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007: Does he mean that to you?

In the box are a few people from the seven families who usually have relatively good relationships.

Ji Linyuan sat on the sofa with his legs folded, his upright body leaning on the back of the sofa casually, with a cigarette between his slender fingers, taking a sip from time to time to his thin lips, in a relaxed posture.

He didn’t seem to hear Cheng Yunong’s words, his expression was calm, and the white shirt with the buttons made him show an ascetic temperament, as if no one in this world could affect his emotions.

Cheng Ruyu’s thin lips twitched and he smiled badly. He glanced at a few buddies who were equally interested. He cleared his throat and deliberately raised the volume and said, “Song Xianyu you said, do you have two smiles pear vortex? “

Cheng Yu Nong accident,” how do you know? “

Cheng Ruyu laugh worse, the wind straight season Pro deep eye floating over there,” a coincidence, came in last night brought a little love Allure time students, also called Sin Song Yu, who looks beautiful, has two pear vortices at the corners of his mouth when he laughs.” After a pause, he said again: “I think you, 80% fell in love with them at first sight, do you plan to chase them?”

Ji Linyuan actively proposed last night. Cheng Ruyu and the others were surprised to stay to take care of the girl named Song Xianyu.

Cheng Ruyu has known Ji Linyuan for more than ten years, and he has never seen any girl he cares so much about. Even Cheng Ruwan, who was about to be engaged to him at the beginning, did not really care about it.

Thinking of her sister who was still living in the nursing home because of a car accident, Cheng Ruyu’s smile faded.

. “Look at it,” Lennon’s voice back to Cheng Yu Cheng Ruyu thoughts, Cheng Ruyu back to God, just listen to Cheng Yu Lennon went on to say: “I have not the heart to her, is that she is particularly familiar with, so I’d like to close.”

Cheng Ruyu Because of thinking of some past events and lack of interest, he nodded perfunctorily, smoking a cigarette and said nothing.

Cheng Yunong became interested, and said with interest: “You know? She was very smart. At that time…”

He gave a vivid description of how Song Xianyu was troubled by wine, and how things turned around. Finally, he said in a vivid tone. With inexplicable pride, “You said, is she very smart?” As

soon as Cheng Yunong’s words fell, Ji Linyuan stood up, pinched the cigarette butt in his hand in the ashtray, took the wine glass in front of him, drank it, and sat down. Several old friends of Xianfei lifted their empty cups and said: “You drink, I have something to do.”

“I didn’t say that I had nothing to accompany my brothers for a drink, why is something wrong now?” Cheng Ruyu also asked casually.

Ji Linyuan walked along the passage: “Private affairs.”

… The

birthday party didn’t end until half past nine, and Song Xianyu and his colleagues had cleaned up the box, it was almost ten o’clock.

After receiving a call from Song Ziming, Song Xianyu was preparing to change clothes in the locker room, and finally found an excuse to dispel Song Ziming’s idea of picking up, and Wang Jinyi’s call also came in.

“I’m at the door.” Wang Jinyi said.

Song Xianyu helplessly, “Aren’t you busy in training? If I remember correctly, you have to go to Shanghai to participate in the KPL finals on the 8th of this month. Today is the 4th. You always come out to be lazy, your coach is not angry?”

Wang Jinyi smiled indifferently, with a confident tone: “When I am angry, I will be angry. If he has the ability, he will find someone to replace me as an assassin. Okay, come out. I’ll wait for you outside.”

After hanging up the phone, Song Xianyu speeded up his change of clothes. She walked the wrong door and went out of Time Allure. At a glance, she saw Wang Jinyi leaning on the motorcycle and playing with her mobile phone, watching the speed and gestures with his hands on the mobile phone. They all know that they are playing the king of glory.

After all, in a few days it will be the finals of the Spring Championship of the Kings of Glory Pro League, and he can’t really care about it.

Song Xianyu raised her foot and planned to walk towards him-

before she took a step, a black Tianyue stopped slowly in front of her, the window was open, she saw the man in the driver’s seat, her eyes glazed slightly.

