Chapter 874 Turn over

Chapter 874 Turning over to

Rong Ling’er and hearing the sound of opening the door, she saw Qin Yuhan rushing out with a glance from the corner of her eye, and immediately softened again, pretending to be pitiful and saying, “Why are you still Qingyue? I told you about this problem. I didn’t go to the professor to sue you.”

“Bai Qingyue, why are you still indifferent? Rong Ling’er said that you will not bully her again, but now I’m being caught by me again. I bumped into it. It seems that she said nice things for you, right? Do you really want to be remembered? I really don’t know how many classmates you bullied behind, let’s go! Follow me to the Political and Education Office.”

Xiao Yuhan held Bai Qing Yue’s hand dragged her downstairs, trying to drag her directly to the Political and Religious Office, Bai Qingyue threw away his hand angrily.

“You never end? Why don’t you ask what the matter is. If you come out a few minutes earlier, you can see the true face of this white lotus. It’s true

to have been with Bai Lianhua for a long time.” Bai Qingyue was already very angry, but she didn’t expect Rong Ling’er to add fuel to the fire and ran to stand behind Xiao Yuhan and said aggrievedly: “I It’s not a white lotus, I just don’t dare to quarrel with you. Of course I am scared when I see you say that. You can’t say not to quarrel with you. If you are not a sexual person, it’s a white lotus.”

She said this . The high-sounding, successfully guided Xiao Yuhan, making him think that Bai Qingyue was so rude that she could not accept people with different personalities.

“Have you heard? They are not you. They are not so arrogant and domineering like you. You just call them White Lotus. Why don’t you say that you are like a shrew?” Xiao Yuhan immediately began to defend Rong Ling’er.

“I am too lazy to quarrel with you. Today, I obviously came to our professor to talk about my thesis. As soon as I came out, I ran into this neurosis. She made me angry here and forced me to scold her. You came out indiscriminately. Come scold me, count me back today, I don’t care about you.”

Bai Qingyue rolled her eyes, glared at Rong Ling’er, then turned and ran downstairs by herself. Behind Xiao Yuhan, Rong Ling’er raised her chin in a place where he couldn’t see, and made a proud gesture. Expressions.

the other side.

For the whole morning, no one came to the clinic at noon. After all, the incident yesterday had a huge impact. Even if it was clarified, it lost the reputation of the clinic. Xiao Suer was thinking about how to help the clinic recover this loss. Make patients willing to come here.

But I didn’t expect that after three o’clock in the afternoon, a large number of patients came to the clinic. The patients were basically middle-aged and elderly people. They all named their names and hoped that Xiao Suer would help them see a doctor.

The front desk was stunned, and started to register in a hurry. Looking at the large group of patients, they asked politely and shockedly, “Are you all coming to see Dr. Xiao Suer? Other doctors are okay? There are too many of you. It is estimated that other doctors will have to help, otherwise Dr. Xiao will be too busy.”

“No, we need Dr. Xiao. She can tell at a glance whether a person has cancer or not. She must have excellent medical skills, and other doctors in your clinic can do it. you? can not do this, then do not say. ” “

ah say is, we’re going Xiao physician! we already know who she is, she was five years ago, Lin Su children, just changed the last name only, she Back then, she participated in this is the Chinese medicine program, and finally won the championship. She was already very good on the program. Five years ago, her medical skills were so brilliant. Is it still necessary to talk about it now? Hua Tuo will not be able to compare it in his reborn life. She must be allowed to come out. Treat us.”

All the patients are of a unified caliber, no other doctors are required, and even some old history from five years ago has been turned out.

Since Xiao Suer went overseas five years ago, the two identities of Internet celebrity Lin Suer and Bo Qingang’s girlfriend were buried together. Everyone thought she had passed away.

Now she is “returning to the rivers and lakes” again. The fans who liked her were excited, especially after they learned that the doctor who was hacked the previous two days was their idol, there was a wave of waves on the Internet. upsurge.

Some human flesh left Hu Daxiong’s current address, and a group of people carried rotten eggs and stinky leaves to Hu Daxiong’s community as if they had come to the clinic to make trouble.

Including the patients who come to this clinic now, there are fans of her back then, just want to take a look at her idol.

The front desk saw that the situation was uncontrollable, and immediately calmed down, “Then everyone, please sit down on the first floor. I will ask Dr. Xiao, but you may have to line up. If there are too many people, Dr. Xiao will not be able to watch together. Two patients.”

“No problem, we’re just queuing up. Go and call Dr. Xiao. I haven’t seen her for five years. I’m still looking forward to her opening a live broadcast with us.” A Xiao Su’er fan Shouted excitedly, staring at the direction of the second floor.

“Okay, I’ll go now.” Looking at these enthusiastic people at the front desk, I really didn’t expect that her clinic had ushered in a star. Five years ago, she was a high school student. If you don’t have time to watch live broadcasts and variety shows, you don’t even know that Xiao Su’er is so popular.

“Dr. Xiao, go down and take a look. Your patients are almost filling up the lobby. I guess you have to work overtime today, and you may not be able to finish it.” The front desk opened the door of Xiao Su’er’s office.

“What do you mean?” Xiao Su’er was still a little confused, and didn’t even know what happened.

“It’s just that a lot of patients came to our clinic and asked you to give them their names. Anyway, go down and have a look. There are still many of your fans.”

“My fans?” Xiao Su’er was confused. After seeing a huge crowd on the first floor, he was suddenly taken aback by the stairs.

She is almost the same as she was five years ago, except that her hair is longer. Her fans recognized her at a glance and ran upstairs.

“Su’er, I like you so much. Five years ago I used to watch your live broadcast. Every time you broadcast, I will squat on time in the live broadcast room, but you suddenly disappeared. They actually said that you are dead, I I can’t believe it, now you’re alive again, I’m so happy!

Where have you been in the past few years? Why do they say you are dead? It’s too much!”

A little girl who seemed to be twenty years old ran up In front of Xiao Su’er, her eyes were red when she spoke, and she was holding a pile of photos. Xiao Su’er recognized that they were some promotional photos of herself on “This Is Chinese Medicine” and the talent show. It seems that this little girl is her. Of iron powder.