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006: Do you think I am in love?

As the most famous club in Beijing, Time Allure is very popular among the upper class.

The box in charge of Song Xianyu was booked for a birthday party tonight. It is said that the birthday star is the daughter of the Ji family’s in-law family.

The colleagues around the daughter of the rich family who came to celebrate her birthday are all blushing with excitement. Today There are quite a few elder brothers who come late, and if anyone can look at him, he will have nothing to worry about for the rest of his life.

Song Xianyu watched Pei Yuanyuan put on makeup and scratched her head in the mirror and smiled quietly. She felt that Pei Yuanyuan’s approach was nothing wrong with everyone. Everyone has the right to pursue a better life.

It’s just—is the

birthday star an in-law of the Ji family?

I don’t know if Ji Linyuan will come…

Song Xianyu entered the box with the tray, and shuttled between the guests, her beautiful eyes swept quietly, and then she went dark.

He didn’t come.

She didn’t even realize that she had been separated from Ji Linyuan for only three or four hours, but she was so eager to see him again.

Song Xianyu has a professional smile on her lips, her hair is rolled up, and a few strands of hairline make her melon face soft and delicate. Her skin is very white, and her eyes are very bright wherever she goes, especially on her body. The girly style that was naturally revealed was even more eye-catching, overwhelming the limelight of birthday stars, and became the focus of the audience.


Someone slapped her shoulder from behind, and Song Xianyu turned her head back, before she could see the person behind her clearly, she poured a glass of wine over and closed her eyes subconsciously.

The cold liquor slid down her cheeks, across the graceful neck and collarbone, and finally a cloud of red clouds fainted on the white sling on her chest.

The picture is beautiful.

The eyes of the men present suddenly became hot.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I slipped my hand for a while, you shouldn’t mind it?” The female voice pretending to be delicate rang in Song Xianyu’s ears.

Song Xianyu opened his eyes and stared coldly at Song Xiameng, the only daughter of Song Ziming’s younger brother Song Zijun.

Song Xiameng was uncomfortable with her cold gaze. She stretched out her hand to push her and said domineeringly: “What are you looking at? Your eyes make me very upset, apologize to me!”

Naked and snarled.

Song Xianyu slightly curled her lips, revealing a shallow pear vortex, “I heard that today’s birthday star is the famous daughter of the Luo family, but the education and etiquette of all aristocratic families belong to the upper class.” As

she said, she swept the audience. Finally fixed the frame on the birthday star Luo shy in a red tube top dress, “I think, noble and beautiful like Miss Luo, she will definitely not associate with such an impolite person. Miss Luo’s birthday party will inevitably be a little unruly. People came in and tried to make friends. I’m sorry, but we are negligent and failed to control the entry personnel for Miss Luo.”

She said that retreat as an advance, and she said it wonderfully.

Not only did he compliment Luo shy, but also complimented all the daughters present, and easily pulled these daughters into their own trenches.

Moreover, as soon as he wore this high hat, Luo Han was ashamed to follow Song Xianyu’s words and say that Song Xiameng’s behavior is indeed lacking in education. If he doesn’t follow Song Xianyu, is it possible to admit that he is as uncultivated as Song Xiameng?

Sure enough, as soon as Song Xianyu’s voice fell, the eyes of those daughters who looked at Song Xiameng were a bit more repulsive and unhappy, and their eyes were full of the superiority of the upper class.

Especially Luo shy.

Seeing that everyone believed Song Xianyu’s words, Song Xiameng became flustered and quickly explained: “I didn’t come in with a bad heart, I am

ashamed …” “Enough!” Luo shy interrupted Song Xiameng. The voice was a little cold, and she held her daughter’s frame and said: “I don’t care how you got in, what is your purpose, today is my birthday, don’t care about you, go out.”

With a few words, he drew a clear line between himself and Song Xiameng.

Song Xiameng was startled, and she squeezed the empty goblet in

her hand, her face full of reconciliation: “Shy…” How could she be reconciled?

She is a shy college classmate of Luo, and she usually has a good relationship. By doing this, didn’t she want to be embarrassed for Luo? It’s obvious that the protagonist is Luo Yu, but Song Xianyu, who is in a rigid work uniform, steals the limelight. Isn’t Luo Yu also very angry? She noticed that Luo shyly looked at Song Xianyu’s eyes with jealousy.

She thought she helped Luo shy to vent her anger, Luo Yu would definitely stand by her side, and then took the opportunity to give Song Xianyu a severe lesson. Who knows, Song Xianyu’s sharp teeth turned the situation around in a few words, and Luo is not only ashamed. Did not help her teach Song Xianyu, but drove her away.

When Song Xiameng saw that Luo Han was not looking at herself at all, the gaze cast around was mocking. She bit her lip in embarrassment and shame, gave Song Xianyu a fierce look, turned and left.

