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Chapter 2 (Come Here, Tyrant)

[Five Days After Declaration of Not-Marrying, by Dsev]

Sunlight poured through the wide-open windows, letting in the peaceful sound of birds chirping.

Half-sitting on her bed, Annie rubbed her eyes with a limp yawn.

‘I want to sleep some more…’

The brown short hair that came to the corners of her ears are becoming rounder and rounder. There are even eyebags around the purple eyes.

She hasn’t been able to sleep lately, and her condition has become indescribably messed up.

After her declaration of no-marriage, she did not have time to properly focus on her family’s backsiding and family affairs.

In the meantime, her business was still going well. She even donated to single mother charities and orphanages and made sure she gave a hand in helping them.


The loud sound of pulling out something.

As she turned her head, she saw the back of a very busy woman standing near the closet.

Her most beloved maid, Carla.

Carla, who tied her long blonde hair low, asked in an impatient voice as she pulled out several dresses.

“Lady, what dress do you want to wear?”

“Just take out anything.”

Last night, she couldn’t sleep for hours, so her voice was soaked in fatigue.

As Annie covered her mouth with one hand and yawned again, Carla said.

“Come on. Come on, get up.”

Annie rubbed her tired eyes with the back of her hand and raised her body to stand in front of the full-length mirror.

‘It’s so stupid.’

She doesn’t like her face with fatigue. Frowning, Annie tapped her hand on her cheek a few times.

Still, her tiredness had not gone away, so she rubbed her sleepy eyes again under the back of her hand.

Is it because you are older? As the year goes by, her chronic fatigue grows more and it gets worse.

“Does this suit you? No, wouldn’t it be better to have lace?”

Carla asked aggressively, looking at her master’s evening dress over a gorgeous red or black dress.

The dress she chose was unconventional, not only in color but also in design. It seems like her shoulders and chest lines are clearly visible.

Annie, who usually wears a plain, monochromatic dress, could not hide her embarrassment.

I’m not going to show it today, so what’s the uproar?

“Carla. You can just bring my usual dress.”

“Oh, My Lady! What are you talking about? Today is your first time going out.”

“The first time?”

“After the declaration of non-marriage. So please, please do me a favor.”

As Carla expressed her strong determination, she tightened her hand on the dress. On the back of her white hands, blue tendons that do not match with her fragile appearance were entangled like spider webs.

It was obvious that everyone would glance at Annie and gossip, so she couldn’t stay still.

As a maid who cared for Annie like a sister, Carla didn’t want to make a mess.

Annie laughed embarrassingly at Carla’s infectious energy, something that she would never take for granted.

Annie had a lot of time to spare anyway, but she also didn’t want to disappoint the maid who cared for her.

It wasn’t that bad.

Well, if she wore new clothes, there was a possibility that it could change her mood.

“Okay. I’d like a dress that suits me best.”


Carla looked up to Annie, just like a docile maid would look to her master. At first glance, Annie’s features may look ordinary, but her eyes are more beautiful than amethyst.

She would say, ‘I get why My Lady’s eyes are purple. It’s God’s grace!’

Whenever she said something like that, Her Lady would block her ears and tell her to stop, but Carla didn’t stop.

Since Carla was a child, she has cherished Annie sincerely.

The clothes selected by the excited Carla revealed a bit of her creamy, silky chest, along with a lacy finish.

She felt a bit awkward, so Annie rubbed her chest with her hands.

“Isn’t it a little weird?”

“Hoohoo, it’s just pretty. I’m just worried about the guys who are going to fall in love with you.”

“Carla, are you sick?”

Carla gently brushed Annie’s hair with a wooden comb. A hum came out of her mouth.

The master who didn’t follow fashion knew what hair suited her the best. She always insisted on short hair, and Carla loved grooming it.

Before long, after finishing her master’s grooming, Carla grabbed Annie’s straight shoulders.

Carla flashed a bright smile in the full-length mirror at Annie’s clean, shiny appearance.

“Well, how is it?”

“Well, as expected, our maid is the best. The competent maid of Harknon will also fold a hand in front of our Carla.”

“Eh. She’s a maid, and she’s even the Vice Deputy of the Imperial Elite Knights.”

“There’s nothing I can’t do. I’ll give you some time to think. If you want, you can start learning swordsmanship tomorrow.”

“Oh my. My Lady, were you joking?”

Clap clap.

Annie’s low spirits suddenly shot up as Carla smacked her back.

She mumbled, saying she didn’t need to learn swordsmanship.

“Somehow, after giving birth to your second child, you’re smacking has gotten worse.”

Carla, who ignored Annie’s muttering, grabbed her hands tightly as her eyes glistened.

“My Lady, promise me.”

“Don’t reject those who come to you. Even if you don’t like them, give them a chance and meet them again?”


“Hah… Carla. I told you. I have no intention of being in an arranged marriage. Everyone is going to the Imperial Palace today for family affairs.”

“But you don’t know about people.”

“Okay, okay.”

“You’re giving me another dry answer.”

Annie laughed bitterly when Carla pretended to be really upset.

Annie gently covered her hand on the back of Carla’s hand.

“Yes. Anyone but the terrifying tyrant. I will consider the things you just said.”

Annie said playfully.

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