6 Ways to Eat Yogurt

It is undeniable that the food that many people think of when entering the weight loss phase. In addition to vegetables and fruits, it is yogurt, because in addition to being rich in protein It also helps with the digestive system as well. Some people are almost eating yogurt instead of the little snacks that have been eaten often. Have you ever wondered why we eat yogurt and then reduce the flour and sugar reduction then. While also focusing on fruits and vegetables But why are you still fat? or not to replace the weight, will increase again Can tell you that something must definitely occur Today, we would like to pick up the errors and misunderstandings related to eating yogurt. If what you do matches one of these This means that the yogurt that causes you to become fat!

1. Put fruit on

Eating yogurt and fruit is a good weight loss menu. But if you add too much fruit or choose fruits that are high in sugar and calories, it can also cause obesity. Therefore, if thinking about losing weight, you should put the right amount of fruits and choose high-fiber, low-calorie fruits such as apples, but if you’re not afraid of being full, you can supplement them with whole grains such as seeds, chia seeds, or dried oats. This menu will be healthy enough to help control weight.

2. Pay attention to excessive calories.

Calorie counting is a way to help us determine the amount of food we eat each day. But do not forget that some foods If eating less, it may result in not receiving enough nutrients to meet the needs of the body, such as yogurt in the amount of 100 calories with 7 grams of protein, while our body needs at least 12-15 grams of protein per 1 meal. Meal If you eat too little yogurt, you will not get enough protein. Resulting in not being full and hungry faster than usual until having to turn around and eat again Then how can this be skinny?

3. Eat too much

Many people, when losing weight, use this yogurt as a snack to alleviate hunger during the day instead of various snacks, but don’t forget that yogurt contains sugar. It is also a dairy product. If eating too much, it can cause obesity as well. Therefore, eat in moderation and supplemented with fresh fruits that are high in fiber, will not be hungry during the day.

4. Frozen yogurt before eating

Yogurt is a rich source of microbes that are beneficial to the body. But eating frozen yogurt because it is more delicious The benefits that will be different from a normal chilled yogurt. Because those good microbes can’t stand the coldness of the freezer And in the end, that cup of yogurt will be just valuable for regular desserts that have almost no food.

5. Choose to eat without fat or low fat

Low-fat or non-fat yogurts look superficial and may seem like good for your health and help you lose weight. But did you know that this type of yogurt, even without fat But manufacturers will add sugar instead For better taste And probably enough to guess that, if we eat a lot Obesity is still followed without a doubt. Therefore, turning to eating normal yogurt is better. Equally beneficial, plus not having to be afraid of sugar as well.

6. Refusing to eat natural flavored yogurt.

It is true that natural flavored yogurt may be slightly tasteless. And yogurt with other ingredients is much tastier But don’t forget that yogurt that has been flavored or added with other ingredients can cause fat. Especially the fruit flavors of the big gardens tend to mix sweet, fruity fruit. If really thinking about losing weight then it is better to switch to eating natural flavored yogurt and adding fresh fruit instead.

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