The purple skirt flashed in and out. Lu Fei didn’t know what would happen. Some unforgettable people and things disappear out of thin air in the future, like a cloud of smoke, dissipating in the wind at will. The summer wind always has a sweet and lazy taste.

He and her only had a brief exchange in business. The most funny thing is that once, because Lu Fei wanted to hide passers-by eavesdropping, she pretended that she couldn’t understand English around her. As a result, a voice was sent, and all the replies received afterwards, no matter if she was in Chinese or English, the answers were all in English. The other party decided that it would never be convenient for her.

Lu Fei didn’t understand the other party’s temperament, only that he was not taller than himself. The thick lips, I don’t know if it is because of nervousness, or because they are not good at speech. Every time they speak, they will be slightly deformed, and the tone is also intermittent. But Lu Fei had heard personally that he held a telephone conference with his subordinates and arranged his troops in an orderly manner. It’s not like a person who thinks confused and doesn’t follow the meaning of the foreword.

I used to sit on the opposite table to eat a fish. The softness of the fish meat is a test of chopsticks skills, two nervous people face to face to use chopsticks, the strength is always bad. He thoughtfully took the initiative to prepare the vegetables, and he had to lose half each time, but he persisted and had to leave the embarrassment to himself.

Tension, unspeakable tension. Probably the main emotion of these two people from beginning to end. It should not be considered self-abuse and abuse. He is extremely relaxed in front of you. Looking around and looking at him, it always makes people feel that his mind is half here and half there. Only nervousness can make that focus fully manifest.

Lu Fei talked about these things, more than ten years later. She will still tighten her body slightly. The sense of cramping regained the cranial nerves. The tension at this moment, like a fish hook of memory, immediately re-fished the past.

Lu Fei never understood why some people and things that he didn’t want to forget would disappear out of thin air after many years. It was as if he and she no longer existed at the time.

Food has a shelf life.

Feelings have a shelf life.

Lovers, there is a shelf life.

Time itself is the shelf life.

Reluctant to eat, reluctant to use, is just waiting for the expiration date!