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Seoyul’s – 7 Days of Lovers

서율 님의 <7일의 연인>

After witnessing live affairs of ex-boyfriend who is about to get married

Miho spends an impulsive night with a stranger .

“It makes me unable to do anything else like thinking .”

A kiss that is gentle and passionate

The dizzying pleasure that makes your head white .

In the moment of joy I feel for the first time in my life

Miho could forget the sadness for a moment .

I thought it was a relationship that would end with a deviation .

But after some time ,

She reunited with the man of the day in an unexpected place .

” Say hello , this byeon . From today, he will be appointed as the case client , HM Entertainment CEO Ha-min Song .”

“ … … !”

When I met someone who played with fire overnight as a client

Unlike Miho who is gritty ,

The man approaches her with a suspicious attitude … … .

“A week . Meet personally for just one week .

And if I don’t win your heart , I promise to back off .”

The validity period is only 7 days !

The dizzying love story of two men and women that will unfold for a week .

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