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003: Temperature increase point

It’s a half-hour drive from Song’s home to Time Allure. In summer, she was thinly dressed. When Time Allure came, Song Xianyu’s clothes were basically dry.

The waiter helped them open the box door. There were a lot of people in the box. The first thing Song Xianyu saw was Ji Linyuan sitting on the sofa.

She was taken aback for a moment.

The man wears a dark gray shirt with tight buttons and a black tie under his throat. The steadiness reveals the attractiveness of a mature male. The overlapping legs are slender, while flicking cigarette ash while clinking glasses with the person beside him, it is about The light above his head was too bright, and he was as eye-catching as if he had been hit by a chasing light.

As if feeling something, Ji Linyuan turned his head and looked around. Song Xianyu’s face was inexplicably hot and he lowered his head hurriedly.

Xiao Ai took her arm and walked in.

Song Xianyu has excellent facial features, a slim figure, charming and clean, like a clear spring hidden in the mountains. When he appeared, it caused a small commotion.

“Xiao Ai, is this your friend?” someone asked.

“My roommate Song Xianyu, my studies are doing well. I was the first in the department every time I took the exam. I got a scholarship and published papers in the newspaper.” Xiao Ai praised Xianyu as if she praised herself. Then I did not forget to play Song Xianyu’s shield function: “She wants to come here to play, I came with her.”

“With such an excellent classmate, you have to learn from others, don’t always worry about auntie.” Xiao Ai’s cousin The voice is severe.

Xiao Ai smiled happily: “Of course, Xiaoyu is my role model.”

Song Xianyu smiled slightly and sat quietly beside Xiao Ai.

About the air-conditioning in the box was too heavy, she felt a little cold, and clasped her arms tightly.

Immediately, she heard Ji Linyuan’s magnetic voice sound, saying to the waiter, “Turn up the temperature.”

Song Xianyu’s eyes flickered, and she put down her arms, she didn’t want to be passionate, but Ji Linyuan said this too coincidentally…

quietly raised his eyes to look at him, there was no special expression on his face, he was lighting up cigarettes and tilting his head to listen to the side. Compared with the smiling faces of others, he looked restrained and dull.

His head was a little groggy, and Song Xian fished into the sofa.

Xiao Ai chatted with others happily. When the scene was over, she remembered Song Xianyu. When she turned around, she found that she was asleep. He reached out and pushed her: “Xiaoyu,

let’s go.” The touch was hot, and Xiao Ai was startled: “You have a fever! “


box lounge.

“The patient has caught a cold, and there is nothing serious about it, just use some anti-fever medicine.” When the doctor said this, there was sweat on his forehead.

Ji Linyuan’s aura is strong, making him feel empty.

He has worked in the Time Allure Infirmary for more than ten years. He knows the VINCI group boss and has heard many rumors about him. Cold temper and cruelty are synonymous with him. In order to consolidate his real power, even his brothers cannot tolerate people. .

“Should I go to the infirmary to dispense some medicine?” the doctor asked tentatively.

Ji Linyuan nodded.

If the doctor received a pardon, he turned around and left. After the medicine was dispensed, the nurse came up and put it on Song Xianyu.

Song Xianyu was caught in the rain, the makeup on her face was gone, and the whip marks were exposed. Because of the fever, her cheeks were flushed, and the porcelain-white skin became more and more translucent.

She slept very restlessly, seemed to have a bad dream, her eyebrows were frowned, and her long eyelashes were trembling constantly.

Ji Linyuan sat down on the bed, looked at her with a deep gaze, stretched out his hand and patted Song Xianyu’s abdomen, like an adult coaxing a child to sleep.

Song Xianyu’s eyebrows gradually unfolded.

Xiao Ai watched this scene, so surprised that his chin almost fell.

Song Xianyu woke up, it was the next morning.

The storm has ceased, and the sun shines on the earth early.

“You are awake.” A female voice sounded.

Song Xianyu sat up and looked over, and saw a woman who was well dressed and professionally dressed. She was in her thirties. She was not pretty in appearance, but she had a very outstanding temperament.

“My name is Lin Yujing, Lin Yuan’s secretary. He has an important meeting in the morning. He asked me to take you home. You wash up first, and I will wait for you outside.”

After that, Lin Yujing took the door and went out.

Song Xianyu did not get out of bed immediately.

Last night, she was burnt and confused and had many dreams. Later, one hand patted her with a strange power, which made her feel at ease and reliable.

It was Ji Linyuan, she regained consciousness for a while, and heard his voice telling Xiao Ai to go back to rest.

When going out, Lin Yujing handed over a breakfast, “You have burned all night, and you definitely don’t have any appetite. I bought you a bowl of light porridge. Let’s have some.”

Song Xianyu took it, “Thank you, Secretary Lin.

” You’re welcome.” Lin Yujing smiled gently, and took Song Xianyu to sit down on the sofa, “I am the same age as Linyuan and a dozen years older than you. Just call me Sister Lin, so kind.”

Song Xian Yu was kind and good, and smiled and shouted “Sister Lin”, with the signature pear vortex at the corner of his mouth.

Lin Yujing stunned when she looked at Li Wu at the corner of her mouth, and quickly concealed it, and reached out and picked up the pharmacy bag on the table, “This is the swelling cream that Lin Yuan asked me to buy for you. How did you get this face? It’s swollen like this.”

Song Xianyu touched his left cheek and smirked, “I accidentally fell and knocked on the steps.”

“Be careful in the future. Such a tender face has hurt a lot. It’s a pity.” Lin Yujing looked at her face with regret, and then said: “By the way, I don’t know your name yet.”

“Song Xianyu.”

Lin Yujing was visibly stunned when she heard her name, and a complex emotion flashed across her eyes, “Your name is Song Xianyu? Is Linyuan Xianyu’s Xianyu?”

Song Xianyu thought Lin Yujing’s reaction was a little strange.” Um, what’s the matter?”

Lin Yujing laughed, “Nothing.” After a pause, she said: “The name is very nice.”

Her tone was obviously more cordial and relaxed and cheerful, Song Xianyu noticed it, and noticed it too. There was something in this Secretary Lin’s words, some of which were unclear, but he didn’t ask much.

On the way Lin Yujing drove Song Xianyu back, Song Xianyu received a call from Xiao Ai. Xiao Ai kept apologizing. Song Xianyu didn’t think there was anything. Even if it wasn’t raining, she blew it for so long last night. Cold wind also catches a cold.

When Song Xianyu hung up, Lin Yujing asked Song Xianyu casually, “How long have you known Linyuan?”

Song Xianyu noticed from the beginning that Secretary Lin was very intimate with Ji Linyuan. Knowing why, she was a little pierced in her heart, she lowered her eyelashes and pressed down the strange feeling, and truthfully replied: “I just met.”

“Really?” Lin Yujing said while turning to the pan: “He treats you. It’s not bad. I grew up with him and never saw him caring about me.”

This is a bit of a taste in it.

Childhood sweetheart? Song Xianyu slowly rubbed his right thumb on the back of his left hand, smiling with her lips in her arms, and did not answer.

There are a lot of foreshadowings in this chapter. Obviously, what this Secretary Lin knows

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