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004: There must be a dragon and a phoenix

Song Xianyu still stopped the car at the gate of the villa area. She stood on the side of the road and waited for Lin Yujing to drive away before turning back into the gate of the villa area and heading in the direction of Song’s house.

The entrance door was no longer locked. As soon as Song Xianyu entered the entrance, he heard Yang Zhen’s beaming voice.

“At first I saw that I like garlic open back shrimp and sweet and sour short ribs. These two dishes have to be cooked well, and Ziming likes to drink wine. Don’t forget to warm it up. He has a bad stomach, and it hurts his stomach when drinking cold… …” The

happy voice stopped abruptly the moment he saw Song Xianyu.

A layer of frost attached to Yang Zhen’s eyes, picked up the brand-name bag on the sofa, and said to the servant: “I’ll pick them up first, you guys prepare lunch.”

Then she didn’t even look at Song Xianyu. go with.

Song Xianyu gave way to the side, not caring about Yang Zhen’s indifferent attitude, a trace of joy filled his heart, and his father was going home.

She went back to the room and took a shower, changed her clothes, dried her hair and planned to put on makeup. Seeing the still red and swollen welts in the mirror, she remembered the swelling cream Lin Yujing gave her.

Song Xianyu pulled out the anti-swelling cream from her bag, applied some on her face, and then began to make-up. After ten minutes, her face became white and flawless.

She twisted the long hair with her shoulders into a ball head, stretched out her hand to fix it with the U-shaped hairpin, her eyes touched the swelling cream, and the movement in her hand stopped.

Why is Ji Linyuan so good to her?

Song Xianyu looked at her bright-eyed herself in the mirror. Was this skin fascinating him?

Soon she denied this conjecture again. Ji Linyuan looked at her with clean and serious eyes. There was no man’s interest in women.

Song Xianyu couldn’t figure it out, so she simply didn’t want to charge it up, and picked up half of the English version of “Pride and Prejudice” from her desk.

After eleven o’clock, Song Ziming’s voice came from downstairs.

Song Xianyu immediately closed the book and went downstairs. Apart from Yang Zhen and Song Ziming, there was also a twenty-four-year-old young woman downstairs. She was the real daughter of the Song family. See you at the beginning of Song Dynasty.

Yang Zhen surrounded the beginning of Song Dynasty to see Xiu Han and asked warmly, the smile in her eyes almost overflowed.

“Dad, sister, are you back?” Song Xianyu greeted politely.

The smile at the corner of Yang Zhen’s mouth faded, and the original warm atmosphere faded.

Song Chuan smiled when he saw Song Xianyu, “I heard you got a part-time job, but didn’t you go to work today?”

Song Xianyu said: “Today evening shift, we will be over at three o’clock in the afternoon.”

Song Chuan smiled faintly when he saw it, and said nothing. .

When Song Ziming saw Song Xianyu, his eyes were full of kindness, “Why are you thin?”

Song Xianyu stood in front of him with her hands behind her, revealing the little girl’s heart, like a joke and coquettishly: “Dad is not at home, thinking Dad thought.”

“Haha, you kid.” Song Ziming smiled heartily, raised his hand to touch the tip of the little daughter’s nose, suddenly realized that her daughter had grown up, and took her hand back halfway, “Let’s eat, it’s almost twelve o’clock. Everyone is hungry.” At the

dinner table.

Yang Zhen would pour wine for Song Ziming, and then see some vegetables in the beginning of Song Dynasty. The family was happy, and Song Xianyu sat quietly to the side, looking a little out of place.

Song Ziming saw it and gave her a small row. His words were gentle and distressed, “Eat more and see if you are thin.”

Song Xianyu bit his chopsticks and smiled, her nose slightly sour.

“Thank you, Dad.” Song Ziming’s father’s love is the sunshine she greedy.

A dark color flashed across Yang Zhen’s eyes, and immediately raised a smile, and pushed a plate of pork liver with onion to Song Xianyu, “Eat more pork liver, I specially asked Sister Wang to make it for you, to replenish blood, look at your face There was no blood in the last, and when someone saw it, they thought I was treating you harshly to keep you from getting full.”

