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Chapter 1161 layout

Chapter 1161 Layout

“Come to me? I see, it’s okay to deliberately ask for trouble. We sit upright and don’t be afraid that they are playing black hands behind the scenes. Let’s see who is so courageous and troublesome. Find my head.” Xiao Suer responded in a low voice.

The man had already grabbed the phone and dialed the alarm call while the two people were talking. There were more and more people around, and most of the people who watched the excitement were making noise.

“This clinic should have closed! Do not know how many years to earn ill-gotten gains.”

“Say is ah! Chinese medicine has always been a lie.”

“Is that, she said she had Cherish back to life, fart Come! Who said she will come back to life? Is it the dead or the resurrected one?”

“See? So many people say that there is a problem with your clinic, not just me! Today you are taking the black-hearted money you have earned over the years Spit it all out, otherwise it will never let you just pass.” The

man raised his chin triumphantly. Although he knows that there are a lot of people around here who are nurses they invited, it doesn’t matter, as long as the atmosphere is enough.

“Okay, then let’s break the matter today and see if I have been misdiagnosed or defrauded of your money. If there is, I will return it in full. But if not, one of the people here today counts as one. , I have to apologize for all. Call the bodyguards of our clinic and surround everyone.

Just now I kept saying that I am a man who is making money and making money. No one can run away, just wait here. Today, I will spare a day to deal with this matter for you.” As

soon as Xiao Suer’s voice fell, the security guard of the clinic immediately stepped forward and surrounded the crowd. The expressions of the people who were gloating for misfortune instantly changed and they clamored with dissatisfaction. stand up.

“What are you doing? Do you still want to lock us up? What qualifications do you have to restrict our personal freedom?”

“What do we say is freedom of speech? Why do you let your security guard see it because of our word? With us, we’re going to sue you! Who do you think you are?”

Xiao Su’er listened to their clamor, and looked at everyone with a smile, without any anger at all.

“I am not someone! It’s just that I think what you just said was slanderous, so I want to control you first, and wait for law enforcement to come over and talk about this matter. Now not only do you want to report to the police, I also want to report to the police.” , You sue me for money and death, I sue you for slander, so don’t go away, how simple!”

Hearing what she said, everyone looked at each other and didn’t know how to refute, they could only stand in place and wait with a look of worry. NS.

At the same time, a group of people gathered at the entrance of the Bo family, even holding big-character posters and pulling banners.

Unscrupulous companies have lost their conscience and cheated their hard-earned money! The words “Dou Da” written on the banner were eye-catching enough. A group of migrant workers came to Bo’s door wearing dusty and muddy clothes. Their voices were noisy, but they could hear all the words of crusade.

“Bo’s shameless lie to us ordinary people’s hard-earned money and make such a tofu project!”

“You are ashamed to charge such a high price, your Bo’s real estate is much more expensive than the price of this city, but it is unexpected. Then perfunct others.”

“You must give us an explanation today, otherwise you don’t want to go to work.”

A group of people said that they were about to rush into Bo’s company building. Zhang Song hurriedly got down from the top-floor office and took the elevator down. I saw such a scene as soon as I got out of the elevator.

He was very puzzled. The Bo’s house price is indeed higher, but their security and greening or construction materials are the best used, and they will certainly not suffer. I have never had a problem for so many years, so why this time so many people come to ask for an explanation is not quite right!

In the past, when Bo’s real estate opened, everyone rushed to pay the subscription funds. After all, not all companies can help buyers to make decoration design drawings for free like Bo’s. This benefit alone is enough for everyone to grab. Broke his head.

“Everyone, may I ask which part of the Bo’s real estate you bought that has a problem? Don’t worry! As long as it is our Bo’s, no matter which real estate has a problem, we will be responsible to the end.”

Zhang Song walked to the company’s gate and moved towards Everyone said loudly, but her words didn’t calm the troublemakers, but made them even more excited.

“Who are you? We don’t want to see you! Let Bo Qingang come out. Isn’t he the famous Bo Shao? What is going on hiding behind and being a turtle? Let him personally explain to us.”

“Earned us .” So much money hiding behind you dare not come out?”

A group of people rushed in excitedly, even the security guards were a little bit unable to stop them. But what can I do?”

“If they want to go in, let them in. Our Bo’s reception room is big enough. Take them all to the reception room. Give them a comment form to fill in. I want to see if it’s Which property has such a big problem.”

Zhang Song dealt with the matter very calmly, and did not think about whose prank it was, but just thought about investigating which real estate it was, the person in charge must be opened.

At this time, Xiao Wang was taking an exam at the school. Today happened to be the school’s monthly exam. He would hand in his papers in advance for almost every exam, more than half an hour earlier each time, but the teacher never stopped him.

This time is no exception. He took a deep breath and glanced at the time when he came out of the examination room, not bad! Save so much time to communicate with the team members. The next hacking contest is about to begin, and they still have to win the championship.

Thinking like this, he walked to the school garden and sat down, took out the computer in his backpack and was about to chat with the team members, but the phone rang in his bag.

He was a little strange about a strange number. Very few people knew his number. He made a software and plugged it into his mobile phone. No sales promotion scam calls could come in. Who would come from a strange phone?

“Hey…” He still pressed the answer button.

“Hello, are you Xiao Wang? Can you come to the hospital to help me? My mother really can’t afford the hospitalization fee and was kicked out by them. I lied to you before. Actually, the person in the hospital is not my aunt. My mother. Can you help me? I’m sorry, I shouldn’t lie to you.

But I really need help now, can you come over?” Zhao Xiaoying’s voice came from the phone, with a crying voice. People felt very pitiful when they heard it, the background sound was very noisy, and there was even a driving sound, and Xiao Wang’s heart tense instantly.

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