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005: It would be nice to have a boyfriend like him

Song Xianyu folded her dress and put it back in the box, leaning on the window curtain and looking at the distant sky, her eyes were empty, she was slim, thinner by the light and shadow outside the window.

At two o’clock, the phone alarm rang on time.

Song Xianyu returned to his senses, went to the bathroom to wash briefly, touched up her makeup, changed clothes for going out, and went downstairs with her satchel.

Just when Song Ziming came out of the room and saw her about to go out, his brows frowned slightly: “Go to work?”

Song Xianyu’s eyes were bright , and his smile revealed the child’s instincts, “Well.”

“Dad didn’t give you pocket money? Go to be a waiter How hard it is, if the money is not enough, dad will give it to you.” Song Ziming has not always agreed with Song Xianyu to go out to work part-time, especially in the service industry. It depends on the face of the person, he can’t bear it.

“The pocket money you gave is enough. I didn’t go out to work part-time to make money. I just want to feel the hardship of making money. After these days of experience, I found that money is really hard to make. Dad, you must be very hard.” My

daughter was sensible. Song Ziming felt relieved for a while, he knew that this little daughter was relatively stubborn, and the things decided would not change easily, and he didn’t stop it.

Moreover, Time Allure is a more formal place for entertainment and entertainment, so there is no need to worry that Song Xianyu will suffer.

“If anything goes wrong, go home, don’t let yourself be wronged, know?”

Song Xianyu smiled warmly: “I know, I’ll go first, and see you dad.”

“Let the driver see you off.” Song Ziming said again. .

“No, it’s still early. I can take the subway for a while. I can exercise right now.” After that, Song Xianyu had changed his shoes. Before Song Ziming could speak again, he opened the door and ran away.

Song Ziming sighed slightly as he watched that charming figure disappear into the courtyard.

Song Xianyu was very alienated from everything in this house, and never used anything in this house unless necessary, and always acted like an observant guest.

Back in the bedroom, Yang Zhen woke up and was about to get out of bed. Seeing him coming in, she asked softly: “Are you going to sleep?”

Satsuma stuck out his tongue and wagged his tail, and followed in at the feet of the host.

Song Ziming stared at his wife’s gentle face for a moment, and said, “I just saw Xiaoyu. She has to go out part-time to make money and not let the driver at home send it. Xiaozhen, usually you give her a little more care.

My heart is closed too tightly.” “I have worked very hard, but…” Yang Zhen rubbed Song Ziming’s shoulders, and then stopped for a moment, and said: “You also know that the year she was abandoned on the street has already passed. At the age of seven, I can remember things. That incident hit her a lot, and it will affect her integration into this family. Maybe, she was afraid of being abandoned again in her heart, so she didn’t dare to get too close to us.”

Song Ziming I lit a cigarette, and the smoke blurred his expression.

The day when Song Xianyu was picked up, it was the twelfth month of winter. The seven-year-old girl was dressed very thinly, her hands, feet, and face were frozen, shivering and shrank in the garbage dump in the alley, her immature eyes full of Desperate, at that time, a man in his 30s couldn’t help crying in distress.

“Okay, don’t think about it, I will treat her better in the future and make her happy.” Yang Zhen said empathetically.

Song Ziming returned to his senses and patted his wife’s hand, “Thanks for your hard work.”

The villa area where the Song family is located is well-known in the capital. Generally, people who live here have cars in and out, but the bus and subway are not connected here. It takes 20 minutes to walk to the subway station.

The sun above her head was very strong. Soon after Song Xianyu walked away, a thin layer of sweat appeared on the tip of her nose, and her sweat-soaked skin became more hydrated. She was wearing a cotton T-shirt and denim shorts. Her bare arms and legs were smooth and graceful, thin and straight .

She raised her hand to shade her forehead, looking a little squeamish, but in the eyes of a man, it was particularly pleasing to the eye.

“Isn’t that Miss Song?” Shao Yun and Ji Linyuan came to work nearby. When they went back, Ji Linyuan closed his eyes and calmed down. Shao Yun reminded him when he saw Song Xianyu.

The next moment, Ji Linyuan opened his eyes and looked over.