At this time.

“I spilled alcohol on someone else and left without apologizing. I really don’t have a tutor.” A lazy young male voice heard.

Song Xiameng turned around and looked at the person who was speaking. Her face suddenly changed, “Cheng Shao…”

The man who was called by Cheng Shao was an extremely young man, who was as big as Song Xianyu, with a very long face. Handsome, full of indescribable extravagance and elegance.

Luo looked at him shyly, showing a bit of obsession, “Yunong, forget it, today is my birthday, there is no need to spoil the atmosphere for irrelevant people.”

Cheng Yunong has never been nosy, but today is unexpectedly. When a little waiter spoke, he was still a beautiful waiter, and Luo was ashamed to sound the alarm.

Cheng Yunong stopped talking, only squinted at Song Xiameng.

Song Xiameng’s face became even more ugly under his gaze.

Luo was ashamed and she still wanted to hold it, let alone the Cheng family whose family power was far above the Luo family.

In this capital city, there are countless large and small families, but the seven great families of Ji, Jing, Xiao, Cheng, He, Sheng, and Yan are the most.

The foreman of the box arrived for questioning. She already knew what had happened, and she was calm about things, but she did not dare to offend the young master of the Cheng family.

Song Xiameng looked at Song Xianyu and warned Song Xianyu that she should be more interesting, and help her say something. After all, when she returned to the Song family, she had some ways to make Song Xianyu look good!

Song Xianyu’s slender eyelashes were hanging down, his eyes and nose and heart were indifferent, and he was indifferent.

Song Xiameng gritted her teeth for a while, reluctantly said something like a mosquito: “I’m sorry.”

Cheng Yunong frowned, “Not sincere.”

With tears of humiliation in Song Xiameng’s eyes, she bowed to Song Xianyu ninety degrees and said loudly, “I’m sorry!” After she finished speaking, she covered her face and ran out crying.

The foreman is a good individual, so he hurriedly took the opportunity to let Song Xianyu go down and tidy up his clothes, and said something nice to appease the elders.

Song Xianyu returned to the small kitchen, Pei Yuanyuan’s eyes beamed, “Just now, Shao Cheng helped you vent your anger, why didn’t you take the opportunity to talk to him? Maybe you two are interesting to each other. You can have a supper together tonight. , You don’t need to be here in the future to be a waiter who looks at people’s faces…”

Song Xianyu put down the tray in his hand, with a light expression, “I will help in the back kitchen, and the work in the box will be handed over to you. It’s hard work.”

Pei Yuanyuan was surprised, “Aren’t you going to the front?”

Song Xianyu : “I’m not suitable for going out again if something like this goes wrong.” As

he said, the foreman came over, “Xiaoyu will help in the small kitchen afterwards, don’t go ahead. Now, you all keep your hands and feet neatly, don’t make any more

troubles !” “…” Pei Yuanyuan couldn’t help giving a thumbs up to Song Xianyu.

Cheng Yunong stared at Song Xianyu’s beautiful shadow for a long time, and he couldn’t help himself.

Song Xianyu… he recalled the name that he had put out from the foreman’s mouth.

He was sure he hadn’t seen this girl before, but he didn’t know why. He felt that this girl was very familiar and gave him an inexplicable sense of intimacy, as if they had known each other in their previous life.

He was a little lacking in interest for the next party, and simply left early, and Luo shyly called him behind, but he ignored it.

Just out of time, he received a call from his cousin Cheng Ruyu, “Under Peony Flower, come over for a drink?”

Peony Flower is the largest nightclub in Beijing.

When he reached the peony flower, he opened the door of the box, Cheng Yunong strode in and sat down, picked up a glass of wine on the coffee table and poured it down.

Cheng Ruyu smiled, “What’s the matter?”

Cheng Yunong brewed for a while, raised his eyes and looked at his cousin solemnly, “Big brother, I just met a girl in Time Allure, and when I saw her, I… It’s my other half. It seems to have known her in my previous life. Do you think I am in love.”

Cheng Ruyu was not surprised, raised his wine glass while sending it to his lips and asked casually: “What is it called? Does it look good?”

Cheng Yunong “She’s Song

Xianyu , she’s very beautiful.” “Puff—” Cheng Ruyu snorted out a sip of wine, and at the same time looked up at Ji Linyuan, who was sitting aside smoking.

Anyone who has watched “The Marriage of a Famous Man: Uncle VS Little Wife” knows what is the relationship between Cheng Yunong and my fish, right?

In other words, as to why Uncle Ji treated me such a good guess, Yao feels that he will go bankrupt in the future…

The cuteness of the little cuties is really great. I saw that several of them have been wiped out. It’s terrible. Continue like this. Mouyao could already imagine the scene of sending Xiaoxiang coins to the little cuties while distressing the money.

After all, Yao is poor and stingy…

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