er was very happy to hear, even if she is fat, Xiao Yuhan still thinks she looks good!

“Professor Xiao, I just think I haven’t had a good rest recently. I can’t sleep at night. Maybe it’s a little swollen. Why don’t you take a look for me?”

Rong Ling’er immediately made up another reason. Xiao Yuhan did not refuse three times, but readily agreed, “Okay, then! I’ll get your pulse. If you really need acupuncture to regulate your body, I will give it. You acupuncture.”

“Okay, thank you Professor Xiao.” Rong Ling’er smiled and ran into the office, sat down at Xiao Yuhan’s desk, and put her hand in front of him to get his pulse.

After Xiao Yuhan pulsed her for a few seconds, he raised his head and looked at her, “Your body seems to be really not very good, too weak, and a little endocrine disorder. If a girl’s endocrine is not good, it will have a great impact on the body. , Let’s do this, you will come to me three times a week and I will give me acupuncture.”

“Is it really okay? I won’t interrupt Professor Xiao’s class, I don’t want to affect your ability to work because of my relationship.” Rong Ling’er withdrew. His hands were staring into innocent eyes, and when he spoke, he was thinking about Xiao Yuhan.

“It’s okay, just help you with acupuncture and moxibustion. It won’t delay much effort. You still have to remember to take the medicine I gave you, to see how weak you are.”

Xiao Yuhan smiled gently at her as he spoke. Rong Ling’er melted into his smile instantly, feeling like a spring breeze.

“Dean Xiao, do you think it’s better for girls to be fatter or thinner? Most boys like thin girls. After getting fatter, they won’t even be able to find a boyfriend.” Rong Ling’er is very curious about his mate selection criteria. , Now that he is twenty-five years old, he said that he is not old anymore, and that he is certainly not young anymore. It’s time to fall in love.

If you don’t hurry up, you might wait a few days for Xiao Yuhan to take other people directly and introduce him to her as his girlfriend!

“Obesity can easily lead to a series of cardiovascular diseases such as the third grade is definitely not good, but too thin can also cause physical diseases, so it is better to have a healthy and well-proportioned body.” As a professor, Xiao Yuhan can think of any problem in medicine. Answer, the answer made Rong Linger’s mouth twitch.

“Professor Xiao, what I mean is that if you want to find a girlfriend in the future, you like slim girls or a little plumper.” Rong Linger held her forehead with her hand, feeling that Xiao Yuhan was really too straight sometimes. She’s a man, and a straight man makes her feel a little puzzled.

“I haven’t thought about this. Falling in love is too far away from me. I should work

hard and protect my sister and my nephew.” “Professor Xiao is kind to your sister!” Rong Ling’er during this time I can always hear the word elder sister from Xiao Yuhan’s mouth, and he is jealous of his kindness to his elder sister.

“She is my elder sister. Of course I have to treat her well. Okay, I am going to go home too. Today is Friday. My nephew’s kindergarten is out early. I have to pick him up earlier. go home.”

“Professor Xiao went to pick him up so early? How about I go with you? I want to see what a clever child is? I always listen to you mention him.” Rong Linger said at first sight, she was anxious to join in. Going to every corner of Xiao Yuhan’s life made Xiao Yuhan think of her no matter what she did.

“I can’t do it anymore! I promised my nephew today to take him to a better computer. The two of us have to go to the electronic mall and can’t take you.” Xiao Yuhan smiled and said nothing, but refused. That’s it.

Rong Ling’er was a little bit disappointed, but she didn’t show it.

She still looked empathetic on the surface. “It’s okay. If Professor Xiao finds it inconvenient, I won’t go, then I’ll go first.” She said and stood still. He got up and walked out of Xiao Yuhan’s office, but unexpectedly he ran into another person from the next office when he was out of the office.

“Who?” Rong Ling’er rubbed her sore shoulder, frowning and looking disgusted, completely different from her usual good-looking girl.

Bai Qingyue was also hit in pain. She looked up and saw Rong Ling’er and became even more angry. She looked at her and said, “It’s me! Why is there a problem? Do you blame others for walking without eyes?”

“You Don’t be too much, you ran into it yourself, okay? I just came out of the office and you came and hit me.” Rong Linger was outside Xiao Yuhan’s office this time, and she was completely free from being surrounded and bullied by a group of them last time. It was so miserable at the time, but she dared to fight with Bai Qingyue.

“Hey! Now that your Professor Xiao is not there, you can’t even hide the fox tail. Everyone thinks you are a pure and innocent fairy. Why did you tear your skin in front of me? I still want to take a look. It depends on how you pretend.”

Bai Qingyue couldn’t help being bored when she saw her like this. What she hates most in her life is this white lotus with two sides and three swords, which behaves pitifully in front of boys and shows off in front of girls. It’s disgusting.

“I was originally a pure and innocent fairy, but in the face of someone like you, there is no need to smile at you. You are not a good person, so don’t you just rely on your family’s wealth to bully people? If your family has no money, you dare to bully us like this.”

Rong Linger stared at Bai Qingyue fiercely. She is a hatred of wealth. She just can’t figure out why she tried her best to live like a person, but someone She stood at the pinnacle that she couldn’t reach since she was born.

“I’m bullying you? Why don’t you say that you are talking nonsense in front of the professor? How many bad things you have said to me, but you point out that there is plagiarism in my paper, you have not even read my paper, right? ? Even if you are talking nonsense, I haven’t beaten you, okay?”

“I just warned you, and you pretend to be pitiful. You will always be pitiful when there are too many people. Looks like, but now?”

Bai Qingyue became more excited as she spoke, and her volume couldn’t be controlled. Xiao Yuhan in the office heard the sound coming from outside, and immediately rushed out the door and saw Bai Qingyue moving towards Rong Linger cursed.