Chapter 875 Change minds

Chapter 875 Change of Mind

“At that time, there was a little accident. I went overseas, so many people misunderstood that I was dead, and I couldn’t explain it overseas, so I have misunderstood it until now, but I am back, thank you Loved me for so many years.”

Xiao Su’er looked at the promotional photos in her hand and was a little touched. Does she have fans who love her so much? The most sorry to want to come to her in these years is the fans, who disappeared inexplicably.

“As long as you are okay, I came here to see you specially today, can you sign me?” The little girl didn’t care at all, and smiled brightly and handed the promotional photo inside to Xiao Su’er.

For such a sincere fan, Xiao Suer was embarrassed to refuse. After receiving the promotional photo, she signed several names on it before walking up the stairs.

“Hello everyone, I’m Xiao Su’er, thank you for trusting me, but I think there are so many of you, I’m sure I won’t be able to finish it today, do you think it’s good? I have a few people in my schedule. The rest will come tomorrow without delaying everyone’s time. What do you think?”

Xiao Suer said sincerely with a small smile on his face. These patients immediately nodded, “Okay!”

In order to sort out the fans who came to see her, there are a total of 30 patients. Xiao Suer’s work for the day is full. She left half of the patients in the clinic and the other half for them to come back tomorrow. She immediately invested. At work.

For many simple minor problems, she could see where the lesion was at a glance with her spiritual eyes. All the patients thought she was amazing. The voice of admiration spread from the first floor to the second floor, and even attracted Dr. Song, who was on the second floor. Looking at her busy on the first floor in the hallway, she frowned and muttered to herself.

“Is this little girl really so powerful? Can you tell it just by looking at it?”

“How could it be possible to see it just by looking at it. The front desk has already registered the information of these patients just now. They must say what their problems are, so she just read it.” Liu Yan walked to the side of Dr. Song. Yin and Yang said strangely.

Seeing Xiao Su’er being so popular, she was the most unhappy in her heart. Before Xiao Su’er was rushed by netizens to smash rotten eggs. She laughed happily in the office for two hours. It was because of Xiao Su’er that she was discovered to do it. Fake accounts, now she doesn’t dare to embezzle anymore, and the quality of life has dropped a lot.

“Really? Then this little girl is really opportunistic, deliberately pretending that she knows everything in front of the patient, hey…how can these little children not be more down-to-earth now?”

Physician Song was heartbroken. Shaking his head like, “The young young people now really don’t understand. They don’t want to sink their hearts to study hard. They always want to reach the sky in one step. They don’t have a good foundation but want to get the most results. How is this possible?”

Xiao Su’er’s ears She was more spiritual than ordinary people and could hear the subtle voices of others. Dr. Song’s emotions were also accurately heard by her.

She immediately raised her head from the examination table on the first floor and looked towards the second floor. She happened to meet Dr. Song, but Dr. Song’s eyes were all unkind to her. After two seconds of staring at her, she met her. Turning back to the office, he ignored her at all.

Xiao Su’er knew that it would take time for him to change his prejudice against herself, and she didn’t think too much about it, and continued to see the patient.

During the whole day she was busy taking the pulse of the patients, prescribing prescriptions, and grasping the medicines, until the five minutes before she got off work did she thoroughly read all the patients.

Traditional Chinese medicine is different from western medicine. Each department of western medicine has its own doctor. If you want a full-body examination, you will meet many doctors. Each doctor does not spend a long time seeing this patient, but Chinese medicine is different. All come from a doctor.

If you find that this patient needs acupuncture or massage, you have to start on the spot, and you won’t be able to see a few people in a day.

After seeing so many patients, Xiao Suer sat down in front of the examination desk on the first floor. The front desk gave her water and gave her a thumbs up, “Su’er, you are really amazing. I think you are so busy all day. And I found that you are so good, you can do massage and acupuncture, and you don’t need to weigh the medicine when you grab the medicine, how many can you catch it by yourself?”

The front desk had been watching Xiao Su’er grab the medicine just now, and found that she grabbed all the medicines and squeezed them in the palm of her hand, and then she could know the weight without any excessive weighing. She was still a little worried about whether there would be errors, and she would provoke the clinic at that time. Coming to trouble, I quietly opened a packet of medicine and said it on the scale and found that one gram is not more than one gram and not more than one gram is just right.

This skill is simply amazing. Many old Chinese medicine practitioners are able to hold the weight, but it is impossible to come down with so many or there is no error at all.

“Grab a lot of medicine and you will be able to weigh it. This is very normal. By the way, you can take these medicines and keep them. I have already written the symptoms of adaptation on it. Next time if a patient comes, you can do it. I

took the medicine directly according to the prescription.” Xiao Su’er took the prescription from one side and handed it to the front desk. The front desk nodded immediately after receiving the prescription, “Okay, I’ll take it over there, hey! You still have a prescription for gout, and you are on it. He said the three can follow the true ah?

but that does not completely cure the gout, high blood pressure and the same as in the above Western medicine, had lifelong medication is necessary. “

Front Yipiao eyes to see the way of taking notes and prescriptions above During the course of treatment, I was extremely disbelieved by Lin Suer’s claim that the three prescriptions could cure gout.

“There are many incurable diseases in Western medicine that can be cured by the methods of Chinese medicine. If you don’t believe it, you can wait and see later. This is the prescription I wrote down when a gout patient came to see the doctor today. Seven days later, he I will come to grab the medicine again. After three or seven days have passed, you will be able to see the effect.”

Xiao Suer has long been used to these exclamations. With the treatment of China Mainland, many diseases cannot be cured, such as high blood pressure and high blood pressure. Blood sugar, gout and cerebral infarction are all diseases that require medication for life, but for her who passed through Guiyigu, these are very simple diseases.

When the front desk heard her such calm words, his heart was a little shaken, is it true that Hua Tuo is alive? But he didn’t dare to ask more. He took the prescription and prepared to put it away, but Dr. Song took the prescription from behind, with a serious expression on his face.

“You little girl is not ashamed, don’t talk nonsense, prescribe prescriptions to others, and gout can be cured. Why don’t I believe it? I have studied Chinese medicine for decades.”