Chapter 876 Excavate black material

Chapter 876 Exploring the black material

, while Dr. Song looked down at the medicine written on the prescription, but the serious expression on his face slowly faded away. In the end, he was shocked. He looked up at Xiao Su’er in disbelief. Then he lowered his head to look at the prescription. After several rounds, the look in Xiao Su’er’s eyes changed a little, and he walked in front of her with the prescription.

“Doctor Song, is there anything wrong with this prescription? The patient will not have trouble after taking it?” The front desk looked at his unpredictable expression, and became a little worried. Is there something wrong with the prescription written by Xiao Suer?

“It’s not that there is a problem with the prescription. I just want to ask where you got it? This prescription looks really powerful. I never thought about putting these medicines together. I always think it’s too strong, but you Using this medicine reduced their violent medicinal properties. This medicine can really treat gout, and the effect is definitely very good. Who is your master?”

Physician Song took the prescription and walked to Xiao Su’er with a look of admiration on his face. He felt that it was absolutely impossible for Xiao Su’er to come up with such a powerful prescription at such a young age. It must be that Xiao Su’er has a master, and that master is absolutely. An outsider.

“Dr. Song’s prescription was researched by myself, but I do have a very good master, but he is too far away from where I live. It is impossible for him to come to China Mainland in a place far overseas. Listening to your tone, don’t you think I can make such a prescription? In fact, what I have always wanted to tell you is that you really cannot judge a person’s ability based on a person’s age.”

Xiao Su’er spoke to Doctor Song in a calm tone . After some words, the expression on Physician Song’s face slowly changed, and in the end he shook his head helplessly, “Ah…I said that people are not in appearance. I’ve lived so old, and I don’t even understand the truth. I always thought I thought that few of you young people had real talents, and I was wrong for a long time.”

“Everyone thinks so, and I can’t blame you. It is true that it has been too long since Chinese medicine has been in the Chinese mainland. Many powerful prescriptions have been lost, but my master just happened to have many powerful ones. The absolute knowledge has not been lost, and all have been passed on to me. You can discuss it with Dr. Song in the future.”

“Good, good! Let’s discuss it in the future. It seems that I want to learn more knowledge like you, a junior. I hope you don’t hesitate to enlighten me. Teach me more.” Physician Song’s view of Xiao Su’er has been completely changed because of this prescription. He sighed on the second floor a few hours ago, but now he took the initiative to ask Xiao Su’er for advice.

“What Doctor Song said, the two of us will learn from each other.” Xiao Su’er was very happy in her heart. Today, it can be said that she was transferred. Not only did the previous black material clarify, but also so many patients came to call her name letter. She helped to see a doctor. Even the most experienced old doctor in this clinic recognized her. I think I will have a very happy life here after I come here.

But she was very happy, and some people felt unhappy. Liu Yan watched from the second floor. Even Dr. Song, who had been talking bad about Xiao Su’er a few hours ago, had changed her mind and felt unhappy in her heart.

“I don’t believe that you are not so perfect at all!” Liu Yan said viciously on the second floor. In her heart, Xiao Su’er was really perfect and a little bit unreasonable. She was so long and beautiful, even Even the medical skills are so good, it is too unscientific, she doesn’t believe that there is such a perfect person.

Xiao Su’er went to the parking lot to pick up the car as usual after get off work, but what she didn’t know was that Liu Yan quietly followed her behind, watching Xiao Su’er drove out of the parking lot, she also drove out of the parking lot, and then all the way. Followed her to the kindergarten.

“Mom.” Xiao Wang smiled and ran out of the kindergarten, Xiao Su’er embraced him with an open hand.

“How about Mengbao? Did you listen to the class well in school today and didn’t use the computer anymore?” Xiao Su’er hugged him, rubbing her head against Xiao Wang’s head, the mother and son were very close.

“Um…” Xiao Wang laughed embarrassedly, “I still played for a while. I posted the video of today’s bad uncle going to your clinic to beg his aunt on the Internet, but the response was pretty good, so mother, you I can’t scold me. I just did a good deed to clarify the rumors thoroughly for you. Now no one scolds you on the Internet anymore.”

Xiao Wang smiled and said this sentence. The reason was perfect. Xiao Su’er heard it all. , She could only scratch her nose and said, “Yes, mother can’t scold you, but thank you. It is really lucky for her to have a child like you. She can help her to clarify the rumors at a young age.”

“That’s right .” I want to protect my mother from being bullied by anyone. Xiao Wang patted his chest like a man.”

“Yes, you are the best, let’s go! Mom will take you to the hobby class to have a look, and I will give you a piano Ban, in the future, if you can play the piano as much as you can on the keyboard, it will be great. I also hope that my son will become a pianist.”

Xiao Su’er said as she hugged Xiao Wang and got into the car, from beginning to end. They didn’t notice Liu Yan who parked the car not far away to observe the two people.

Liu Yan looked at Xiao Su’er through the car glass with a puzzled face, “It’s weird, when she came to the clinic, she was clearly unmarried, so why is there such a child? It looks like she is four or five years old, so Counting that she gave birth at the age of 20? This woman

is not easy , I finally dig up your black material.” “Even if you can’t let others scold you and affect the business of our clinic, you can also let other clinics People can see exactly what kind of person you are!”

Liu Yan felt like he had dug a big black material, holding the photo that was just secretly taken with satisfaction, and turning the direction of the car.

Xiao Su’er took Xiao Wang to the hobby class. There was a melodious piano sound in the classroom. Xiao Wang looked into the classroom at the door, staring at the hand of the girl sitting in front of the piano. The teacher was on the side. Talk to Xiao Suer.

“This child is at the right age to learn piano at the age of four. The earlier he learns, the better he can be enlightened. You can rest assured that I will teach him well.”

“Want to learn music is the child’s own thinking, he said. Learn more. It shouldn’t be weird for boys to learn piano? I think most of your classes are girls.”

Xiao Suer glanced at it. There were all girls in the class, only two boys sitting abruptly. in.

“No, you have to think about it. Now the most powerful pianists in the world are men. Girls come to learn piano. In fact, most of them are family members who want to cultivate a quiet and noble temperament.”