Chapter 878 Unmarried first pregnancy

Chapter 878 Unmarried First Pregnancy

Since seeing each other again, Xiao Su’er has combed and resisted every time he saw his face, never a little smile, eyes are cold, but when facing these strange patients, her His expression was as warm as a spring breeze.

Since when did Xiao Su’er treat him better than some strangers.

The more Bo Qingang thought about it, the more unhappy he became. He smashed the phone to the side and walked up to the wine cabinet annoyingly. He took out a bottle of wine and took a few sips.

Alcohol quickly exerted its effect, paralyzed Bo Qingang’s nerves, and slowly blurred his eyes. He shook his head vigorously, and slowly began to regain consciousness before his eyes. The last figure appeared. before

it was five years ago, Lin Su children, she would laugh at him at that time, will be holding his hand to pressure the road.

“Su’er…” Bo Qingang stretched out his hand to touch the figure in front of him, but the moment he stretched out his hand, the illusion disappeared instantly.

It turned out that he simply couldn’t let go, even if he said that he would never go to Xiao Su’er again, he still missed her in his heart.

And there was another person who missed Xiao Su’er like him, Xia Xiaonan.

She has just graduated and is busy adapting to work in her hospital. Only at night can she pick up her mobile phone to browse shopping software and social platforms, but she didn’t expect to see Lin Suer when she turned on her mobile phone today.

This name was a brand on her heart, and it took five years to get over with difficulty, but now she came out again and gave her a knife.

Xia Xiaonan clicked into the hot search without even thinking about it. The doctor-patient incident about Xiao Su’er two days ago was agitated. Of course she knew it too, but even though the name was so similar to the one in her memory, she didn’t care about it. She didn’t want to see so much, she had better live her life well, otherwise she would miss Lin Su’er again.

But the hot search that clicked in today clearly told her that this doctor named Xiao Suer was the person in her memory.

Looking at Xiao Su’er with a light smile and long hair reaching her waist in the photo, Xia Xiaonan’s eyes were moist, and her hands began to tremble unconsciously.

“Xiaonan, what’s the matter? Are you too tired today? I heard from your father that you had several surgeries, and each of them was done very well. Did you go to surgery again today? Why are your hands shaking, Are you so tired?”

Ouyang Luo, who was sitting across from her, saw her movements, stretched out her hand to hold her slightly trembling hand, Xia Xiaonan’s eyebrows trembled, looked up at Ouyang Luo, and handed the phone under his eyes.

As soon as Ouyang Luo lowered his head, he saw the photo of Xiao Su’er on the screen of the phone. No doubt, he knew that it was the person they all knew.

He was as shocked as Xia Xiaonan, and couldn’t believe it, but after another thought, how reasonable it was. Bo Qingang has been saying all these years that she is not dead and he will find her. It turns out that there are only two people who have the same mind. A person who can say such a thing, everyone persuaded him not to look for it again, but these photos now show that what he thinks is right?

Only when Ouyang Luo came back from overseas, there was a big project over there. It was a long time since I saw Bo Qingang, and I didn’t know that such a big thing had happened.

“Ouyang Luo, I said that maybe Su’er is really not dead. You also persuaded me that I can’t go crazy like Bo Qingang, but the facts prove that I’m not crazy. Su’er is still alive, she is still alive, she… …”

Xia Xiaonan began to mutter incoherently, but in a blink of an eye, tears slipped from her eyes. She remembered the loneliness of those days when she was sitting alone in the dormitory. When Xiao Suer was there before, even if she was nibbling on one. Apple, she feels very happy.

But after she was the only person in the dormitory, even after eating the big meal that Ouyang Luo sent over, she felt a little less tasteful.

She has been wondering how well her Su’er is in heaven? There is no genius doctor in the world, and there is a girl in heaven who can warm people’s hearts.

Now her Su’er is back, still the same as before. She is still doing traditional Chinese medicine, keeping a long soft hair to check the pulse of the patient, as if nothing has changed. The past five years have been like a dream of huangliang.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it was my fault. I didn’t know that she was really alive.” Ouyang Luo apologized and embraced Xia Xiaonan in his arms.

“Let’s go find her, okay?” Xia Xiaonan took Ouyang Luo’s hand, her eyes flashed brightly.

“Okay, go find her, but now the clinic is also off work, we don’t know where she lives, we still have to find her tomorrow.” Ouyang Luo hugged her, softly comforting.

In the past five years, the playboy Master Ouyang has long ceased to exist. He seriously stayed with Xia Xiaonan, and even followed her to meet his parents as soon as he graduated. The two of them now only have the red bronzing certificate.

“Then I will look for her tomorrow. I’m going to see how Su’er is doing now. It looks like she’s been doing pretty well these years. Then why didn’t she come back? Where did she go?” Xia Xiaonan thought Ten thousand questions.

“Okay, okay, I’ll know tomorrow.” Ouyang Luo hugged her to comfort.

the next day.

Before Xiao Su’er came to the clinic, Liu Yan had already started publicity in the clinic, showing everyone in the clinic one by one with the secret photos taken yesterday.

“Have you seen it? This Xiao Suer is a shameless person. She got pregnant first when she was unmarried! What kind of woman will get pregnant first when she is unmarried. You can come here to come to Chinese medicine. If you think about it, she is not graduated from a regular school, and she doesn’t even have a doctor’s license.”

“How do you know this is his child, maybe it is the child of her relatives?” The front desk subconsciously helped Xiao Su’er speak, because it was Xiao Su’er’s information that she had registered at the time, and it was indeed unmarried.

“How is it possible? I heard this child called her mother, okay? And I can take you directly to this kindergarten to ask. Xiao Su’er will come later. You can ask her and see this child. How much she looks like, do you believe that it is her relative’s child?” Liu Yan said in a serious manner.

“But I registered her at the time. She did say that she was unmarried. Could she be a lie?”

“Maybe someone is already married.”

Several nurses in the clinic still helped Xiao Su’er speak. After all, after a few days, I think she is still very good.

“Why don’t you tell me when you are married? Is this something that you can’t tell? Let’s just ask her a little later.” Liu Yan raised her chin with a tricky expression on her face.