Chapter 4 (Come Here, Tyrant)

Indeed, he was an exceptionally beautiful man, as if he was not human.

But the inside was a problem.

From the moment Ejed appeared, the terrified faces of the people around him were clearly visible from a distance.

The fact that Ejed frowned angrily every time he saw people was not the face of a good king.

She, who usually opposed the tyrant’s ghost story, completely solidified her negative thoughts that day.

His eyes were so full of life, enough to cut down a million troops. Yet for one reason or another, Annie stopped paying attention to him.

He was not a man to be confronted with anyway and the Dsev County was not very large.

Ejed also rarely set foot in social gathering.

Even though he attended a birthday banquet or a big event every season, they never met eyes once.

In summary, in many ways, Annie was a little uncomfortable with Ejed as a leader.

‘Well, I did recently see the imperial family…’

Not long ago, something unpleasant happened at the Art Museum.

She accidentally ran into Lord Girkan, one of the men who had met before her declaration of non-marriage.

Lord Girkan had been talking to her persistently, hoping to take her out of the hall and spend time alone. At first she refused, but as she continued, he raised his voice without manners and criticized her.

Oh, what an annoying man.

Eventually, Annie was forced to go out with him to a deserted place. It was also a situation that could not be ignored because Girkan and Dsev had long exchanges.

But then, a piece of art was stolen from the museum. At that time, there were only two people who were away, so Annie naturally climbed on the list.

While Annie claimed she was innocent, both of them were on the list of suspects, and because they had a good relationship, they could not give a proper alibi.

When she thought about it, she felt dizzy and a cold sweat trickled down her back.

Luckily, the next day, the Porcaus Magic Team and the Imperial Elite Knights were urgently dispatched, which was fortunate because if she did something wrong, she would almost get caught.

In less than a day, the Porcause Imperial Elite Knights and the Magic Investigation Team revealed that the case was the cause of a great thief.

Again, the outstanding elites were different.

‘If it hadn’t been for the help of the imperial family… it would have been painful to be under investigation for a few days or more.’

Since such an unfortunate thing happened at the Art Museum, which displayed works from various empires, it was not an easy investigation to end.

In many ways, the unfortunate days had continued.

Annie then felt grateful to Ejed for the first time. The sovereign’s ability was also national strength.


‘Are we at the Imperial Palace already?’

As the carriage stopped, Annie stared at the Imperial Palace through the window.

On the Imperial Palace was the silver shield insignia that shone in the sun, symbolizing the Porcaus Empire

Under the clear, cloudless sky, the castle looked calm and beautiful, as if it were a graceful queen’s castle rather than a tyrant’s residence.

Annie narrowed her eyes.

‘Every time I come, the size of the palace grows.’

After all, it seemed to be true that the size of the country had increased.

After getting off the carriage, Annie and Carla immediately reached the tax office.

The two people, who were in a long standing line, chatted for a while.

“Carla, since we have reached the capital, can we stop by there for a minute?”


Annie nodded her head to Carla, who immediately understood without her detailed explanation.

Lidure was a famous macaron bakery from other countries.

They opened a branch in the capital of Porcaus after she said to herself ‘If I can’t go to Harknon, I want to try Lidure macarons, but…”

Annie recalled Carla’s children. Now, her angelic children who loved to wander around liked sweet gifts the most.

“Let’s buy some for the kids too.”

“Thank you, My Lady!”

Carla liked the idea, clapping her hands. She looked at her with a satisfied smile, but someone came up without notice.