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002: Song Ziming is as good as a mountain for her

Song Xianyu woke up the next day with a dull pain in her left face.

Seeing the more red and swollen side of her face in the mirror, her eyes were calm, she put on a light makeup after washing her face, and covered the red and swollen parts with concealer.

Downstairs, Yang Zhen was sitting in the dining room having breakfast. Song Xianyu greeted her without raising her eyelids.

Song Xianyu bent her lips, went directly to the hallway to change her shoes, and went to work, while Satsuma followed her and shook her tail for a while.

It was summer vacation, and she worked as a part-time waiter in Time Allure.

Today it was her turn to go to morning work and leave work at three o’clock. Xue Kang did not come to stop her. He was about to go to the subway station. A motorcycle stopped in front of her. Wang Jinyi took off his helmet and handed it to her. You go home.”

Song Xianyu held his helmet and didn’t move, “Why are you here? The finals are about to start, training is not busy?”

“Busy and without delay to send you home, come up quickly.”

Song Xianyu is shallow. With a smile, he put on his helmet and raised his leg to step on the motorcycle, holding Wang Jinyi’s waist with both hands.

The two had just left when a black Mushang stopped at the position where Song Xianyu stood before.

Shao Yun lowered the car window, stared at the distant shadow for a moment, and dialed a number with his mobile phone.

“I’m a step late, and the person was picked up, not Xue Kang, but like her friend.”

Ji Linyuan gave a faint “Um” cry, without a trace of emotion.

Shao Yun is Ji Linyuan’s assistant and knew him in junior high school. This is the first time that Ji Linyuan has asked him to pick up a girl in 20 years.

It’s just that this concern is because of men’s interest in women, or… because of that person?

Thinking of this, Shao Yun put down his phone, lit a cigarette, and squinted in the direction where Song Xianyu disappeared.

Seventeen years later, Ji Linyuan is still caring about it.

The afternoon sun was extremely venomous, and Song Xianyu sweated all the way down.

Wang Jinyi parked the motorcycle outside the gate of Song’s villa, and Song Xianyu got out of the car and took his helmet back to him.

Wang Jinyi took it and said, “I have a player who is stuck in Xingyao, and I have negotiated to help him become the king of 1,000 yuan. I will give you his account and password in WeChat in a moment.”

Helping others to promote the game is Song One of the economic sources of Xianyu.

Song Xianyu smiled gratefully: “Thank you.”

Wang Jinyi : “Be polite with me, I have something to do, let’s go first.”

“Ride slowly on the road.”

“That’s why you rejected Xue Shao?” Song Xian The fish watched Wang Jinyi riding away on a motorcycle. When she turned around, Yang Zhen stood behind her and looked at her sarcastically, “A wild species is a wild species, and this vision is so pitiful. You can also be a person who only knows how to play games all day long. Qiaode on. “

Song Xian fish displeasure, Wang Jin Yi is her friend, all these years to help her a lot,” said the man behind no right and wrong, is the most basic conservation. “

was despise their own wild child said no virtue, Young Jane wanted to have an attack immediately, but she remembered something, she gritted her teeth and endured it, “I explained to Xue Shao for what happened last night. If you take the initiative to admit a mistake to him, he can forget it.”

Song Xian Yu’s expression was indifferent, “I didn’t do anything wrong, why should I admit that I was wrong?”

Yang Zhen saw her not getting in, her eyes burst into flames, “Why did Ziming go on a business trip? Didn’t Erfang give him the messenger? Tie up, put him in charge of the project gone wrong, calling him the person in charge of the company had lost his seat, and Xue marriage, but also to consolidate the child out of position in the company. ” “

this is your son owe Obviously, don’t forget who picked you back to save your life, and who treated you more intimately than your biological daughter all these years!”

Song Xianyu’s expression was startled.

Song Ziming is so kind to her.

Yang Zhen saw Song Xianyu’s subtle expression changes in her eyes, and a glint flashed across her eyes, “It’s for Ziming, you and Xue Shao admit a mistake, ask him out to play, coax him well, he likes it. You will treat you well in the future, not to mention that his family looks good, and you can’t be wronged.”

Song Xianyu’s face turned pale, “If you want to help Dad, it’s not just marriage.”

Yang Zhen raised her eyebrows, “You hit Decided to fight against me?”

Song Xianyu: “It’s hard for you to be strong.”

” Okay ! You are so good, you will be proud of Ziming being driven out of Huatai in the future!” Yang Zhen stared at Song Xianyu bitterly. , Turned around and entered the entrance door, slamming the door loudly.

Song Xianyu had been standing under the sun. At this time, she could not feel the heat, but felt a gust of wind blowing, making her whole body cold.

After a long time, she took a slow and deep breath, walked to the entrance door, took out the key to open the door, but found that the door was locked.

Song Xianyu was taken aback.

After a while, she curled her lips and smiled faintly. She put the key back in her bag, turned and sat on the steps, took out her mobile phone and opened it. The game account and password sent by Wang Jinyi are in WeChat.

No matter what the situation is, always continue to live.

The weather in summer has always turned my face faster than a book. The sky was clear at the first moment, and the next second it could rain heavily.

The sky was getting darker, and Song Xianyu hid under the eaves of the corridor to avoid the rain. The wind mixed with rain kept blowing on her. She glanced at the closed entrance door and lost her interest in playing games. She folded her arms against the root of the wall. He squatted, his face buried deep into his arms, and his figure became thinner and thinner.

The phone rang suddenly.

Song Xianyu answered.

“Xiaoyu…” Xiao Ai’s sweet voice came from the phone, “Are you still asleep? Brother Siyuan is drinking in Time Allure, you accompany me to chant.”

She seemed to be afraid that Song Xianyu would refuse. Before she could say anything, Xiao Ai said again: “You know that my mother controls me strictly, not letting me go to those entertainment places, and let some cousins in the family look at me. My cousin will be there in the evening, he will tell my mother, you accompany me, then I will say that you want to go to Time Allure, beg me to take you there, okay?”

Xiao Ai said, starting a fake Cried, “I haven’t seen Brother Siyuan for several days. I think he wants to lose weight, Xiaoyu…”

Song Xianyu looked at the closed door and said in a low voice, “It’s raining, it’s not convenient for me to go out.” . “

“! I’ll pick you ah, “Xiao Aili engraved jumped up:”. When I have you coming home, “

Song Xian fish:” …… “this is well prepared.

Ten minutes later, two bunches of car lights illuminated a cluster of camellia at the entrance of the villa. Song Xianyu did not have an umbrella, so he raised his shoulder bag and rushed into the rain.

The street light was dim, and when she saw her coming, Xiao Ai hurriedly opened the door, and when she got in the car, she handed her a dry towel, “Why don’t you hold an umbrella? You will catch a cold like this, Uncle Wang, turn the temperature higher.”

Song Xian The fish was soaked, and the air-conditioning in the car made her shudder. When she heard Xiao Ai’s words, her heart was slightly warm, and she took the towel and wiped the water off her body, jokingly: “Afraid of delaying your time, you are a little thinner. “

Xiao Ai blushed, gave her a look, and told the driver to go to Time Allure.

This is the real second chapter. The chapter in the previous announcement has been deleted. The little cuties need to read it again. The first chapter has also been revised. The editor said it is much better than the previous chapter. The little cuties look back. Look, the general plot has not changed, but the specific plot has changed.

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