Chapter 0 (The Blackened Second Male Lead’s Wife)

The first appearance of my fiancé I met today was beautiful. A white, flawless face, silver hair and red eyes. The man with unrealistically beautiful looks smiled softly.

“Nice to meet you for the first time. I’m Lucian Kardien.”

It was an impeccable polite greeting. I had no choice but to laugh awkwardly.

“Hello, I’m Pernia Lilac.”

“I’m here to see the lady and I’m sorry. It wasn’t easy to return home because the war was prolonged.”

“It’s all right.”

It was really all right.

Because he was Lord Kardien, who led the long war to victory and became the hero of the empire, my fiancé, whom the emperor paired me with two years ago, and…

Because he is the second male lead that loved the female lead so much that he turned Yandere and destroyed half of the empire.

And I am the one who’s snuck beside the second male lead, and will die by his hands.

sobs Out of all things, I possessed this character.