Shao Yun took the initiative to slow down the car and approached Song Xianyu, “Ms. Song, where is this going? I’ll take you a ride.”

Song Xianyu heard the voice and turned his head, recognizing that it was the driver who was driving when Ji Linyuan was driving her that night.

He couldn’t help but look into the car, without any surprise at Lin Yuan’s deep eyes last season.

“I followed Mr. Ji to work nearby, and I am preparing to go to Time Allure. Where is Miss Song going? Maybe she will be on the way.”

Shao Yun knows that Song Xianyu works in Time Allure, and he also knows the work system of Time Allure’s employees. Now it is about to change shifts. Point, Song Xianyu hurriedly hurried under the sun, it was not difficult to guess that she was going to work.

Seeing Song Xianyu hesitated, Shao Yun got out of the car and helped her open the back door, “Get in the car, there are no cars here, it’s hot.”

She was a bit hypocritical if she did this for this reason, let alone this. It is really hot.

Moreover, Ji Linyuan took care of her for so long last night, and she hasn’t thanked her face to face.

Song Xianyu stooped into the car, and the air-conditioning in the car instantly drove the heat wave around her.

The car has a small space. She and Ji Linyuan are close to each other. She can smell the faint smell of tobacco from him and the unique breath of men. She can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable.

Yu Guang caught a glimpse of his hands on his thighs. They were slender, well-defined, and as thick as they felt last night. It was a pair of very masculine hands.

Moving his gaze, following his wide and flat white shirt, he saw his angular profile face. He has three-dimensional and deep facial features, sharp eyebrows, straight nose and thin lips. He does not deny that this is a pretty handsome mature man.

Song Xianyu held the strap of the shoulder bag tightly, a small smile overflowed on her lips, “Last night…Thank you Mr. Ji.”

Ji Linyuan turned his head and looked over, his eyes deep, as if he could easily see through people’s hearts.

Song Xianyu uncontrollably gave birth to the urge to avoid his sight. She put up with the urge, pretending to look at him calmly.

“A little effort.” Ji Linyuan used four words to reveal his careful attention last night.

The atmosphere in the car became silent.

Song Xianyu turned his head to look at the camphor tree that kept receding outside the car, and did not retract his sight until the car stopped at the gate of Shi Qingcheng.

“Thank you, Mr. Ji.” Song Xianyu thanked Ji Linyuan and went to Xie Shaoyun: “Thank you…”

She suddenly got stuck, and she didn’t know what to call this driver.

Shao Yun looked back and smiled: “My name is Shao Yun, Mr. Ji’s assistant, you can call me Big Brother Shao.”

Ji Linyuan looked up, and Shao Yun’s mouth froze.

Song Xianyu smiled, and did not accept Shao Yun’s acknowledgment, and said: “Thank you Assistant Shao.”

Shao Yun squeezed the sweat for himself. Since Ji Linyuan sat in his current position, the power in his eyes has accumulated more and more. A casual look is unbearable.

Song Xianyu walked into the employee locker room, and her colleague Pei Yuanyuan came over and said, “It’s your boyfriend who just sent you here? The car is not bad.”

“No.” Song Xianyu took off her clothes and prepared to change to work clothes.

Pei Yuanyuan’s eyes rolled around her delicate body, and her eyes were obviously stunning, “It’s not a boyfriend, that’s a suitor.”

“No.” Song Xianyu neatly put on work clothes and closed the card cabinet door. When preparing to go out to work and handing over shifts with colleagues, I can’t help but get distracted.


It is hard to imagine what kind of experience it would be to have a boyfriend like Ji Linyuan.

Suddenly remembered his act of coaxing a child to her last night.

Inexplicably, she thought it would be nice to have a boyfriend like him.

Be an event.

Everyone, guess why Uncle Ji doesn’t love Xiaoyu. Use your brains and guess casually. When the truth is announced later, you will be rewarded with 500 Xiaoxiang coins for the correct guess.

A certain Yao will refine all the little cute messages that participated in it, so that it will be easy to distribute rewards in the future.

Before the truth is announced, you can express opinions at any time with different guesses as the plot develops. As long as one of the guesses is correct, you will be rewarded.

The above activities are only for readers of Xiaoxiang Academy.

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