Pro-Yuan Ji wearing a watch hand bounced out of the window under the ashes, turned around over here when the thin lips delicately:. “On the train”

Song Xian fish lengleleng, pointing to his nose, “? I”

girl look With a silly and cute look, Ji Linyuan had an inconspicuous smile across his eyes, “There is someone else here?”

Of course, Song Xianyu knew that there was no one here, and she was not sure if Ji Linyuan was talking to her. I just don’t understand, why he, the helm of the dignified VINCI Group, an unattainable big man, specially came to send her a small person home.

She helped her for the first time, she could say that he drew his sword to help.

Taking care of her for the second time, she can be said to be his kind heart, after all, he was there when she was sick.

The third time she was sent to work, she could say that he was on the way.

What about this time?

She was neither made things difficult, nor sick, why did he send her home? Could it be on the way?

Wang Jinyi looked up from the game and saw Song Xianyu being stopped by a luxury car, straightening up and walking here.

Song Xianyu Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Wang Jinyi, recovered, suppressed the mixed thoughts, raised a smile at Ji Linyuan, and politely refused: “Thank you, Mr. Ji for your kindness, but no need, my friend came to pick me up.”

Ji Linyuan followed Song Xianyu’s gaze to see the boy coming over, and calmly looked up.

Wang Jinyi was wearing a T-shirt with a skull and crossbones, ripped jeans, and dirty sneakers. His walking posture was young and impetuous and not stable enough.

“Boyfriend?” Ji Linyuan asked in a flat tone after taking a puff of smoke.

“No.” Song Xianyu didn’t know why, and didn’t want Ji Linyuan to misunderstand her and Wang Jinyi’s relationship. He barely even thought about it, so he blurted out, “We are just friends.”

Ji Linyuan nodded, and withdrew from Wang Jinyi’s gaze. Looking at the front of the car, he didn’t say anything.

His eyes were unpredictable, Song Xianyu couldn’t understand what he was thinking.

“Then I’ll go first, and see you Mr. Ji.” Song Xianyu’s tone was very respectful, and after speaking, he walked over to Wang Jinyi.

Ji Linyuan watched the girl get on the boy’s motorcycle and left, lit a cigarette, and leaned on the driver’s seat to smoke. The smoke was hazy and his sharp outline was hazy.

A crescent moon hung on the dark sky.

Motorcycles galloped on the wide streets.

After walking far away, Song Xianyu looked back at the location of Time Allure, pursed her lips, a strange emotion welled up in her heart.

When waiting for the red light, Wang Jinyi’s voice came from ahead, “Who is that person?”

At first he thought it was another local tyrant who was upset. When he approached, he found that Song Xianyu was talking with the people in the car with a smile, no That kind of far-fetched smile, but from the heart.

Song Xianyu truthfully replied: “Ji Linyuan.”

Wang Jinyi turned his head, eyes full of incredible, “Ji Linyuan? The boss of

VINCI Group ?” The name of VINCI group boss Ji Linyuan is more resounding than the popular actress.

Song Xianyu nodded.

“How do you know him?” Wang Jinyi stared at Song Xianyu’s face tightly, with eager eyes.

Song Xianyu lowered her eyebrows, her lips pressed slightly.

Seeing that she didn’t mean to answer, Wang Jinyi withdrew his gaze, just when the green light was on, he started the motorcycle.

No words all the way.

After arriving at the gate of Song’s house, Song Xianyu got out of the car and prepared to take off his helmet. Wang Jinyi asked, “Does he… have that meaning to you?”

A rich boss drove down a strange girl, except for watching Why are you fucking that girl?

Moreover, Song Xianyu’s appearance fits the tastes and style of those rich bosses, without losing purity.

Song Xian’s action of picking the helmet off the fish, and then returned to normal, smiled: “No.”

Uncle Ji was rejected, a certain Yaolan thin mushroom.

Fiancées and other things are all clouds, so don’t be afraid of the little cuties.

Passing by, don’t forget to collect, love you

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