Chapter 879 Chapter Misbehaving

Chapter 879 Misbehavior.

Under Liu Yan’s encouragement, everyone in the clinic agreed to wait a while and ask Xiao Su’er carefully. Everyone has a gossip heart. The celebrities must be frequent. If the clinic is on the cusp again because of her ethics problems, it is still not good.

So as soon as Xiao Suer arrived at the clinic, she found that everyone was looking at her with a strange look, carefully looking at her but never dared to come forward and say anything more.

Until the end, she couldn’t help but ask, “What do you want to ask my mom? Hurry up. There will be patients coming soon. We made an appointment to see them today.”

Xiao Su’er still remembers yesterday. The fifteen patients arranged should be there soon.

“Su’er, I want to ask you, you should be unmarried, are you single now?” The front desk walked to her side and asked carefully.

“Yes, what’s wrong with me being single? Why are you asking this question?” Xiao Su’er nodded calmly and answered without thinking, let alone realizing what they meant by asking this question.

“Then do you have a child?” The expression on the front desk became hard to describe, and it was a bit hard to tell. If you make a mistake, asking if a girl who is not married at all has children is a kind of kind to her. Insult!

Xiao Suer was originally in a white coat and paused with her hands. She turned her head and looked at the front desk, with a look in her eyes. She directly embarrassed the front desk and lowered her head and said embarrassed, “I didn’t deliberately inquire about your privacy, but It’s really…”

“I do have a child. He is in kindergarten now. Is there any problem?” Xiao Suer confessed directly when she interrupted the front desk.

The guilty expression on the front desk disappeared without a trace in an instant, and his eyes widened and looked up at her, even thinking that he might have misheard, “What did you say? You say it again.”

“I have already answered you. The question arises. Does anyone stipulate that single girls can’t have children?”

Xiao Suer’s words are open from beginning to end. She is indeed single and unmarried, and she also has a child, but she never thinks Xiao Wang is his. Shame, on the contrary, he brought her too much happiness and touch. This is not something difficult to tell. She will admit it generously if anyone asks her.

“Yeah! Hear what shameless words are called, how can a single girl be embarrassed to have a baby? Do you know how to be ashamed? You are unmarried and pregnant. Your child probably won’t even be able to get a registered permanent residence. You are actually ashamed to say Such words, women who are really used to doing this kind of thing are unusual.”

Liu Yan immediately ran downstairs after hearing Xiao Suer’s confession, pointed at her and started taunting her, her face was full of disgust, and she finally found her black material, Liu Yan couldn’t wait to laugh up to the sky.

“This time I really want to stand on Liu Yan’s financial side. Dr. Xiao, you are really misbehaving. A girl still has to know how to respect and respect herself. You can say that your child is already in kindergarten. You have to be more than three years old anyway. Then you are only twenty-five years old. That means you were unmarried and pregnant when you were in your early twenties. It is really unloving.”

A nurse in the clinic also expressed She had the same thoughts as Liu Yan, and she almost echoed her words. The people in the entire clinic shared the same views.

“That’s right, you are a girl, why are you so self-loving at a young age? And looking at you, you don’t seem to think there is anything wrong with what you are doing. Is it possible that you think you’re pregnant first when you are unmarried, and a single woman Is the child something you are proud of?”

“Like this, you are going to be immersed in the pig cage, okay, who is the child’s father? I was pregnant, why didn’t you marry you? You were abandoned. No, you still dare not talk about being a junior?”

“I also want to ask, is it possible that your child is really an illegitimate child? There won’t be the kind of drama that comes to the front door to make trouble, right? Our clinic will be popular again by then.”

Liu Yan heard everyone Almost all stood on the same line with her, and even more proudly walked to Xiao Su’er’s side.

“If I were you, I would definitely hold your illegitimate son and hide him and not be embarrassed. It is definitely you who were raised by the Ang family. Otherwise, how could you come here to be a doctor? I must be holding that one. Let the child threaten others. Does your son know that he was used as a tool by you when he was born?”

Xiao Suer had been listening to her in a calm manner, and then buttoned the white coat and looked up at Liu Yan. you say enough? did not say enough, then do you want me to help you out, let you all day closed mouth are not on? ” “

you said that incredible, make their own good conscience let people say ah, I ‘d I want to see what you can do to make me unable to close my mouth for a day. Come on, come on!”

Liu Yan knows that Xiao Su’er is very powerful. The last time she used a golden needle, she could not move, but Now there are so many people in the clinic watching, and the clinic’s own Chinese medicine doctor, even if she uses a golden needle to pierce herself, there will be other doctors to help, so she has no fear.

Xiao Su’er heard her say so, but calmly took the golden needles used in acupuncture and moxibustion in the clinic, looked at Liu Yan and said slowly, “I’ll give you a chance to apologize.”

“Why should I apologize? What did I say? It’s not right, you had a misbehavior when you got pregnant before you got married. Is there something wrong with what I said?” Liu Yan still questioned Xiao Su’er loudly, without feeling that her words were excessive.

“This is my own business, but my child, I have never used it as a tool. I’d better apologize for the last chance, otherwise…”

“What about it? Or are you going to kill me?” Come on if you have the ability, I know you can acupuncture, hahaha…”

Halfway through what Liu Yan said, she suddenly clutched her belly and laughed, because Xiao Su’er did what she said and gave her the last chance, so she directly pierced her laughing hole with a golden needle without cherishing it.

“I gave you a chance. You don’t use it yourself. Take care of your own mouth. You won’t be able to close it for the next day. I won’t let you take it off if you laugh when your stomach cramps. As for other doctors, you should know that acupuncture needles can not just pull, not to mention I was by myself under the needle method, if you’ll just pull out things I can irresponsible. “

Xiao Su children to finish this sentence went to look at the side of the On the consultation table, sit down and wait for her patients.