Chapter 880 Apology

Chapter 880 Apology

“Hahaha…” Liu Yan still leaned forward and closed with a smile, tears coming out of her eyes, and looking at the clinician next to her with an imploring expression.

“Hurry up and help me pull out the golden needle! Haha… She must be joking, how can she not pull it randomly, haha…”

She has to say a lot of sentences in a row to make up a complete sentence, but the clinic doctor Still no one dared to come forward to help her pull out the golden needle, because they knew that Xiao Su’er was really telling the truth, and the golden needle could not be pulled out randomly, but everyone was still trying to persuade Xiao Su’er.

“Doctor Xiao, please pull out her golden needle for him. What if you have a problem with the laugh later?”

“That’s it. Although you can usually laugh more, you may laugh too much now, maybe. I really laugh and twitch, and you will be responsible if something

goes wrong !” “In fact, Liu Yan is right. Although her mouth is a little better, she is also reminding you today that you shouldn’t be so excessive. . ” “

Did he mention your foot pain yet? you can not even really so much, wait any death how to do? “

clinics inside just starting or Haoshenghaoqi advised her to pull out of lilies can be The more I said later, the more I said too much, and I felt that Xiao Su’er was too much.

But Xiao Suer turned a deaf ear to what they said. She just looked at the watch on her hand and said, “Are you doing nothing else today? I’m going to work soon, and my patient should be there in five minutes, drag Liu Yan away.” Go back to her office, otherwise who will be responsible if it affects my consultation?”

Liu Yan stared at her, covered her belly and ran to Xiao Suer’s side, “You pulled out the golden needle for me, haha, I almost laughed. I’m dead. Be careful. I’ll call the police that you intentionally hurt you.”

“I asked you to apologize. Did you apologize? If you didn’t apologize, why should I pull the golden needle for you?” Xiao Su’er looked at her with a bloodshot smile, and there was still no waves.

The people next to her felt a little displeased when she saw her like this. Xiao Su’er seems to be a little too much. It’s all from the same clinic. When something really happens, what should I do with her?

“Okay, don’t talk about it. It is Dr. Xiao’s decision whether to have a child or not. She is very good to her child. If Liu Finance nonsense uses her child as a tool, people will definitely be angry. Liu Finance, you should apologize quickly. Okay, otherwise, I really laughed out the problem later.”

Su Ling couldn’t help but open her mouth. She had always been on Xiao Su’er’s side, and even felt that it was her own problem whether to have children and other people shouldn’t have it. If you interfere more, the unmarried mother must be shameful. Maybe Xiao Su’er has encountered someone like Hu Daxiong, so it’s better to just give birth to a child and raise it.

“Okay, I apologize to you, I was wrong, I shouldn’t talk about your child like that, you shouldn’t talk about you like that, hahaha, get it out of me soon.”

Liu Yan couldn’t stand a smile, and felt that her entire stomach was in her stomach. After convulsing, she said an apology to Xiao Su’er. Xiao Su’er stretched out her hand and quickly pulled out the gold needle from her body. She immediately slumped on the ground and panted for breath. For the first time, she felt that laughter was such a tiring thing.

“I tell you that giving birth is my own decision and it has nothing to do with anyone, and you are not qualified to say that I am not. As for whether I love myself or not, it is not something you can say. I and you are colleagues, so worthy Your own job is just fine, please don’t talk about me in the future, otherwise the result will be the same as Liu Yan, especially not about my children.”

Xiao Suer stood up and looked at everyone in the clinic, and said these words loudly. Now almost the entire clinic is standing on the scene. Everyone can only shut up when she hears everyone’s ears, because she Really angry.

And what she said is very clear. She and everyone in the clinic are just colleagues. They are not friends, and they are not qualified to teach her like pointing.

Su Ling walked to Xiao Su’er and looked at her with a gentle smile, “Su’er, don’t care about other people’s eyes. Only you know whether your life is good or not.”

“Well, I know, thank you.” Xiao Su’er also smiled at her.

Except for Dr. Song and Su Ling, everyone in the clinic has a bad impression of Xiao Su’er. They feel that she is misbehaving, domineering and bullying others. It is because she has a little medical skill in acupuncture and poking indiscriminately with a golden needle. .

But Xiao Su’er didn’t care about their opinions. She came to this clinic to learn from experience and prepare herself for the clinic in the future, not to make friends. To be able to get to know Dr. Song’s year-end friendship, and Suning’s kind-hearted people. Enough, she doesn’t care about other people at all.

the other side.

Xia Xiaonan took a day off. She got up early in the morning and started to freshen up. She wore the little lace skirt that she thought was the most beautiful and painted a light makeup before going to the clinic address mentioned in the hot search.

Sitting in Ouyang Luo’s car, you can see that she is very anxious. She has been looking at the distance on the navigation and urging Ouyang Luo to hurry up.

“My grandmother Xiaonan, do you know how fast I have reached? Do you want me to run the red light? You have been teaching me before, not to run the red light casually.”

Ouyang Luo shook his head helplessly, it seems that Lin Su’er doesn’t care. How long to leave, as long as it appears in Xia Xiaonan’s heart is the most important.

“This navigation looks very close. Why have you been driving for so long before? Did you deliberately? Did you take me on a detour?” Xia Xiaonan pouted and looked at Ouyang Luo with an unhappy expression on her face.

“Where did I dare? Didn’t you see it? I followed the navigation. It’s the peak time for work. If you don’t go to work, people will go to work, so naturally it will be a little bit blocked.”

Ouyang Luo is a little puzzled, why are you here The most powerful self in the company, when he saw Xia Xiaonan, he became like a white rabbit. If his girlfriends saw it, they probably wouldn’t believe it.

“Okay, okay, don’t talk to me anymore. You look at the front seriously and quickly open. I can’t wait to see Su’er. After five years, a person suddenly came back to life. You know I have How excited are you?”

“Of course I know how excited you are. You didn’t sleep all night last night, and got up after only one hour of sleep this morning.” Ouyang Luo shook his head even harder.

Xia Xiaonan didn’t speak, just bit her lips. She looked forward to seeing her Su’er again. That was her benefactor. Where did she go in the past five years? How is she doing? She desperately wants to know.