Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan

Modern Toilet-The Best and Strangest Restaurant That You Have To Try. written by: AhmedAbe Taipei is a magical city.It is a admired around the world and is truly a global city.You can find all sorts of people here.You can also find all sorts of restaurants and takeaways to cater for them.Food is an integral part of the city.However, if there’s one restaurant that you must try out, it has to be “Modern Toilet”.The design of the restaurant it totally unique and you probably have already guessed the design of the restaurant. For those of you who haven’t guessed the design(by some miracle), the design is that of a toilet.The restaurant already gets an 11/10 for creativity from me.

The restaurant has a wide range of foods, from Pepper Chicken to Seafood with Cream Sauce Au Gradin. I chose the Green Curry with Chicken.Now the chairs of the tables are actually toilet shaped and you can open them to see the inside of a toilet.Although, I doubt the staff and other restaurant goers will be okay with you actually emptying your bowels.When the food arrived, they were in their own special plates and holders.They once again came toilet-shaped.It was actually quite fun eating off them and will be hilarious with friends. The food itself was quite delicious.The food arrived in decent time and was of not too hot. The chicken was cooked evenly and tasted great. The curry was spicy and I enjoyed it.Its green color was slightly off-putting I have to admit. I ordered a normal Coke to go down with the food. The soft drinks in Taiwan as a whole tend to be richer in taste than soft drinks in the West, especially if you are used to British Coke.British Coke is like flavored water and nothing special. After my main meal, I had two cheeky scoops of chocolate Ice Cream. The Ice Cream came in a squat-shaped toilet glass.For those of you that are used to sitting toilets, squat toilets are basically toilets in which you squat instead of sit. Surprisingly it did not put me off my Ice Cream but then again nothing puts me of chocolate ice cream. Written by: Jingyi Jian.

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