Chapter 877 Genius

Chapter 877 Genius

“That’s good. I heard that you are the best place to teach piano in this city. You are also a very good pianist. That’s why I wanted to send my children here. Then I will tell you. Go and pay the money.” Xiao Su’er didn’t say much, and he had to pay the money straightforwardly. This surprised the teacher. Most parents have to compare many families before finalizing where to study.

“Okay, please come here.” The teacher was about to take Xiao Su’er away, but Xiao Wang turned his head and said, “Mom, can I try that piano first?”

“Do you want to play it?” Xiao Su’er touched his head and asked in disbelief, this child has never touched a musical instrument before, so he can only play the piano randomly.

“Yes, I want to play the tune that this sister is playing now.” Xiao Wang pointed at the girl, who looked seven or eight years old.

“Do you want to talk about how this elder sister can play? She has been practicing for two or three years. Or the teacher will teach you a few simple notes. You can see if you are not interested in piano. If you are not interested, we still have We teach cello and violin in other classes.” The

music teacher looked at Xiao Wang and thought that this kid was really cute, but the first time I came here, I wanted to play a complete piano song. Night Tan, impossible.

“Let me try it.” But Xiao Wang ignored it and walked directly into the music classroom, and the teacher had to let the little girl playing the piano stand aside.

She stepped forward to teach Xiao Wang the simplest notes, but she did not expect Xiao Wang to directly stretch out her hand and play in front of the piano. Although very rusty and lacking skill, she still composes a complete piano piece. The sound is good, although the movements are slow, but there are not a lot of sounds.

Both Xiao Su’er and the teacher looked shocked, especially the teacher felt as if he had discovered a child prodigy, and looked at Xiao Wang incredibly, “Have you ever learned piano before? This piece of music is not at an entry level, or It’s a little bit difficult? Why can you memorize all the notes? Have you played it before, right?”

“He has never talked about piano before. There is no one in our family who studies music. He has never touched it.” Xiao Suer explained beside him, and the teacher was even more shocked.

“I just watched this elder sister play at the door. I wrote down which key on the piano she touched with her hand, and I just pressed the keys she touched in the order.” Xiao Wang turned his head. Said innocently, as if he didn’t think it was any difficult thing.

Hearing what he said, the teacher made a decision on the spot, “I must accept this student. You might really become a pianist who shocked the world in the future. If you can say such things at a young age, your memory is amazing. Well, watching this young lady play it once, you can play it again?”

“Why not? It’s nothing difficult!” Xiao Wang still looked innocent, but what he said made everyone present feel a little speechless, especially the girl who was playing the piano just now. , She practiced this song for several months.

But Xiao Wang was able to play it again only after stopping by the door for a while. Although the play was not better than her, it was enough to make her feel embarrassed.

Xiao Su’er blinked, and she didn’t know whether she should cry or laugh for her own child. She would not bully herself if she was so smart.

“Ms. Xiao, let’s sign up for Xiao Wang as soon as possible. Even if your family doesn’t want to study with me, I will keep him if I don’t charge him.” After

hearing Xiao Wang’s words, the teacher turned around. Just said to Xiao Su’er eagerly.

“Good.” Xiao Su’er nodded and followed the teacher to sign up and pay.

On the way home, Xiao Su’er drove the car while

looking at her child with the corner of her eye. “Mom, don’t look around while driving. If you are distracted, things can easily happen.” Xiao Wang was watching her third glance. , Finally couldn’t help but reminded.

“Mengbao, can you tell your mother why your memory is so amazing? I have discovered since childhood that you have an unforgettable ability.” Xiao Su’er turned her head, but still couldn’t help but ask.

“I have to ask my mother, it was my mother who gave me such a clever answer!” Xiao Wang answered, with a rising tone in his tone, and instantly exasperated what Xiao Suer had said,

“You! That’s how my little mouth is. Sweet, I don’t know what it will be in the future.” Xiao Su’er complained helplessly and happily.

Xiao Wang’s young age, you can see that he is definitely a handsome boy when he grows up. His mouth is so sweet that he will make girls happy. When he grows up, I don’t know how many girls will suffer. It seems that she has to be well taught. Xiao Wang became a gentleman and could not deceive girls and play with other people’s feelings.

the other side.

After finishing a busy day at work, Bo Qingang returned to the villa, sat on the sofa, untied his tie, and threw it aside.

Since I went to find Xiao Su’er that day, he has been depressed. He doesn’t know how Xiao Su’er came over these years, but when he thinks of her being with hacker K, he feels unhappy. He always feels suffocated and reluctant To find her, even if her car is repaired and then dragged back, Zhang Song will arrange for someone.

He wants to prove that he can live well even without Xiao Su’er. She can go to other men, and he can also go to other women. He is a thin young man. When he reaches out, a large number of women will pounce on him. Absolutely not. She is missing.

But I don’t know why other women are not as good as Xiao Su’er, no matter how beautiful or hot their body is, and they haven’t been able to give him that kind of heartbeat.

He took out his mobile phone a little distractedly, but he did not expect to see Xiao Su’er’s name on the hot search list again, and this time it was tied with this name, and the three words Lin Su’er: Net Red Lin Su’er appeared again. Changed its name to Xiao Suer to break the dead rumors.

Seeing this hot search, Bo Qingang’s eyelashes trembled. It seems that the entire Huaxia mainland knew that Xiao Suer was “resurrected from the dead”. He reached out and clicked into the hot search, and a lot of photos came out in an instant. They were all secretly photographed by patients who went to the clinic to see a doctor today.

There is a shadow of Xiao Su’er in every photo. Sometimes she is chatting with patients to ask about their situation, sometimes she is taking the pulse seriously, but without exception, she is facing the patients, whether it is a man or a woman, her There was a faint smile on his face, completely different from when he faced Bo Qing’ang.

“You are willing to smile at them, but you don’t want to smile at me, are you?” Bo Qingang gritted his teeth while looking at the phone.