In front of Song Ziming, Yang Zhen has always been virtuous and kind.

Song Xianyu clamped a piece of pig liver and stuffed it into her mouth, and said calmly with her eyelashes hanging down: “Thank you mom.”

Seeing Yang Zhen so virtuous, Song Ziming saw a touch of relief in his eyes.

After eating.

Song Ziming out of the trunk dress two loaded boxes, “This is a father’s clothing business partners to send, just seventy After a few days your grandmother’s birthday, that time you wear this.”

Two The dresses are similar in styles, different colors, and exquisite workmanship, which is very valuable.

“Give me the champagne color, the rose red is too gorgeous.” Song Chujian directly took his favorite, and then asked: “Will the Zhou family come by then?”

Song Ziming: “Naturally.”

Song Chujian didn’t know what he thought of. The smile at the corner of his mouth suddenly became shy.

Song Xianyu sat aside with her rose red dress, and Song Ziming handed over a bank card to each of her two daughters. “This is your pocket money this month, one hundred thousand per person. It’s not enough to tell Dad.”

To her daughter, Song Ziming has always been generous.

Song Chu happily took it over, “Thank you Dad.”

Song Xianyu also took it and thanked him, but he was not as happy as Song Chu saw it.

“That’s right.” Song Ziming thought of something, and said: “This time there was a problem with the project in Chongqing, and the capital chain was short. Fortunately, I met Mr. Ji there three days ago. He was very optimistic about my project and invested. Only after a sum of money was invested, I was saved from danger. Tomorrow night I plan to invite him to have a meal, and you will also go together.”

Song Xianyu was taken aback and looked up at Song Ziming.

Song Chu saw the question she wanted to ask, “Mr Ji? The one from VINCI Group?”

Song Ziming nodded.

“Dad, did you make an appointment with him?” Song Chuan was a little surprised. Although the Song family’s Huatai International is not small, it is far from the VINCI Group. Song Ziming’s status in the business world is far less than that of VICIN. It is not easy to ask him to date.

Sure enough, Song Ziming shook his head, “No, I made an invitation. They said that there is no time, but I have already found out that tomorrow night he will be socializing in the Beijing Hotel. Then our family will go to have dinner and have a chance encounter. He will help. I have to thank you for being so busy.”

Song Xianyu lowered his head and listened quietly, with some fine hair scattered on the white ears, soft and delicate.

Yang Zhen saw Song Xianyu’s charming fox, her lips were smiling, but her eyes were very sharp.

… During the

lunch break, Song Xianyu was sleeping in a daze, and suddenly keenly aware of someone in the room, she woke up all of a sudden.

Yang Zhen stood in front of the desk, pinching the rose-red dress with two fingers, and the smile on her lips was extremely ironic, “You are also worthy of this vulgar thing.”

She threw the dress on the ground like trash, and then took it. Picking up the bank card on the table, he shook Song Xianyu, and made no secret of the lofty gesture of almsgiver, “I have said long ago that you are not qualified to spend a penny with this family. Benevolence is the end of righteousness.”

After saying that, Yang Zhen trampled on her dress like an ant, and left with her chin.

Song Xianyu’s hands holding the quilt loosened tightly, tightly and loosely. She got out of bed and picked up the dress, patted the ashes on it, the back of the hand holding the dress was raised and white, her beautiful eyes were quiet and dark, but her tone was quiet. Very calm: “Don’t bully the young and poor, there must be a day of dragons and phoenixes, Mom, thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi, it is better to leave yourself leeway in life and work.”

Yang Zhen just walked to the door and heard this. Angrily smiled, “Wait for you someday to become yellow, come and say this to me again, I think, I will never think about it in this life!”

Ning bullying the white beard, don’t bully the young poor, there must be a dragon and a phoenix in the end. Long pants wear.

This is a Cantonese idiom, the whole sentence is cumbersome to use here, so Yao cut off the head and tail, and deleted the unimportant ones.

Did Uncle Ji really take a fancy to Song Ziming’s project?

Mou Yao’s question mark face.

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